Finding Common Ground: A Mind Health Committee Panel Discussion

Are you feeling under attack or tongue-tied in conversations with loved ones or colleagues? Wondering if there’s even just ONE thing everyone can agree on? You are not alone!

We seem to live in a world of division and contention. Our collective attention span is low and our tolerance for offense is even lower.

In this panel discussion with the WCH Mind Health Committee, we ponder the following questions:

● How do we find common ground to connect with others and even begin a conversation?

● How can we prioritize finding common ground, especially when its difficult?

● What are some examples of tools and strategies we can use?

Starting from a common place —a shared experience or goal—leads to more successful outcomes when having difficult discussions with our friends and families.

Video timestamps:

Dalinda Reese — 00:01:55
Kim Knight — 00:08:46
Sue Parker Hall — 00:16:58
Dr Anne O’Reilly — 00:22:57
Dr Patrick Dubois — 00:30:40
Gerry Pyves — 00:39:10
Panel discussion begins — 00:44:34

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About WCH Mind Health Committee

The Mind Health Committee seeks to broaden public health knowledge and sense-making through science and shared wisdom and to empower people to take control of their health and wellbeing and to develop autonomy and agency across all PEEMS (Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual).

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