COUNTDOWN 2030 – Part 2 | Hosted by Maajid Nawaz and Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

Are you done with oligarchs running your life and controlling your country? This documentary is for you.

On Friday, February 24, the World Council for Health presented a live online screening of COUNTDOWN 2030 – Part 2 in the WCH Newsroom hosted by Maajid Nawaz and Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, who answered questions during the Q&A session after the film.

Curated in South Africa, COUNTDOWN 2030 exposes the WEF’s “Sustainable Development” goals of UN Agenda 21, now known as Agenda 2030, in planning for many years.

The WEF and the UN have signed an agreement to accelerate this plan for the world, which coincides with the plans of the WEF in which their founder & executive Chairman, Klaus Schwab, clearly outlines in his book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset” published in 2020. One of the 8 predictions on their website is that by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy.

You might wonder why “you will be happy” when you will own nothing… this is where the METAVERSE comes in. COUNTDOWN 2030 details their plan.

It’s time we take back our power. There’s a better way for us—The 99%!

Click here to watch part one.

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  1. Thank you so much
    I started Waking up listening to Maajid when lockdown was introduced in March 2020. Thank you Majid
    I have been on this journey for almost 3 years and whilst grieving for the world I thought I knew, I am pleased I know! This has been superb pulling together the research I have done. It’s like Dor to dot and this has shown the whole sad picture
    It’s a lonely journey as friends and some family think I’m crazy. ! A picture I saw at the Holocaust museum has been framed on my wall AND THOSE WHO WERE SEEN DANCING WERE THOUGHT TO BE INSANE, by those who could not hear the music


    1. This time NOW and onwards is a marvellous OPPORTUNITY to create a World of and by the People.

      People need to be UN-DUMBDED down and show all their wonderful talents they have been given!!!!

      This includes especially people with their Degrees who NEED to carefully evaluate what they have been formally taught, as does all humanity, and continuously analyse and critically think, humans have not yet begun to use all the brain power they have been given in abundance.

  2. Many people now know much of this hyperbole,  time is being wasted in doing “talk-fests”  that USA so loves- that often trigger disputes and talk-fests started by Fact checkERS.  POSITIVE and STRATEGIC, STRUCTURED ACTIONS are what are required and have been for sometime.

    There are numbers of people who have known that the World was going downhill for the last 40 years and tried to take actions in organisations and other places. 

    NOW is the time that ACTIONS that are crucial are being instituted, not meditation classes and such like.

    Psychopaths’ have NO regard whatsoever for all this talk and airy fairy actions of the masses. using it as the means to further get their paid Psychologists and Psychiatrists to give them strategies to counter the majority.  We are merely tools to be used to make their sick needs read their AGENDAs fulfilled.

    Yes, get informative documentaries out into local communities, and one shall contribute to those actions/practical purposes.

    Do put lists of links on WCH site, for people to use to find their meditation and similar activities.  I find that >I do not have the time to search through the site. and learnt Yoga meditation over 50 years ago in Sydney, and understand that it has widened its sphere, but when I recieve the WCH newsletters I want information and practical steps that one can take or are being taken to stop these mentally sick and/or paid dupes in society.  I think of WCH are hopefully being the replacement  for WHO one day, so expect more in that vein of information.  Maybe I am wrong?

    I tend to ignore the WCH newsletters as they seem superfluous to my knowledge that is deep and Solid FACTs need to be presented – just took time to watch your documentary today that shows Rowan Dean whoever he is, talking down to people, THIS IS A TIME to re-educate people who have been dumbed down for a very long-time, keep it short and factual.  I remember an Australian woman in 1994, whom I do not consider bright, stating “we are being dumbed down”.

    Why not do diagrams that show links and simple info on those diagrams – remember “a picture tells a thousand words” put key points dates/topics into those diagram boxes that provide the links to that info.  I remember in late 2020 seeing a coloured and diagrammatic “explanation” of all the companies and their cross linking … that were and are involved in this corporatised world Plan. 

    CRITICAL, PRECIOUS TIME IS BEING WASTED, and please Dr R Malone,  stop wasting time, valuable energies and money on suing fellow freedom workers in this crucial fight-back by the absolute majority of the human race.  Dr Peter Breggin and Dr Ruby … are two freedom fighters who are fighting for freedom for all,  without the need for personal aggrandisement.

    Diagrams would also show the planned INTERPLAY between so many levels and groups/organisations in Society and help to get the message across of how this psychopath’s wet dream has occurred and implemented over so many years (back to the Venetians).  

    NOW in 2023 is THE YEAR that is no longer the bug and other hypotheses being trialled, but its now the REAL AGENDA being implemented throughout the World, a FULL reality of the Plan in ACTION in their DAILY lives and more to come as further actions and implementation of details.

    Put a Diagram of how LOCAL communities (in cities and countryside) can take actions (write it in the boxes) as people have had so much suddenly thrown at them and NEED to have something they can print out, that they can readily refer to, that they can SEE the patterns and aims of these sick minds.

    Do excuse the simplicity of language and disorder you may find in this comment, I am on the tail end of being a Fauci Lab Rat since the late 1980s, one of the major reasons that so many people have chronic illnesses and many health disorder,  that are now appearing in the jabbed, but this acknowledgement of the HUMAN EXPERIMENT are ignored and yet could prove so much about what is happening now and used in health restoration and also legal cases, and only in recent years did I take complete control of my health (after a final pitch with sons at a Belgium Clinic and made worse, and discovered D+rs never even diagnosed the two  main reasons I had more than the usual HIV/XMRVirus damages/multiple Health conditions that could have been diagnosed and fixed within 6 months if Doctors had been trained/allowed? to use their brains since 1910.  Yes, BRAIN completely restored and body restored and medical tests asked for, PROVE this statement.

    Yet, Doctors and 2 Naturopaths had the clues in their notes, but then again they were literally taking Notes from me, asking where I got my information from.  After 12 years did Drs with their blood tests tell me I had a little Hypothyroidism (the Belgium expert and all the Medical people I saw automatically kept on with this Diagnosis, until I stopped 16 years since first seeing a Dr (never had a cold since childhood) that I took FULL control of my health, removing that Diagnosis from my repertoire.

    Medicine needs a TOTAL overhaul if its to ever practice, especially, at a GP level effectively.  The same, our Universities need to be so carefully examined too.

    I remember my son who attended the National University asking me a particular question about his combined degree course, querying if the Professors statement was correct, my son did not think so.  I agreed with him and told him why, and said just write what the Professor wants and when you are in the real business World then implement your thinking if thought through.  My other son had the same problem and I sat in on a lecture there and sure enough the lecturer was totally ignorant and admitted so when I talked with him after his Lecture.  He did not know who my son was-deliberately done by me.  THat was years ago, but already thinking people questioned Society, but there were enough “servants” in positions of influence then, and they were getting younger and younger as though a University education gave them some sort of imprimatur.  Early 80s when it was much was starting to be infiltrated in society, and even before that the signs were there.  Klaus and fellow campers were going after the young impressionable ones who were also frustrated with not being “recognised” yet look at what that has done to the World now.  

    1. I’m sure if the Breggins and Dr. Ruby would stop attacking Malone, he would be able to drop the lawsuit.

  3. For we know that if the Tent that is our earthly home is destroyed, we have a building from God. A house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. 2 Corinthians 5:1.

  4. Thank-you for making this available… I pray the World and especially American people wake up.. This is frightening at the very least. I’ve seen it coming and sometimes feel a bit like the little boy with his finger in the hole in the dike. All so unimaginable and evil.. This just simply can not happen. Again Thank-you. Marcy in Michigan
    Feb 28rh, 2023

  5. Prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau the father ( perhaps ) of Justin Trudeau was a member of the club of Rome in the 1970’s. The club was a home of the Rockefellers in Italy used for clandestine meetings.