Exploring the Healing Effects of Classical Music with Stephen Lyman

Speaking with Better Way Live hosts Christof Plothe DO and Linda Rae on Monday, the 4th of December 2023, musician Stephen Lyman joined us from France to explore the healing effects of classical music.

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About Stephen Lyman

  • Stephen Lyman was engaged at l’hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière in Paris at the psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents from October 2015 until the Covid-19 vaccination obligation was imposed. He engaged with these individuals in weekly intervals, occasionally twice weekly, in what he describes as ‘interventions’ as opposed to therapy.
  • The experiences of Stephen’s life as a performing musician, in all that had led to his engagement at the hospital, and the subsequent years of these engagements following, has profoundly changed him, both as a musician and as a person, and continues to, in his life as a musician in specific ways, that is : that ‘music’ (particularly and especially as a healing medium) is a ‘living’ event shared between two or more present individuals.

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful interview. It has spurred me on in my own endeavours with my mezzo soprano voice. I have been experimenting with my singing and the Art I produce, also movement/ dance, under an excellent teacher and mentor. The ethos behind it, lack of ego, letting the resonance come through me etc, is so like Steven Lyman’s explanations that it brought me up sharp! I have been coached to ‘get out of the way’ and let the energy through. The spiritual experience allowing the sound to appear takes a leap of faith, but feels so amazing when it’s right. I have now ventured into performing this to small groups, providing art materials for them to experiment too. The response was amazing and I’ve planned several more. I didn’t talk about it being a therapy at all, just fun, but the response was that people felt better afterwards. I will now learn even more Bach to experiment with. This has spurred me on greatly. Thank you Steven and team at World Council for Health. You are changing the world. Barbara x