Reviewing Cancer Interventions and Introducing the WCH Cancer Detox Guide

Speaking with Better Way Live host Dr Mark Trozzi on 6 Nov 2023, Matthew Halma and Francesca Havens present the latest developments in cancer research, treatments, and science.

A Better Way for Cancer Research

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About Matthew Halma

  • Matthew Halma is a PhD candidate in biophysics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, studying the replicative machinery of cells using single-molecule methods. During the Covid period, he has been working developing evidence-based reviews on the etiology and treatment of vaccine injury. His scientific expertise is valuable in guiding research into vaccine injury and now the main causes of morbidity worldwide. Matthew is a valued member of the World Council for Health Science Committee.

Introducing the WCH Cancer Detox & Immune Boosting Guide

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About Francesca Havens

  • Francesca Havens joined the World Council for Health after two decades in health and nutrition, seeking to add her energy to a movement that is restoring integrity to healthcare. She is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and clinical Psychoneuroimmunologist, and is very excited about the integrative health care modalities that are being placed centre stage by healthcare professionals accompanying WCH who abide by the principal of do no harm. As a linguist and communicator, Francesca is helping with the translation of health guides into other languages to empower people all around the world and is also facilitating the decentralisation movement, all of which is being co-created by her amazing WCH tribe of volunteers and colleagues.

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