General Assembly Meeting #99 — August 14, 2023

On Monday, August 14, 2023, we heard from Gareth Gee and Fred Corbin during World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting #99!

GA 99

Cancel Culture in Academia

Watch Gareth Gee’s presentation.

  • Gareth Gee was a tutor at a British university. He resigned from his post in March 2023 and submitted a whistleblowing document about the university’s 2020/21 ‘get vaccinated’ campaign, which he alleges was illegal. The university promised to investigate his claims but so far there has been no response. Gareth will discuss his experiences in higher education over the last three years. He’ll also examine the purpose of academia and it’s role in shaping our belief systems.

Defending Sovereignty, Freedom and Health

Watch Fred Corbin’s presentation.

  • Fred Corbin is the owner of CSW Engineering 2000 and a Professional Race Car Engineer. Fred has now dedicated his extensive travel, real-world experience, and intelligence knowledge at the disposal of social activism for the Caribbean Region against the Covid-19 agenda and Great Reset.

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  1. Excellent meeting and I would love to follow up on the details that Gareth and Fred said that they were posting in the “chat.” I am unable to watch the chat at the time of watching the presentation. Can I recover it somehow or can you forward the information by email?
    Best regards, Peter

    1. Same problem here (Belgium).

      In relation to the comment underhere, at the time the chat was still visible to me, in the chat someone forwarded a question on Osteoporosis, so hopefully the comment may find its way to the person. Thank you, Benjamin.

  2. Osteoporosis should also be treated with medication in addition to dietary changes and lifestyle improvements.

    Basic therapy: calcium and vitamin D supplements. Calcium and vitamin D are responsible for the mineralisation of the bones, as calcium is an important building block for strong and healthy bones and vitamin D ensures the incorporation of calcium into the bones. The natural reconstruction of healthy bone tissue supported by this leads to an increase in bone mass; fewer bone fractures occur. This group of bisphosphonates is the most commonly used treatment for osteoporosis and is available in the form of tablets (taken daily, weekly or monthly), injections or infusions.

    Yam Root against Osteoporosis

    In recent decades, extensive research has been done to find out which natural remedies keep the bone-forming cells active and healthy and at the same time improve calcium absorption. At the same time, they increase the production of collagen and other proteins important for bones. These plants include, for example, tragacanth, Chinese angelica and wild yam. In combination with the balancing effect on the sex hormones, yam extract is a good remedy for significantly reducing the risk of osteoporosis in menopausal women, for example. Those who not only take yam extract, but also exercise and eat a healthy diet, can effectively prevent this typical age-related disease.

    20. The different active ingredients of the various amaranth plants have great healing effects in relation to depression, but also contain valuable active ingredients that are very effective in the case of nutritional deficiency or osteoporosis.

    103. If there is an overacidification and this is not corrected in time, then considerable unpleasant effects arise in relation to the state of health.

    104. In fact, the acid-base balance is the factor that decides between well-being and illness.

    It is also to be said that in the case of thyroid diseases, the micronutrients are very poorly absorbed, but these are very vital, which is why especially human beings should take them separately who eat food that does not contain gluten, because even the smallest amounts can cause severe intestinal inflammation, as well as anaemia, flatulence or osteoporosis, etc

    545. The daily need for protein in a human being, however, is usually 500 to 1,000 milligrammes per kilogramme of body weight, whereby the need for protein increases with major efforts and is allowed to reach a maximum value of 1,750 milligrammes.

    539. Too much protein removes calcium from the bones, making them brittle and fragile.

    540. In particular, larger amounts of milk should be avoided, for this deprives the body of particularly large amounts of calcium.

    547. However, if this is not taken into account, there is a danger of osteoporosis appearing; a condition in which calcium, phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase are in the reference range.

    osteoporosis could be suppressed by administering large amounts of vitamin K2 and that bone formation could even be stimulated again.

    Also Vitamin K1 is of importance in case of Osteoporosis.