Here’s What We’re Up to This Week & Beyond! — 2 October 2023

During the 106th episode of Better Way Live, WCH Steering Committee member Emma Sron gave a thorough update of all things related to World Council for Health this week and beyond.

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We have some new coalition partners that just joined us in the month of September, so I’d like you to join me in welcoming them. They are the Prenatal Alliance in Norway, Powerchange in the UK, 1 Million March for Children, Ezra Healing, and Free Speech in Medicine, which are all in Canada. If you would like to learn more about our coalition partners or have an organisation that you would like to partner with the World Council for Health, please visit and navigate to coalition partners in the About Us drop down menu.

We invite you to experience The Journey of a Health Revolutionary featuring Dr Peter McCullough and our very own Dr Tess Lawrie. If you have not already seen it, this stimulating Better Way Live conversation happened in Bath, UK between these two health revolutionaries. It was facilitated by Majid Nawaz of the Warrior Creed podcast and it will change our approach to children’s health forever. This film is available at and while you’re there, we do ask that you consider contributing at least £5 towards this special fundraising event.

Touch is the first and last transaction in life. It is the most human of all transactions. Giving touch is important is as important to us as receiving it. Whatever happened to our innate human ability to touch and feel at ease with both giving and receiving touch? In this Mind Health Committee webinar, lifetime bodyworker and psychotherapist Gerry Pyves will share his thoughts on this subject and how we can reclaim the basic human right of giving and receiving touch. Register to join us on Zoom or watch live in the WCH Newsroom, where I know many of you are right now. The registration link can be found at and also was included in the email newsletter that hopefully many of you received this morning.

The World Council for Health is delighted to sponsor the fourth annual Vaccine Injury Awareness Walk happening in Waterford, Michigan, hosted by Michigan for Vaccine Choice. Bring your family and friends for a meaningful and memorable afternoon on Saturday, the 7th of October. There’s something for everyone, including a playground, a petting zoo, food, refreshments, there’ll be a march, kids games, crafts, speakers, and more. You can visit for more information, and if any of you are planning to attend, if you want to let us know in the comments on this video somewhere or send us a message, I will be there and I would love to connect with you there.

And this is An Evening with Dr Tess Lawrie happening on the 10th October in North Somerset, UK. Tess will be talking about the World Council for Health and the emerging Country Councils that will help us to create a better way for a better world, where we will choose freedom, sovereignty and health.

Inspired by his recent house guest, our steering committee member, Rev Dr Wai-Ching Lee, internationally acclaimed artist Neil Simone has generously offered to donate 20% from the sale of any of his original oil paintings and signed limited edition prints sold exclusively from his Chapel Gallery in North Yorkshire between the fifth and 29th October. The gallery is open every day from eleven to four and private viewings are also available by request. If you would like more information or more details, or would like to ask any questions about this of Neil, you can email him at You can also see more example of his paintings at and this exhibition will also feature some paintings and prints by Chrissie Kay.

The Children’s Health Defense second annual conference is happening the first weekend in November in Savannah, Georgia. It is called Rise and Resist. It features cutting edge topics presented by world renowned speakers. The World Council for Health is a proud sponsor of Rise and Resist and we would love to see you there and enjoy some of the great things that Savannah has to offer. You can learn more about this conference and get your tickets. The URL is

Mark your calendars for the 4th and 5th November. Bob Moran will be live in London for ART-POCALYPSE. Learn more about how you can join Bob for this live illustrated tour of the past few years at that is happening in London.

I’m actually going to hand it back over to Christof. I’m going to keep the screen sharing here, but Christof is part of this event that we have not yet announced. So those of you that are with us right now get to be the first to hear about this special event that’s happening. If you just have a few words that you could share about this Christof, that would be wonderful.

Well, thank you so much for your update, Emma.

Mark and I are going to host a very special event next Monday, which is about one of the latest red lines the mRNA technology has crossed. Many of you might not be aware of the fact yet, some of you are, that there have been considerable amounts, almost 35% of the genetic material in the vaccine vials of the mRNA vaccines, have been found to be contaminated with DNA. Not just any DNA, with parts of plasmids, which are in terms, the production site of the mRNA. So, you can imagine this can have a wide range of complications. And thus, we’re going to host a very special panel on this with Professor Bryam Bridle, Professor Brigitte Konig, Dr Janci Lindsay, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr Kevin McKernan, Dr Peter McCullough, and Dr Jessica Rose, all experts in this field, and we’re hoping to have a very fruitful discussion on that night. Please help to spread the word about this important event, because with every red line that has been crossed so far and it made us wonder how it was possible that this technology still could be continue to be produced and distributed to people around the world, this is definitely one that should mark the end of the distribution of this technology. There are too many questions unopened and we hope to get an insight into the potential answers. So please make sure you join us for this meeting and help to spread the news about this very important panel. Does the DNA seen contamination actually reprogram our genetics? And can it promote cancer? The two most important conclusions and questions we have at the moment and we need answers. And hopefully, with all the experts we invited, we will get a few of them.

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This is an edited segment from our weekly Better Way Live show on 2 October 2023 with James Roguski, Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, and Prof Denis Rancourt, PhD.

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