General Assembly Meeting #100 — August 21, 2023

Join WCH hosts Jemma Cooper, Dr Mark Trozzi, and Christof Plothe, DO for General Assembly Meeting #100 as they discuss the role of vitamin D in health with Professor David Anderson, co-author of the book Vitamin D3 and the Great Biology Reset.


Who is Prof David Anderson?

  • David Anderson is a retired Professor of Medicine with a lifelong interest in the ‘sunshine vitamin’.
  • In 2020, he realised the Covid-19 crisis was compounded by D3 deficiency.
  • He is now calling for a Great Biology Reset to restore Vitamin D and natural immunity to the centre stage of medicine as an antidote to Big Pharma, which he says exploits Vitamin D-deficiency to make money.

Joseph Arthur performing at Jam for Freedom Festival 2023

Note: live footage is clipped from this livestream of Joseph’s full performance.

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  1. What a fabulously interesting talk by Professor David Anderson. I was stunned to discover that if our elders are on statins they are unable to make their own vitamin D as statins block the sun from interacting correctly with the skin. Thank you WCH for giving this great man a platform.