Is Drug-Free Medicine Good Medicine with Dr. Rima Laibow

After graduating from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (New York) in 1970, Rima took post-graduate training in Community, Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, plus psychoanalytic training. After discovering that the allopathic model would be more powerful she deep dove into both novel and ancient practices for prevention, correction, and remediation. These include frequency medicine, energy healing, Human BioAcoustics, nutrition, and more. The Dr. Rima Truth Reports airs on weekly and

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on May 2, 2022. This presentation is also available on Rumble and on Odysee. The full General Assembly Meeting is available in the Newsroom. A transcript of this presentation can be found below.

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“What a powerful story Dr. Rima!!” – Karen McKenna

“Dr. Rima is amazing and so encouraging.” – Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, AUT

“Thank you Rima for your authentic voice out there….” – Christof Plothe DO

“Absolutely resonating :)” – Shabnam Palesa Mohamed (South Africa)

“Absolutely amazing, TY Dr. Rima!!!” – Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, AUT 

“Rima, you are the best!” – Zoe Strickland

“wonderful presentation!!!” – Police on Guard

“Wow! Such wonderful information and advice!!!” – Susan

“Thank you Rima.” – Pearl Kupe

“So nice and real approach for Medicine and Human soul!!! Thank you Dr Rima!!❤️” – Zafeiria Kakaletri 

“Super presentation, Dr. Rima. Tour de force of integrative thinking.” – Michael Alexander

“Rima. Thank you for the wonderful presentation! Soo inspiring!” – Karen McKenna


[00:00:00] [00:00:30] Dr. Kat Lindley: So our next speaker is Dr. Rima Laibow. Dr. Rima graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1970. She was inspired to become a psychiatrist when she saw the amazing impact of talk therapies on severely mentally ill members of her own family. Her postgraduate training in community, adult, child, and adolescent psychiatry plus psychoanalytic training, while it was interesting, was profoundly unsatisfying to her due to merely treating superficial symptoms rather than the root cause. This led to deep diving into causal approaches, both novel and [inaudible] for profession, correction and remediation. These include frequency medicine, energy healing, human bio-acoustic nutrition, detoxification, collation, and neuro biofeedback hypnosis, pre and perinatal psychology, rebirthing, Ayurveda homeopathy, Myofascial therapies, IV nutrition and a variety of other options for health promotions, restoration and maintenance. As you can see, Dr. Rima is very diverse and she brings a lot of knowledge to us. She served as a president of the Neurotherapist Certification Board, and she has her own podcast, which I’ve been privileged to be a guest on several times. It’s a Rima Truth Report, and it airs on www. People for people dot (and I’ll put this in chat for everyone), weekly and on, and she’s also on Telegram and offers uncensored news aggregation. [00:02:16] So for those of you who haven’t listened to her podcast, it’s a place where you can learn a lot of things. And she always makes a point of empowering people to take charge of their lives. So thank you, Dr. Rima for joining us. [00:02:30] Dr. Rima Laibow: Thank you so much. I am delighted to offer my opinion. [00:02:34] This is not a scientific presentation. It’s a sharing of my own trajectory, if you will. The World Council correctly says we believe in a better way forward for world health. And so do I. Except for the ER and surgical suite, I am convinced the better way is virtually always drug free medicine. [00:02:56] I would like to alter the title of this presentation from ‘is drug free medicine good medicine’ to ‘never say no; KNOW, because we don’t know. Of course drug free medicine needs to have meaningful, safe, and available options to implement it and they are available from both ancient traditions and leading edge ones [00:03:21] In one form or another, that means frequency medicine, working with the body, not against it. Supportive medicine, strengthens enzyme systems, but does not poison them. Good medicine, respects symptoms, as information about how the body is attempting to solve a problem while seeking the root of the problem. It is important to relieve the distress caused by those symptoms and simultaneously find and treat their root cause. Lastly, stabilizing the gains you and the patient have made is essential. And of course, preventive medicine uses the same concepts to strengthen the system so that it does not need to produce symptoms. [00:04:04] Now, the following three concepts are central to the way I personally understand medicine. Consider the possibility that: [00:04:12] 1) molecules when not needed for structural purposes, service delivery systems for their biologically active cargo, they’re characteristic frequencies. Molecules themselves are generally, as I understand it, responsible for adverse events while frequencies are generally responsible for therapeutic benefits. Delivering the correct frequency in the absence of the actual molecular structure, may offer significant therapeutic benefits while avoiding adverse ones. [00:04:49] 2) Our own innate frequency generation systems transmit massive amounts of information, both positive and problematic. We routinely access this data content in the EEG, the ECG, the EMG and we can also tap into it via the voice. The information that’s gained can be used for accurate diagnostic purposes and treatment guidance. [00:05:17] 3) The medical model makes meaningful healing, difficult. Very difficult. Although our conventional partistic diagnostic schema correlates well to its origins, it correlates very poorly to actual living beings who are not in fact composed of isolated specialty based systems. In fact, quantum physics tells us we are complex, multipli integrated dynamic reverberating systems, continually accepting and broadcasting, energetic, emotional, physical, physiological, and spiritual information back and forth with all creation. We are equally complexly, reverberating, internally wave to moat, to photon, to cell, to tissue, to organ, to past, to present to probabilistic future. This system is suffused and modified by emotions and mediated by a biologically based brain transducer, receiving information and modulating from all of this localized reverberation of course, but also from non local consciousness. Information is mediated through the brain, then transduced and diversely distributed, constituting both our master control system and our wider access point. [00:06:46] Give it the information and tools to heal itself, and it will, completely. [00:06:53] Well, how do urology or psychiatry or endocrinology or gynecology or gerontology help us with these complexities. If they do, I missed it. And so why no drugs in my medical practice? My medical career of drug free medicine was determined by my first day, in my first class of my first year of medical school. [00:07:18] At that time, 1966, still within living memory, women were still very unwelcome in medicine since they were widely believed to be taking a man’s place and wasting their education since everyone knew they were just going to go off and have babies. Nonetheless, although the wall was more difficult to scale, a few of us did make it into the ranks of first-year medical studies. [00:07:44] The first lecture after orientation was fittingly enough, pharmacology. Paper notebooks and pens and pencils in hand, we prepared to be enlightened as our professor glared at us and said; ‘men’, I immediately checked and saw that he had made at least one error already. He went on, ‘I want you to remember that there are only side effects to drugs, all drugs work by the same mechanism; they poison enzyme systems. If you like the result, you call it a therapeutic benefit. If you don’t, you call it a side effect, but there are only side effects’. [00:08:23] That made absolutely no sense to me. So I raised my hand and asked why, given that enzymes are the stuff of life and that there are about 35,000 enzymatic reactions happening in each of the 10 trillion cells of the body at any moment, why it helped anyone to poison them? His answer, delivered in a lot of long words was in essence, sit down and shut up – now! [00:08:49] So I realized that how questions are allowed, but why questions were not welcome. And that asking them was going to get me into a lot of trouble. And that was accurate. But I made a vow to myself. I would find a better way. I would never knowingly harm a patient and if there were any way to protect the integrity of those precious enzyme systems, I would find it. And now in the 51 years of my private medical practice, I have kept that vow. A year after graduating, and I should say, I have never prescribed a pharmaceutical drug, a year after graduation I got my New York state medical license and began my private practice as a psychiatrist. Although I was getting decent results, I knew that for most of my patients, we were just scratching the surface and never, ever reaching a profound, pervasive, system-wide level of healing. [00:09:49] And I wanted to know why. Medicine holds itself out to be organized, fundamentally scientific and therefore dispassionate, rational and evidence-based. But close examination, as well as study after study, shows it to be none of these most of the time. As members of society and of the healing arts, we are systematically taught to hold a bias in favor of positive outcomes of standardized treatments. That bias generally not well founded in data is harmful much of the time and lethal, far too often. Quote; ‘Unfounded optimism tends to be the rule in medicine. A 2015 review of several dozen studies of people’s expectations from treatment, comprising data from 27,000 subjects, found systematic evidence of a Pollyanna patient problem. We overestimate the value of the care that we receive and underestimate its harm’. [00:10:48] The same illusion is persistent and widespread among physicians to in quote, ‘the most comprehensive summary to date of physician expectations, it was found that clinicians rarely estimated benefits and harm accurately and tended to underestimate harms and overestimate benefits. Over-optimization has the potential to push physicians to offer, and patients to accept more interventions than might be necessary or desirable. Think vaccination. And why not during our grueling and personality forming training. Isn’t that precisely what we are inculcated into believing and therefore, like well-programmed soldiers in the pharma financed army in the fight against disease, which is also the war against cancer and the war against drug abuse and the war against diabetes and all the other ‘wars againsts’, we hold onto the belief we have been trained to hold and have been punished for questioning, believing in outcomes that our eyes do not see. Medical training is, I believe, a cult designed to indoctrinate the sufficiently faithful to propagate the goals and agendas of that faith. It didn’t work for me. And I dare say it did not work for many of you. [00:12:14] I came to medical school virtually unprepared since I was an English literature major and had only the barest minimum of free medical courses. It is said that inspiration favors the prepared mind. Well, in my case, since I was so ill prepared, inspiration had no choice, but to favor the naive and unprepared mind asking ‘why’ questions. They were to me far more interesting than mechanistic, ‘how’ questions and they remained so. Desperately ill patients with diagnosis of every type, well outside the boundary of psychiatry, from around the world began to find my practice. By the time they got to me, all the, and I suspect this is true for many of you, all the easy answers, both conventional and so-called alternative had failed. That meant that I had to ask ‘why’ questions in order to help them heal. [00:13:09] And I remembered biochemistry. Brain nutrition was obviously not an important factor nor was toxicity. We knew that because, well, because we were told we knew it. Yet when I went back and looked at the charts of biochemical pathways that could, and indeed did cover a large wall, a huge number of them involved the brain directly and inflammation secondarily. Wait, what? Biochemistry as applied nutrition. Nutrition is applied biochemistry, and that means you might be able to impact what happens in the body via nutrition and, could it be The Brain? If that were true, then toxicity would be important too. So I began studying first on my own then through various courses, nutrition, toxic states, detoxification, functional medicine, homeopathy magnetic devices, kinesiology, Ayurvedic medicine, environmental medicine, nutritional chelation therapy, electrical stimulation, and so on and so on, including hands-on and hands-off healing. [00:14:15] Eventually, we integrated a wide variety of frequency technologies from around the world. Some through emission key energy, some through technology scan, stem, LBG, neuro biofeedback, voice analysis, et cetera, and some through sound, touch or light. [00:14:33] Each time I brought a new technology into the practice, I banged it against what I could measure and document to find out how reliable it was, because they were all advertised as miraculous and what it was strongest in. For example, when I began working with human bioacoustics, the voice, I was told that the voice provided diagnostic information on nutrients, toxins, and more. But could it be relied upon? [00:14:58] I did a voice analysis for each of the next 10 patients who came to my practice with suspected heavy metal contamination. And I did that voice analysis before and after the chelation treatment that I gave them. I also did an evoke [inaudible] analysis before and after that chelation treatment. I was looking for heavy metals in the voice analysis to correlate with the laboratory results. [00:15:21] The correspondence was perfect, increasing my confidence level in the novel technology. And as I applied what I was learning, my patients got better, much better. Still, while most patients showed remarkable results, some did not. And I had to keep asking more ‘why’ questions. [00:15:41] Now at that time, my son began having apparent Holocaust memories at about 18 months of age. He was fully verbal. So he was able to tell us what he was experiencing, but he had no explanation for his intermittent, overwhelming terror. This took me directly into the area of pre and perinatal psychology. And I got training in and began using maternal fetal heartbeat therapy, rebirthing regressive techniques in my practice, since I was already trained as a medical hypnotist, that was pretty easy. [00:16:12] And some refractory cases, I found that there was deep seated trauma that could be accessed via hypnotic regression and once found, the repair of this underlying matter was often very quick and profound. A patient came to my office with PTSD, related to apparent memories of alien abduction, but alien abductions were not real, where they? So I learned to my surprise that the answered questions were not really answered, as I had assumed that they were. I was wrong. Treat, the center for treatment and research have experienced anomalous trauma and not-for-profit organization, was the result of that inquiry. Pairing with leading educational institutions for our annual meetings, we ordered category one, continuing medical education, credit public scientific papers and proceedings, trained professionals and created citizen to citizen international teams of scientists totally outside of government scrutiny or control. That was really fun. [00:17:16] At one of the annual scientific treat meetings, the first speaker was the groundbreaking in neuro scientist, Jim Hardt, who delivered a breathtaking paper on the effects of neurobiofeedback on consciousness and physiology. I had never heard of neuro biofeedback before I approved his paper, by the way, but I needed to know more as soon as possible. [00:17:37] I was at the mind center in Palo Alto for a week of advanced neuro biofeedback training, I skipped a grade. And so was Major General Albert Stubblebine III, known as General Bert who became my husband and my partner in everything. General Bert had, when he was on active duty, sponsored basic research in this area, as part of his peak performance task force. We both understood that neuro biofeedback had within it, the potential to become the future of medicine through teaching profound, system-wide, self-regulation. We began integrating neuro biofeedback into my medical practice. We wrote papers and so on, along with all the other tools that we had at our command. Now, everyone who had a positive outcome with neuro biofeedback, which was virtually everyone we treated, first had a profound, spontaneous, emotional, spiritual, psychic event. [00:18:37] Once that happened, whatever the problem was that they had come into treatment for, literally went away. Cardiovascular, cancer, auto immune disease, whatever it was, it vanished. And I had no idea how that worked – or more important – why it worked. [00:18:54] We enlisted the services of a distinguished French professor and collaborator, Michelle Benoist to help us understand what could possibly explain these technologically [inaudible] did miracles. [00:19:06] I thought it would take two weeks to figure it out. Eleven years and nearly 50 mathematical physics papers later, we knew. The vast interlinking of everything, think theoretical quantum physics, was altered by intentionally mediated focus training of the brain, moving the patient from one probability state to another. [00:19:30] Through intentional alteration of frequencies within the transduction device, the brain, profound and choiceful alterations of reality at every level becomes possible. That’s what spiritual traditions have been teaching for thousands of years, by the way. That it seems to me is very good medicine. Indeed. [00:19:52] In closing, let me share some essential requirements for finding better ways. And that is plural. [00:20:00] 1) A beginner’s mind, which assumes that asking questions that everyone else tells you have already been answered, is a vital and valuable tool. Ask ‘why?’ [00:20:13] 2) ‘ How’ questions belong to medicine. The ‘why’ questions belong to healing. [00:20:21] 3) Consider, if medicine’s official answers were sufficient, there would be no interesting cases left since the dogma would be adequate for all circumstances and everyone would be disease free. Clearly they aren’t. [00:20:37] 4) Symptoms are viewed by conventional medicine as enemy soldiers to be eliminated rather than valuable allies providing otherwise hidden clues to assist us in healing, by finding and correcting the underlying cause of the disorder. Symptom relief, to promote comfort and remove pain are of course, part of human compassion and while symptoms are valuable information, they are not to be valued in themselves. [00:21:08] 5) Finally, your heart, not just your mind is part of the materia medica. Your intentionality and inner life are essential participants in the healing duet. Remember quantum physics. Rational thought, which is essential, must be dispassionate, but healing must be an act of love, with boundaries firmly in place. Please. Thank you. [00:21:39] Dr. Kat Lindley: Dr. Rima, thank you so much. I just appreciate how you approach medicine because you’re right. We need to stop thinking about going first to the drugs. There’s lots of journals and a lot of articles coming out, how we really need to stay away from, especially in mental health, we shouldn’t be going in that direction at all. And I just love your love for people and for healing and for medicine and clearly comes out every time you speak. So thank you. Jennifer will ask a few questions now. [00:22:12] Jennifer Hibberd: Absolutely. Dr. Rima, your talk was amazing. Thank you. And I think all of us just were spellbound listening to you. And you’re talking about everything that a lot of people have shied away from talking about, certainly uniting it with allopathic medicine. So I would like to ask you about several of your initiatives during your career, because a lot of them play into everything that you were saying. And then I want to ask you a little bit more about frequency medicine. Can you just talk a little bit about your initiatives, cause there are quite profound and I think everybody would like to hear about them. [00:22:46] Dr. Rima Laibow: Yes, in 2004, General Stubblebine and I closed our practice of medicine. I still do consultations for secondary opinions, third options. And I supervise professionals and help them integrate this stuff. But in 2004, we closed our medical practice and sold our house, so we’d have some walking around money and we created the Natural Solutions Foundation to derail the globalist agenda, because we saw exactly what we’re living with now, coming. And that wasn’t hard, we just read their documents and we took them seriously because they were telling us what they were going to do explicitly. [00:23:28] And we decided we needed to help derail the globalist agenda. General Bert was murdered for that effort and there have been a number of serious attempts on my life as well. But we persevere. And so you will find if you go to, a news aggregation site. You can also go to Telegram open source truth and you can sign up for the newsletter that we send out, which I think is an important thing to do. We have initiatives and action items where you can literally click and disperse your opinion or your protest or your demand, to, all of the targets. And we’ve been working lately with a process called affidavits and notices, which is a parallel legal system to the court system and it is a system that We, The People own profoundly important through a group called the Affidavit Mommas. And you got to love anybody who calls themselves the Affidavit Mommas. These are very, very important control systems to control them and to make sure that we remain free and that our informed consent is not impaired in any way. [00:24:48] Before he was killed, General Bert said that informed consent was the defining issue of the 21st century. And he was correct. Does that answer the initiatives question? [00:25:02] Jennifer Hibberd: That’s good. I know you could talk for a long time, you have so much. [00:25:08] Okay, we’re putting forward a question from Karen McKenna; do you use the voice analysis tools from Sharry Edwards? [00:25:15] Dr. Rima Laibow: I encountered Sharry Edwards in 1992 at Council Grove, where she was being ejected, rejected and became dejected by the otherwise very open-minded people running Council Grove because they used to be the young Turks and now a young Turk was displacing them and they attacked her. [00:25:38] So I of course, was very interested to learn more about her amazing technology. I used Sharry’s technology for many years. There are other voice analysis methods as well. Uh, and they’re very, very important. So, yes, that is one of the many things that I studied and incorporated and made very heavy use of. [00:26:02] Jennifer Hibberd: And I have another question about frequency medicine and [inaudible] medicine, because we’ve all learned about it, but it really is not something that the medical field has brought forward at all. So you’d like to share how long you’ve been involved with using frequency medicine. Cause I know it goes back probably into the seventies, if not earlier, we’d be all really interested to know. [00:26:23] Dr. Rima Laibow: Oh, it goes back to Greek times when people would [inaudible] for curative purposes, it goes back to a mother singing a lullaby to soothe a baby. If you don’t think that has neuro-transmitter and physiological impact, you’ve never sung to a baby. Of course it does. [00:26:39] We use frequencies continually. You put a cat that’s purring on your belly and your pain level goes down, that’s because the cat is transmitting a vibratory information and that’s been documented many times. Homeopathy is frequency medicine, we know that. Offering someone a drug, a pharmaceutical drug, is in fact offering them a toxic delivery system for the frequency that the molecule is delivering. [00:27:08] Remember that in the view of medicine and physiology in reality that I hold, which you don’t have to share, but it is supported by what we know of quantum physics. In that view, molecules, unless they’re being used as scaffolding and structural things like calcium and vanadium and bones, molecules are in fact delivery systems for frequency. They are not in fact themselves, curative, they are delivering what is curative, which is the frequency. How long have I been involved with frequency medicine? I think all of us are innately inextricably, inevitably, always involved with frequency medicine as we communicate. We get light sound and energy from one another and offer it back, uh, hopefully helpfully. It’s pharmaceutical medicine that I’ve never been involved with because of the toxic effects of the molecules are simply unnecessary. That’s a kind of roundabout answer, as you said, I could talk forever. [00:28:16] Jennifer Hibberd: That’s wonderful. Thank you, Rima. I have a comment from the newsroom. Of course. Never say ‘no’ (KNOW) because you don’t know you’re clever and much love. Everybody is just so loving your presentation and Michael Alexander who’s on our Law and Activism Committee in The World Council says; same thing in the legal education the ‘how’ is a standard at the expense of the ‘why?’ [00:28:40] Dr. Rima Laibow: Yes. And so whether it’s economics or physiology or law, that is what a professional education is designed to do, to inculcate you into the system of thought and make you both loyal and non-threatening to it. [00:28:57] Jennifer Hibberd: Emma Strong has a question. Do you think frequency medicine will offer ways for vaxxed folks to clear the spike protein damage going forward? [00:29:05] Dr. Rima Laibow: Not only the vaxxed, but the unvaxxed. I have been as Jennifer, you know, very well and some of the others of you here know, I have been trying fairly desperately and so far on successfully to interest a team of people in defining what is happening in both the vaxxed and the transfected. And we need to know that we need the laboratory information. We need to be doing chromatographic studies of what they’re exhaling and by the way Dr. Oldfield, Pfizer’s documents very clearly state that the transfection that they’re talking about is through exhalation and physical contact. Their example is a female worker who’s pregnant, breathing the exhalation of a jabbed coworker who walks by, and that is considered a serious adverse event, but not a vaccine event because she has not herself been vaccinated. That’s in their documentation. [00:30:04] So we’re talking about exhalation contact bodily fluid contamination, that is totally undefined, but based on the DARPA contracts of many years of research for communicable vaccines. And yes, frequency has to be part of the of the answer. Maybe the whole answer. I don’t know, but I damn well want to find out, don’t you? [00:30:28] Jennifer Hibberd: You bet. Thank you very much. Police On Guard has a question; do you use tuning forks for the vibration medicine? [00:30:37] Dr. Rima Laibow: I do not. And the reason is that that’s a very narrow range. They’re very specific frequencies and, I have found other modalities that work better for me. And that is in no way saying that that’s not part of somebody else’s armamentarium. I use what works for me in a way that’s predictable, reliable, and testable or intuitive. Cause sometimes it’s not predictable, reliable, and testable. I have tuning forks, but I have never found them terribly useful for me. [00:31:10] Jennifer Hibberd: Dr. Rima Laibow, you are a wealth of information. Thank you so much for being here today. It’s been amazing for all of us and it will go back to Dr. Kat Lindley. Thank you Kat. [00:31:21] Dr. Kat Lindley: Thank you both. [00:31:23]  

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