Covid-19 Injection Contents: Dr. Robert Verkerk Summarizes EbMCsquared CiC Study Preliminary Findings

Dr. Rob Verkerk summarises the preliminary findings of an EbMCsquared CIC commissioned independent analysis of three types of Covid-19 vaccines.

The study investigation was prompted by reports and concerns from scientists around the world suggesting that vials of Covid-19 vaccines may be contaminated with items that are not on the declared list of components. More information and recent reports can be found here.

EbMCsquared is the U.K.-registered community interest group that helps manage World Council for Health initiatives and campaigns. EbMCsquared’s mission is to advance health and well-being
for the benefit of humankind.


Rob Verkerk === Dr. Tess Lawrie: [00:00:00] We’re going to move on to, Dr. Rob Verkerk,for the science and medical committee who have been looking at the interim, and,preliminary report from a UK laboratory, on the COVID vaccination or the COVID vaccine contents that was commissioned by EbMC Squared, the community interest company that, does the, the administration for the World Council for Health. So Rob Verkerk, the floor is yours for 10 minutes. Dr. Rob Verkerk: Perfect. Okay. So, um, Tess provided me with a copy of the report the minute it came through. It’s obviously out there and what we want to do is just provide a little bit of, substance around what is going on because critically it is an interim report. And,as a scientist, I’ve been involved in quite a few nano technological investigations for products ranging from,self assembling natural nanoparticles, bear in mind that happens every time we, interact [00:01:00] bile with our food, within our bodies. So self-assembly that a lot of people get very disturbed by it is a very natural process. And it occurs through electrostatic forces and, lipophilic and hydrophilic substances. and,we just wanted to get a measure of this. So just a little bit of,background, Galileo said all truths are easy to understand once they’re discovered. The point is to discover them. Now, the reality is if you’re looking for something that you already know is in a vial, it’s a whole lot easier than trying to establish what’s in there if you have absolutely no idea. So in many respects, this interim study has come from the perspective that there might be graphene in it. I said to Tess before, speaking about it, I wanted to speak with, one of the key scientists involved. This morning at a very early hour, Tess and I had a discussion, I continued that discussion for another hour. So I’m confident that the things that we’re [00:02:00] just going to talk about in summary terms,are pretty real. This is, basically a concoction of various pieces of data from an article I wrote, at the end of last year in December, "What’s in the Jabs that they’re so desperate to give us", and it reminds us because we’re going to be looking specifically, at the two MRNA jabs and the non replicating viral vector, the AstraZeneca injection. Dr. Rob Verkerk: And you’ll see if you just run across to the middle of the chart, you’ll see that, in terms of the lipid nanoparticles in the Pfizer and Moderna injections, you’re looking at about 10 billion particles per dose, for the Pfizer, as you know, there’s about three times the amount of MRNA in the Moderna. So that’s about 40 billion, and when it comes to the adenoviral vectors, it’s about 50 billion. So there’s a huge amount of, supposedly active ingredient and carrier within that, on the extreme right, you’ll [00:03:00] see the other ingredients, and,you know, the prime other ingredients for the MRNs or the other PEGylated lipid nanoparticles that deliver the products. And then you have, polysorbate, sucrose, a bunch of other things within the, AstraZeneca slide. That should be all you find in it. There were three pieces of data that, that emerged last year that would suggest, if you are scientifically minded and you care about humanity, you need to take this further. And that was the very reason that,Tess decided to commission a study. Pablo Campra’s work, from Spain, was pretty critical. It used Raman spectroscopy that we’re going to- very briefly, you’ll see another group of scientists that came together that actually included Campra that, that couldn’t disclose who they were. Any leading ISO accredited lab that does, that will instantly lose funding and those scientists will, see the careers pretty much [00:04:00] terminated. And then you’ve also got the work we, we had on WCH professor on, Arne Burkhart, just a couple of weeks ago, who is one of the key German pathologist that was able to show some pretty strange, objects in,pathological examinations that have been carried out, that fitted the description of graphene. Dr. Rob Verkerk: So the, this particular unit study is done exclusively with Raman spectroscopy and associated microscopy. Very briefly. What you’re doing is shining a laser via a mirror that splits the beam into the spectrometer. you have a, a detector within it. and, from that you, you get this scattering. Now, most objects that you strike with this laser, this split laser light will basically just return the same amount of energy from the photon in the light that submitted, that comes back to it. That’s called Railey scattering that you’ll see,in the two other diagrams, [00:05:00] but what happens in certain substance, substances, you get a very specific signature. For when the substance either absorbs some of that energy or loses some of that energy. So either it creates- basically you’re looking at the vibrational state. We’ve heard a lot about resonance and vibration as everything on this planet is resonating and vibrating. But what happens depending on the ramen shift, it was called after Raman and he was an Indian scientist that discovered it. You see the specific scattering, particularly the Stopes direction. That’s another scientist that found that, that’s a more common form. The other form is anti stokes. When the, the molecule that you are subjecting to light absorbs more energy. Has it been studied widely? Absolutely. It has the very characteristic bands that you can see in terms of, Raman scattering, the D band or the two D band. There’s a reference here that we’ll show you. [00:06:00] Graphene is a pretty new substance. It was discovered in 2004. It has very potent, electron transport properties. It really lends itself rather beautifully to nano electronic devices, that I’ve been following some of the work that was being done, looking at behavioral changes in animals that were being carried out specifically with the purpose of mind control and that work has been published in major journals. Dr. Rob Verkerk: So the people who have, suggested there may be a link between 5G or 6G electronic devices and graphene are not barking up a conspiracy theory tree. There is genuine reason to be concerned about the linkage between those two things. It’s also fantastically strong substance 200 times stronger than steel. It can be layered into, different layers. Raman spectroscopy is one way of determining those layers. Coming back to the UK, there has been a group [00:07:00] in Cambridge, headed by Andrea Ferrari that’s done a lot of the work, in terms of characterizing, exactly what graphite- graphene is basically, very closely related to graphite. But it has this very various, these very specific, properties in terms of electron transport and use in nano technology. So let’s go to the report itself. essentially in terms of the, supply chain, EBMC squared was able to obtain four vials of injection material. One Pfizer, two Moderna and one AstraZeneca. Dr. Rob Verkerk: They came specifically from areas. Many of you will know that the adverse reactions are often clustered in particular geographical locations. And these came from an area of the UK where there had been particular clusters of adverse events. That supply chain, as you will know, because it involves doctors who have to often [00:08:00] substitute, we heard from Dr. Hoffe about how this works, we’ve also heard from Dr. Becker in our committee, how this happens, that they will, in order to maintain the Hippocratic oath, some- some homes substitute vials for saline in order to do no harm. So that supply chain is known, but again, just like the lab, it cannot be put into the public domain -That believe it or not is the scientist calling. Andthe key here was to establish, first of all, is the graphene within or graphite composites within these vials and actually they were fairly sure that they wouldn’t be. So that was an interesting perspective to, to come from. There isn’t a detailed quantitative analysis because it’s an early interim study. But there was a vague quantification done by looking at a two centimeter transect for [00:09:00] all the samples. So you can see that there’s a little or a lot of these, different, graphite related substances in it. so I’m going to take you very quickly, you can obviously get a report and have a more detailed look. Dr. Rob Verkerk: Just remember when you look at these images that were only meant to be seeing in the case of Moderna lipid nanoparticles with this very fragile MRNA in it. Now immediately you start to see things that don’t look like that should ring the alarm bells. In a normal situation- I’ve been involved as a scientist in many food adulteration cases. And as soon as you see something like this, normally you can just knock on the door of the local, the national, medicines regulator, the MHRA in the UK, and go look what we found and they’ll pick it up. And,and go after the company. In this case, we all believe that the system is too corrupt to be able to do that. But, you’ll see, just from microscopy, you have a problem when [00:10:00] you start looking, at the spectra. Now you’ll see, for example, in the top left, you’ll see that very big peak. That aligns absolutely with the S with the spectrum that you would expect for graphene, but you’ll see, it’s pretty noisy, and it’s very noisy because there’s a bunch of things in there. Some of which are fluorescent, so they are reflecting, they’re scattering more light, but it’s very key that we’re seeing that tall peak at exactly the spectrum that is expected for graphene composites. When you go to Pfizer again, you’ll see, a whole range of ribbons, filaments, nano dots, all the things that were viewed as, generally conspiracy theories, and, they appear to be there. Dr. Rob Verkerk: Again they should not be there, exactly what they are, is defined here by some Raman spectroscopy. There are other ways of doing more detailed characterization and that’s something that I’ve been talking to the scientists about. [00:11:00] Once again, both in terms of counts, you’ll see the,graph, graphene composites, in a two centimeter spectrum and they outnumber everything else. You’ll see again, they have these signature peaks around graphene in them, same applies to the,AstraZeneca as well. So I just want to conclude by saying that, it’s pretty clear that graphite composite forms as undeclared ingredients are very common in the vials. The ramen spectro we’re not crystal clear because they were confounded by a lot of noise and fluorescence. What is visible through microscopy? It appears to be in the form of ribbon sheets, tubular forms, nano dots, and nano scrolls. And it is our view that further studies should be carried out on more detailed characterization of the forms. More quantification, more studies on function. Why are they there, obviously [00:12:00] on toxicology? And these are all things that are required. Even if you’re going to be putting natural nanoparticulates into food. Here we have an undeclared adulterated drug that we can’t knock on the door of the regulators with because they’re in deep. And you’ll see that there were a number of other spectra that were shown up that, suggests that other substances that are not declared on the label are also there. Dr. Rob Verkerk: Including Calcite so these are all minerals, and because it is Valentine’s day and because I’m working hard to keep to time. I just want to give you one final quote from Lao this is from 500 years before this guy Jesus roamed the planet saying being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. And right now we all need loads of courage. Thank you.[00:13:00] Thank you very much, Rob. And, I think, suffice to say, I don’t think we need to take questions on it, but just suffice to say that, there needs to be more investigation, into this, if only because,they are under undeclared, items in these vaccine vials. We will keep you abreast of, of developments with that as analyses are ongoing.  


  1. On this article please rectify the typing mistake.

    In this first line it says ” 3 types of Covid-29 vaccines. ” Please change it to Covid-19.


  2. Awesome speech Dr Tessa! Beautiful to see and witness your humanity and courage as you spoke which was so fitting and perfect for the words and meanings you conveyed. Thank you for all that you and your colleagues are doing in setting up the World Council for Health. It restores my faith to see people like you doing what you can from the positions you are in, just as each one of us who is with you is doing also. Much love and gratitude to you and your colleagues. Sarah x

  3. Thank you, thank you and thank you once again World for Health! THIS is what true scientists do! They simply tell the truth! I have been ruminating until it hurts about what these vaccines are truly about, and I could not be more grateful than to finally have you come out here and dispel that. What you are doing is SO important and it gives me so much hope!

  4. Hello,

    I would be grateful if you would forward to me
    Dr. Rob Verkerk summary of the preliminary findings of the EbMCsquared CIC analysis of the three types of Covid-19 vaccines.

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  5. just as I thought it could not get any worse & here I am double AZ vaxxed as is my partner which at the time appeared to be the best option as she was ill & I believed immuno- compromised. I sometimes feel as though I have somehow slipped into a dystopian alternate universe & the warnings issued by Professor Iain McGilchrist based on his Hemisphere Hypothesis being based on his 30 years of study, that updates the earlier discredited Left / right brain theory appears to day by day to become ever more pertinent.

    His definition of those heavily dominated by Left Brain thinking as being technocratic, self serving, with no ability of admitting they are ever wrong while seeing everything in terms of black & white, would in my opinion be the obvious candidates in hatching the above foul & stinking egg.

    1. Mattias Desmet proposes (Trish Wood interview) man’s mechanistic view of the world started at the end of 16th century…which led to a belief that the brain can understand life via a mechanical logical way…which in turn leads to human isolation and a feeling of meaninglessness. To admit the opposite, that the brain cannot ever grasp the totality of life with logic or material thinking, leads one to respect that which we cannot know, to wonder at mystery, and see the futility of reducing all that exists down to our limited level of logic. He suggests our only avenue to wisdom is more of an empathic resonance with existence. I immediately thought of Iain McGilchrist. Perhaps we are in the midst of an enormous paradigm shift.

    2. I just saw Dr. Tess on the Highwire. At the end of the 1 hour interview she emphasized that ivermectin helps to mitigate the negative effects of these jabs. Please go to America’s Frontline Doctors or Dr. Zelenko or Dr. Stella Immanuel to find out how you can get some ivermectin for you and your partner. We’re all in this together and so many have been duped. I’m sorry you’re going through this trouble. May God grant you His help.

    3. I am sorry that you took the vax, I understand why you did. It is so hard to believe people could be this evil. That is how they get away with it. No one wants to believe that there are people in high positions that could ever commit such crimes against humanity. I also wonder if this is some sick dystopian simulation, The mainstream are still pushing this crap!

  6. Dear Doctors, Thank you for your continued efforts to provide TRUTH. May I pass this newsletter and information on to my friends, or does this risk your safety and safety of the group.
    I am very concerned that we do not have doctors with ethics in our communities.
    How can we start a parallel medical system. I am at a loss.

  7. Hello,
    I hope you are keeping well.

    There are now many evidences of connections between Covid-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G

    So, while everybody is talking about an mRNA gene therapy that allegedly should have carried mRNA into each cell of the body, and that it could possibly change the genome of the human being, I’m rather thinking that this is another huge grotesque LIE because according to Prof. Stefano Scoglio, the delivery system issues have not been solved, yet.

    Many scientists and researchers have found nano-particles / communication nano-technology in vaccines that can actually hook humans to the 5G signals … for the purpose of control, banking system and all kind of data recorded by A.I. for many purposes.

    Please, find the most consistent study (PDF) here: (Channel where you can find a few video in English) (in Spanish) (Here are all files in English)

    According to Dr. Mike Yeadon, around 10% of the vials are being used for such experiment.

    Dr. Mike Yeadon and Reiner Fuellmich and Wolfgang Wodarg – The evidence for premeditated murder

    Dr. Andreas Noack Reveals Graphene Razor Blades
    Sadly, he has been found dead after he discovered Graphene Dioxide.

    Dr. Domenico Biscardi, another researcher, also has been found dead after he had found Graphene Oxide in the vials. (in Italian)

    La dott.ssa Antonietta Gatti, fisico e bioingegnere, parla dei sieri e della prossima Norimberga
    She and her husband Stefano Montanari have also found nano transistors in Pfizer vaccine vials.
    She publicly said that if she will be found dead, that won’t be because of a suicide.

    5G ha been implemented anywhere without a proper scientific study on health effects and environment impact, despite there are thousands by now claiming horrible effects.

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit court ruled the Federal Communications Commission failed to provide a reasoned explanation for its determination that its current guidelines adequately protect against harmful effects of exposure to radiofrequency radiation. (+ video)

    Hopefully, Robert Kennedy jr. will be able to put a halt to what seems to be rather a weapon than a “faster Internet”.

    >>>>>>>>>>>> But here comes the interesting part:

    the immune system would attack the Graphene Oxide/synthetic nano-technology exactly as it would do for foreign cells or organs (rejection), therefore the producers MUST have put some immune suppressant into the serums, too!

    In so doing the, injections are creating VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

    That means that >>> the 10% who actually received the nano-technology are either going to die ’cause of a rejection (if they don’t continue to take more jabs) or they will have to get immune suppressants for life or they will die. But until when the criminals will allow them to have the drugs that keep them alive (see now how they can bribe humanity)?

    This is the most atrocious trick these criminals would have ever thought in order to hook people for ever and to their 5G projects or to their demands/orders.

    The other thing is that they are doing this little by little to try to cover their crimes under the guise of endless pandemics.

    We need to stop this crime against humanity as fast as we possibly can in order to save the rest of the people that haven’t yet received the fatal injection, but also to save ourselves.

    Here is the criminal organization behind the intere operation:

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, Rockefeller Foundation, World Economic Forum, GAVI, CEPI, COVAX, Find, The Global Fund,
    Direct Grants to Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products, Charite, RKI – Robert Koch Institut, MHRA – Medicines & Healthcare products regulatory Agency and European Commission

    Love and Gratitude

  8. Have you looked at the Darpa patents? Graphene was discovered before 2004, with the notion to change the messenger (word) to moderated meaning synthetic… big clues. Dr. David Marin can zero in on the actual dates these things were invented and propagated into forms to be introduced to the population. This is beyond injections to aerosols and plant food in any way they can get this into our bodies. We are fighting a huge battle as they are implementing farther ahead than you can imagine. While you are still debating whether graphene is or is not in the injection. Move faster please!!! So many have done the tests and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt what is in the vaccines. How many of the billions injected have to die before we get our horses in high gear? This is much more than fighting a “vaccine”, we are fighting the biggest medical mafia ever that has many years ahead experimentation DONE already. The patents prove this. Supreme Courts (2013) have already stated that those injected with mRNA are GMO humans and have no rights. Does this council acknowledge this is worldwide war upon the people? Are we ready for this? I am looking for a glimmer of real hope as I see the community fall in population and IQ drop drastically while anger instantly rages if you say anything remotely about the vax. I have had it with confused stupid people who will not do any research or even look to save their own lives. The Darpa plan was the goal and we have all been fooled and entrained into Trans Humanism and DJT signed the Executive Order Sept. 19, 2019 to kick it all off. Get Dr. David Martin on the board and get things rolling to save humanity. Please please please lets get this solved.

  9. Dr Verkerk ; thank you. for speaking up about this, thank you for your commitment to integrity.Thank you for your courage. I will be sharing this video with all people I know. This has to get out .
    I watched my father dying after taking shots .He developed blood clots.They weren’t able to stop them from forming.Without the stand of the doctors and the scientists, we lay people have no chance.We need each other.

  10. Since Bills mate Jeffrey Epstein was one of the first investors on graphine it all makes sense doesn’t it?

  11. Thank you so much. I am a monthly subscriber to BIRD, and am so grateful for all the wonderful qwork you & Tess, the FLCCC and others are doing. I am 76 years old, and never in the worst nightmare could I have imagined what is taking place in England and around the world right now. I have such gratitude and admiration for your learning and for your courage – yes, keep loving ! As the Buddha said “Hatred is not overcome by hatred; hatred is only overcome by love.”

  12. I would be grateful if you would forward to me
    Dr. Rob Verkerk summary of the preliminary findings of the EbMCsquared CIC analysis of the three types of Covid-19 vaccines.

    Warm Regards,

  13. I have reported this to the German health Minister, Mr Lauterbach, demanding that he should immediately stop his vaccination campaign in Germany!

  14. I keep learning more and more about these poison shots. It seems the goal is depopulation and complete control of all of humanity. Thank you for what you’re doing. My son, DIL, and both grandkids were jabbed. It breaks my heart.

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