General Assembly Meeting #61 | October 17, 2022

At World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting #61 on Monday, October 17, we were joined by the following guest speakers:

  • Ian Jarvis (🇬🇧) | 5G: The Next Extinction? — Ian Jarvis comes to you fresh from over 30 years of IT practical experience for the UK government and private industry, as well as some 25 years in body therapy and movement. With a B.Sc. in Computing Science, he has dedicated himself to researching 5G in addition to the issues around all RFR/EMF/WCR, working as part of Wolves Action Group to prevent more 5G towers from being erected. Ian’s presentation focuses on the dangers of 5G technology. 

Watch Ian’s presentation here.

  • Sheena Jonker (🇿🇦) | Clear Minds, Open Hearts, Empowered Will: Shifting Our Systems — Sheena Jonker is a mediator, restorative justice lawyer & educator, teaching people about non-adversarial and healing systems in justice. She spoke to us about clearing minds, opening hearts, and empowering will to accelerate the shifting of our systems—not to us, not for us, but with us. Sheena runs ADR Network SA (, a private dispute resolution agency in South Africa which she founded more than a decade ago. She is also a member of the global integrative law movement and writes extensively.

Watch Sheena’s presentation here.

  • Nic Robinson (🇬🇧) | Stepping Outside the System to Recover from Long CovidNic Robinson is author of Brain Fog: How I Recovered from Long Covid, a pandemic story of despair, hope, and recovery from chronic disease. She shared with us her experience suffering from severe Long Covid and how she was able to recover. Nic also works at the World Council for Health advocating health empowerment and wellness for all.

Watch Nic’s presentation here.

This meeting can also be found on Rumble, GettrFacebook,  and Odysee.

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