Invoking the Dragon Magic of 2024 | Mind Health Meditation

Cameron Tukapua joined us from New Zealand in February to lead a group guided mediation on Telegram: Invoking the Dragon Magic of 2024.

After 10 years of acupuncture practice, Cameron was invited to teach at a Wellbeing retreat centre in Hawaii. She then started an Acupuncture College in Christchurch, New Zealand and also co-leads Wellbeing, Qigong, and Yoga retreats in China.

Spreading holistic worldviews is the natural extension of her practice!

Visit Cameron’s website to learn more about her and consider signing up for her Invoking the Wood Dragon Course.

The WCH Mind Health Committee hosts free guided meditations on Telegram every month. Each session is uploaded to our website so you can revisit the meditation or try it the first time if you missed it live!

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