General Assembly Meeting #62 | October 24, 2022

On Monday, October 24, we were joined by the following guest speakers at General Assembly Meeting #62:

  • Imad Naasani (UK) | Pharmacokinetics of Genetic Vaccines Imad Naasani, PhD is an experienced Chief Technology Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the nanotechnology and biomedical industry. He is a strong research professional, skilled in nanomaterials, drug development, pharmacology, cancer research, and biotechnology.

Watch Imad’s presentation here.

  • Helen Whitney & Natalie Price (UK & USA) | Growing Innate Capacity and Emotional Wellness for Children and Families Helen Whitney has spent the last 30 years specializing in community-led change and regeneration. She has been the CEO of multiple charities and co-founded Each Amazing Breath, CIC in 2014. Natalie Price has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PsyD) and Masters in Public Health (MPH) specializing in preventative mental health and trauma-informed care.

Watch their presentation here.

This meeting can also be found on GettrFacebook, and Odysee.

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