Dr Patrick Dubois: Cognitive Self-Defense | Meta-Cognition for Mental Health

On Wednesday, March 15, 2023, Dr Patrick Dubois led an important Mind Health webinar on cognitive self-defense.

Are your thoughts, beliefs, dreams, and desires really your own?

In this webinar, Dr Dubois discusses how we know what we know, how others manipulate our reality, and what we can do to defend ourselves.

Just as modern warfare has shifted from physical attacks to cyber attacks, the greater threats we face today are to our minds more than to our bodies. Humans are the most deceptive and gullible of species, and the attention economy continually erodes our mental sovereignty.

Dr Dubois’ slides are available to download here.

Dr Patrick Dubois completed his PhD in experimental psychology at The University of British Columbia, exploring the illusions of knowledge.

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    1. We need hope. The “vaccine” is pushed thru lies, fears.

      I love all you people fighting this nonsense… Although a very dangerous nonsense.

      We will all have a picnic after this has been defeated

  1. At 5, I wanted to shave, too. That made me laugh, I had to learn that (most) girls don’t shave (their faces at least.) Now, (sorry, TMI but) I don’t shave anything, because you almost have to do it daily to avoid the pricklyness of the hairs. One less thing to worry about and a good litmus, anyone who gives a rip ain’t a friend. Thanks for this repost, Tess. It was great to hear Dr. Shoemaker propping WCH the other day in his latest vid from Dr. Trozzis site. Respect

  2. My greatest help during this age, the Consummate Wzrrior, the Valiant Woman, God’s Greatest Creature… Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Great Age of Mary coming, once we get true pope.
    Commies took over Vatican long before Pfizer/DOD