General Assembly Meeting #92 — June 19, 2023

On Monday, June 19, 2023, we heard from Sandi Adams and Dr Carrie Madej at World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting #92.

Exposing Agenda 2030 & the True Role of Physicians

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Sandi Adams: Exposing the UN’s Agenda 21/2030

Watch Sandi’s full presentation.

  • Sandi Adams is a UK researcher, podcaster and activist whose work focuses on the sinister reality behind United Nations’ plans Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.
  • She is currently writing a book analysing the 17 ‘sustainable’ goals the UN is proposing to get the planet to net zero by 2030 and how they will affect every area of our lives. She believes the pandemic lockdown was very much part of this plan.
  • A recent video of Sandi giving an impassioned presentation on Agenda 2030 at a council meeting in Glastonbury went viral. Currently it has had more than 6 million views worldwide.

Dr Carrie Madej: Remembering the Role of Physicians

Watch Carrie’s full presentation.

  • Dr Carrie Madej is a US medical professional who educates people on vaccines, nanotechnology and human rights.
  • She believes body, mind, and spirit are equally important in achieving wellness and a balanced body is able to heal itself without pharmaceutical intervention.
  • Dr Madej also argues that the role of a physician is to be a teacher of health to the patient.
  • Carrie appears on multiple platforms and speaking engagements and has a global audience of followers.

Important Update from Dr Mark Trozzi, WCH Steering Committee

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  1. Prayer’s go out to all da Doctors , Nurses, Scientists, an anyone else who have da courage an bravery ta stand up an fight fo humanity.Yu are da true warrior’s puttin yur life on da line , facin off ta deez sinister one’s who have an agenda ta kill us off wit their poisonous clot shot.
    I pray fo yu every day💪🏽
    Guidance an protection ta y’all ⚔️🦅

  2. Love all your work and guests contributions from all over the world. True hero’s and warriors of today insane times and truly appreciated by myself and so many others. Eternally grateful

  3. Prayers for you all from Canada May God keep guiding you and keep you safe . So here in our small community we discuss do we bother going to the Dr anymore . In the midst of this outrageous quandry in this day and age we have our government stomping down on naturopaths and natural health products . I hate when my premonitions come true. Some people have had great success saving their own health and even lives on natural health products .. they play their hand everyday on who they are ruled by . We have to keep plugging away and wake the masses. I was blessed with an interesting path that made me aware I worked in the veterinary field and experienced the take over of the smaller drug companies in the 90s and they cared not that they ended the production of drugs that many clients relied on , I knew then that it has not been about health and caring for a very very long time 🙁 . Stay in the Light, GOD wins!