An Exploration of Disenfranchised Grief in an Era of Exhaustion | Mind Health Webinar

Explore disenfranchised grief with Dalinda Reese and the WCH Mind Health Committee as we look at relationships between loss, exhaustion, grief, and treasure.

This Mind Health webinar is intended to consider first steps in healing from loss and offer a brief opportunity to participate in a collective naming of loss. In fact, simply naming loss and being witnessed by those who understand the need to grieve can be powerful. We are not alone.

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Dalinda’s slides are available for download here.

About Dalinda Reese

  • Dalinda is a retired integrative medical doctor based in Canada with a lifelong interest in mind-body medicine, spirituality, and health.
  • Her multiple degrees include a Masters in Theological Studies and a Masters in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy.
  • A person of faith, she is a God-wrestler and God-praiser… As well as a tenacious contemplative.

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  1. Thank you. Being close to Nature has so helped me to heal after the sudden loss of my daughter, Storm but does grieving ever end?

  2. Dalinda and Gerry,

    I just came across your video disenfranchised grief in an era of exhaustion through another article.
    I felt this was an intervention and guided by our Lord.
    I am in the middle of many layers of loss and grief. Some l did not even identify until this video. (Loss of country and security from our government)
    Thank you for this. A flood gate of tears has been opened realizing all so much grief that l did not even realize all the layers were piling up. I have been so afraid of losing it if l let go. You guided me through opening these gates.
    Many thanks.
    Blessings, Monica