Uncovering Our Inner Navigation — Guided Meditation with Dr Anne O’Reilly

On Friday, January 27, Dr Anne O’Reilly led those that gathered online in a Mind Health guided meditation. Anne is a member of our World Council for Health (WCH) Mind Health Committee.

During the mediation for inner navigation, Anne read A Song for the Salmon by David Whyte:

For too many days now I have not written of the sea,
nor the rivers, nor the shifting currents we find between the islands.

For too many nights now I have not imagined the salmon
threading the dark streams of reflected stars,
nor have I dreamt of his longing
nor the lithe swing of his tail toward dawn.

I have not given myself to the depth to which he goes,
to the cargoes of crystal water, cold with salt,
nor the enormous plains of ocean swaying beneath the moon.

I have not felt the lifted arms of the ocean
opening its white hands on the seashore,
nor the salted wind, whole and healthy
filling the chest with living air.

I have not heard those waves
fallen out of heaven onto earth,
nor the tumult of sound and the satisfaction
of a thousand miles of ocean
giving up its strength on the sand.

But now I have spoken of that great sea,
the ocean of longing shifts through me,
the blessed inner star of navigation
moves in the dark sky above
and I am ready like the young salmon
to leave his river, blessed with hunger
for a great journey on the drawing tide.

WCH hosts a live Mind Health guided meditation on Telegram every Friday at 9pm UTC/GMT (4pm EST).

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