How to Put Yourself First Without Feeling Guilty | Mind Health Connection Room

Kim Knight joined us on October 26 for this important and practical webinar on how to put yourself first without feeling guilty.

This conversation is also available on YouTubeFacebookRumbleGettr, and Odysee.

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  1. Thank you, that was a most interesting video…yes yes, yes, we need to take responsibility for ourselves and what we do…especially once one has awoken to the fact that one has choices, even if poor financially.
    I have a daughter who has fibromyalgia and very much needs to hear you. she just doesn’t stop.
    I faced this conundrum of what is truly selfish and what is conditioning from childhood or call it habit as you have…slowly I’m learning to be healthily selfish, having been brought up to always put others needs (my Mom’s) before my own, when younger I as a true ‘martyr’, but dropped it pretty quick when I met someone who opened my eyes, but there are subtle, more unconscious guilts that take longer to exorcise. Thanks again. Suzi