General Assembly Meeting #59 | October 3, 2022

On Monday, October 3, at WCH General Assembly Meeting #59 we were joined by guest speakers:

  • Dr. Jessica Rose (Canada) – Update on Fertility Data & VAERS – Dr. Rose is an artist, musician, mathematician, professional surfer, biologist, researcher, and data analyst with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Immunology from Memorial University of Newfoundland. She also holds a PhD in Computational Biology from Bar Ilan University and 2 post-doctoral degrees: one in Molecular Biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and one in Biochemistry from the Technion Institute of Technology. 

Watch Dr. Jessica Rose’s presentation here.

  • Aušra Blaženienė (Lithuania) – Infertility: Real or Created Problem for Overpopulation Control? – Aušra is a former Clinical Scientist, Embryologist, and Andrologist with 30 years of experience in clinical diagnostic laboratories and reproductive medicine. She has been working in the field of fertility, reproductive medicine and assisted reproduction for 25 years. 

Watch Aušra Blaženienė’s presentation here.

  • Diane Protat (France) – Ou est mon cycle? Where Is My Period? – Based in Paris, Diane is a litigator handling personal injury cases for the last 10 years. Fluent in English, she studied at Université Panthéon Assas (criminal degree) and taught at Université Panthéon Sorbonne. Since 2020, Diane has taken on and led numerous civil liberties cases.

Watch Diane Protat’s presentation here.

All of these videos can also be found on Gettr, Facebook, Odysee, and Rumble.

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