A Better Way to a Healthy, Harmonious, & Holistic World with Chandra Vikash of GAIA Earth Sansad

Chandra Vikash is an indigenous thinker, activist, and innovation coach. He is the Co-founder and Convenor of GAIA Earth Sansad, Global Academy for Indigenous Activism, and Chief Mentor and Innovation Coach for GAIA Innovation Labs. He values and upholds social and environmental responsibilities as synergistic to commercial success, persisting against several odds and deeply entrenched perceptions.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on April 18, 2022. This presentation is also available on Rumble and on Odysee. The full General Assembly Meeting is available in the Newsroom. A transcript of this presentation can be found below.

Here’s what WCH members, staff, and coalition partners are saying about Chandra’s presentation: 

“I love that you borrowed from Kim here, Chandra. Collaboration! 🙂” – Emma Sron

“Mass Formation for Love and Harmony! I love that!” – Karen McKenna

“Personal empowerment 🙏” – Dr Jennifer Hibberd

“This is great! Well rooted in knowledge of history, politics, science, psychology and ecosystem health. Big vision with details. Thanks Chandra. I am a huge fan of your work, vision, plan!” – Dr Mark Trozzi

“A fascinating vision and lots to discuss going forward as we create the better way together. Thank you Chandra!” – Dr Tess Lawrie

“Excellent!!! Thank you Chandra!! And you’re correct we’re born indigenous right!” – Interest Of Justice

“Thank you Chandra for sharing your incredible vision about A Better Way towards healthy harmonious & holistic world order & indigenous ways of life.” – Devyn Brugge

 “Thank you so much…..let s move more eyes to an alternative vision…” – Christof Plothe DO


[00:00:00] [00:00:30] Karen McKenna: Okay. So in terms of our meeting, we’re going to start with Chandra Vikesh from India. And he’s going to talk about a better way towards a healthy, harmonious and holistic world order and indigenous ways of life. [00:00:44] Chandra is an indigenous thinker, activist and innovation coach who will share about GAIA Earth Sansad, and tell us everything we need to know about forging a better way forward to a healthy harmonious and holistic world. So Chandra… [00:00:59] Chandra Vikesh: Thank you so much for the opportunity. It’s a privilege and honor to be speaking at the General Assembly. As a coalition partner, I think there’s great synergy, there’s lots of learning I’ve had with folks at World Council for Health I’d like to especially mentioned Dr. Trozzi, Dr. Tess Lawrie, Shabnam Palesa, the senior team step up and take the logical conclusion. [00:01:28] Sorry, could you turn your camera off? Your audio is a little hard to hear, thank you. [00:01:34] Okay. [00:01:38] So the screen is visible? [00:01:41] Karen McKenna: Yes. [00:01:41] Chandra Vikesh: Yes. I said a bit away that his sense of being indigenous. So let me begin with being very specific about the word indigenous as I use it. I think it’s respects, the house rules, whichever corner of the world you are in and what it will be, the color of your skin, the color of your iris, the cell size, or the body structure being indigenous truly means. [00:02:06] In this presentation I’ll be following the first section defining the history. I think correcting some of the myths, some of the popular errors that have crept in, or (inaudible) working acts of omission or commission. Where we are currently today taking stock of the present situation. Where do we want to be? What vision that we share? What we truly care about? What are the pathways to get there? [00:02:36] To begin with. I’ll take you back to a long time back in the history, long before humans as a species emerged on this planet, when the entire planet had a single landmass and it was a super continent, and it’s so exciting to see where the countries would be in that timeframe and look at where India is, it’s somewhere squeezed down south. And just check how that landmass moves. It’s so beautiful how we were all one world (inaudible) and how we emerged as the tectonic plates began to move and India hips into the Eurasia land tectonic plates and over the Permian era, the Triassic era the Jurassic era, the Cretaceous era, and now we are in the Internet era. So Indian landmass, incidentally moves at four times the speed of the normal movement of the tectonic plate, which is about 20 centimeters per year compared to the five centimeter, average speed, and it gives rise to the Himalayas and there’s a pooling of the earth and life begins. Himalayas are also called the Third Pole. [00:04:03] GAIA, the term is interesting confluence of east and west, which Nobel Laureate and poet philosopher Rabindranath Tagore started his journey with Viswa Bharati. He wanted it to be a confluence of east and west, and I’m quite inspired by the legacy that he leaves behind. [00:04:25] GAIA incidentally also has a parallel term in the words of (inaudible) which also precisely means that the earth is the mother of all creation. [00:04:39] Karen McKenna: Chandra, if you can just adjust your mic for us, we’re all really interested in what you’re saying. [00:04:44] Chandra Vikesh: So, uh, and like in the indigenous tradition the Gau or Gaia is also depicted as the [inaudible], as well as the species bos Indicus, which is also worshiped as mother in the Indian tradition. [00:05:00] This takes us to now about 2 million back at the start of this new era. And I’d like to draw your attention to how over a long period of time for about nearly 1800 years, we had a stable population of the human species. Population explosion is entirely a phenomena or interventions that happened in the last 500 years, which I distinguish as the indigenous world order being [inaudible] or being encroached, being grabbed, being looted and plundered, and as savages with the doctrine of discovery. [00:05:44] So as I just walked you through the historical markers, it becomes very obvious that the population overgrowth that many people are so concerned about and its psychological burden, is actually a product of the modern era. Indigenous traditions had their own healthy, natural, and social checks and balances. [00:06:07] So very quickly, each yellow dot represents 1 million and just focus on where the population of the world is. It’s all concentrated in the two Asian/ancient cultures, India and China. And this is the golden era for India and for the human civilization. And it continues as we go along to the Mayan civilization, as it emerges in the Americas. [00:06:34] We then talk about 1321, the historical marker that we have now is the Black Death and this is the beginning of how pandemic gets into the psyche and how Europe becomes so paranoid about a pandemic and it shadows that we see even in the modern era that leads up to the COVID and all its discontents. [00:07:06] So, if you could continue on the track of the historical markers as they present themselves today, in the 15th century, we see the Inca and Aztec empires and all indigenous living in harmony with nature. So where does trouble really start? It starts with the doctrine of discovery in the 16th century and as the Spanish and the Portuguese conquistadors on the edicts of the papal bulls start treating rest of the indigenous, the natives as savages and start their, uh, unhindered, unabated loot and plunder. The land grab begins. And as the other idealogue Yuval Harari likes to say ‘those who control the land control the world’. And this, the story of colonialism. [00:08:06] Next is the industrial revolution. [00:08:09] So first it was a weaponization of land, the land grab. Now it is about the weaponization of trade and farmers as economic power. This has very little to do with meeting the needs or even the healthy aspirations of the human species. As we move along, we figured out that there’s weaponization of health care with the Rockefellers getting into the scene, the snake oil and the most recent revelation that was made and all the debate discourse that is now floating around it. [00:08:44] So moving on. Then we see that despite the fact that the Indian subcontinent and China, and many other parts of Mayan and Aztec civilizations, have been getting large populations of we see the military walls, all the markers of what is leading to war and strife and misery is all coming from the heartland of Europe. [00:09:12] And this is the something I would like to specifically point out that we need to shift the focus of world power from the global north to global south. We have friends from South Africa, Mexico, [inaudible], and many others. I interacted with number of people from Africa. Africa was unfortunately called The Dark Continent because the European [inaudible] or as I’ll share later, what the real nature of the pandemic is. [00:09:46] So coming to the very recent, the green revolution is now weaponization of food supply chain control and the multinationals. And all along we’ve been playing ball, we did raise a flag about what was so seriously wrong and how we were descending, hurdling towards a disaster and how population was beginning to explode that we are so concerned today. [00:10:15] Look at the figures. It’s just getting out of hand because of the extortion, because of the appropriation of land, because the natural ecosystems are put out of balance, because the indigenous ways of life are put out of balance. Yet, as the indigenous of the world, as a flag bearer of the global indigenous, I strongly like to believe that we humans around the world are all indigenous, irrespective of the color of our skin, or the Iris, the body structure, the size of the skull, the length of our noses, that were used to divide and conquer mankind by the colonialists, by the land grabbers and the loot and the plunder that continues unabated in very sophisticated disguise and subversive ways even today, that has landed us into the COVID pandemic. The diverse dialects and languages we speak, our kaleidoscopic diversity of music and dance, art, and poetry. We are all indigenous, as long as we live with the house rules on this lovely blue-green planet that we believe and regard as our mother. And not as a concubine to be looted and plundered as some other school of thoughts believe out, certainly not as a hackable animal. [00:11:42] So if you move to the next part of my presentation now very quickly; where we are, the reality of COVID and the deeper simplicities. We need to move back from where we got trapped, looking for instant gratification. And I like to share one of my favorite quotes by Gus Speth, a scientist and the human being par excellence. [00:12:09] And he talks about his experiences of 30 years of good science would address these problems. And he says he was wrong. The top environmental problems are selfishness, greed and apathy. And to deal with these, we need a cultural and spiritual transformation, and that’s what lead us to the better way. The human habitats have become far too acidic brownfield. [00:12:36] We have polluted our water, air, heat, noise and EMF pollution leading to carcinogenic human habitat, that therein has become highly toxic. Technologies, the dream and the promise of techno cornucopia has failed. We have advanced to a great extent, we all acknowledge that, but it has crossed big civilization mark, way beyond and it has begun to degenerate human habitat and cause various diseases and degeneration of human body, mind and spirit. The real HIV pandemic as I’d like to present to the whole world is nothing to do with the human immunodeficiency virus or virus of any kind, it has to do with our hubris, our ignorance and the vanity and alternatively, human indigenous deficiency virus. HIV pandemic is dehumanizing and despiritualizing. That’s the challenge that Yuval Noah Harari, the right hand ideologue of the mad people, like John Maynard Keynes said, who’s dictating terms first to non-indigenous that lends itself to the grotesque and macabre vision of Transhumanism. [00:13:56] From parasitic co-dependency to synergistic inter-dependency, how we can move from a territory-control driven non-indigenous institutions of governments, corporations, FIAT money, banks, media, NGOs, to a more synergistic interdependency with people-oriented indigenous institutions for governance, state, and commerce, banking, media, and social areas to create a grassroots to global system and structure. [00:14:26] And that’s where I really look up to World Council for Health as a platform par excellence, which is bringing together coalition partners from around the world with diverse backgrounds and will emerge as a parallel structure, moving ahead to the WHO and the United Nations. This is my very deep and strong beliefs. [00:14:48] The New World Order – for whom? We forget to ask. When the writing on the wall tells us the New World Order, or what to Russia and China want? What do America and Europe want? But do the state actors care to ask, what do the people of the world want? What do our children want? Would the New World Order be better than present? [00:15:10] The people who are driving this narrative, the script writers, they must answer for sure and Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Jacinda Ardern, Narendra Modi, everyone has a responsibility to tell us, ‘yes, we want a new world order’. We are sick and tired and we are fed up of this present world order. But do you give us a better one than the one at present? [00:15:36] Rabindranath Tagore warned us about a hundred years back, there was a league of nations was being formed and this has come so prophetically true. Western political leaders really represent a spirit of aggressiveness, which leads towards separatedness. The league of nations dominated and controlled by a bunch of politicians, similar to robbers managing the police department. [00:16:00] Now robbers are managing the medical care facilities, robbers are managing the banks, robbers are there everywhere. There’s a grand extortion and robbery going on in the name of making more money. And in the name of a pandemic, protecting people from a virus, projecting people to a vaccine whose content is so suspicious, so difficult, but I won’t get into that. [00:16:31] I’m just questioning that there’s a bioterrorism, people are dying. People are getting diseases. People are getting unnatural, death rate has climbed even amongst children and the youth, no precedents, healthy people are dying. And what has United Nations achieved in 75 years to justify its continuence, when it succeeded the league of nations just after 26 years, because the second world war happens. How much do we wait to hit the rock bottom? [00:17:04] Before we realized that we need to move away from a territory-controlled World Order to a people oriented world order. I just zoom in to a very recent voting that happened on 7th April to drive Russia out of UNHRC. There can be pros and cons to what Russia is doing in Ukraine, but what the empirical evidence shows that more than 6 billion people, irrespective of the number of countries, they’re showing 93 countries voted for Russia to be debarred from UNHRC, but the fact of the matter is more than 6 billion people of the countries which voted, are against the US led world order. Similarly, if you look at the vaccination pattern across the world, given the fake certificates, given a number of issues, placebos that have been administered still only about less than 1.5 billion people are actually poisoned by the vaccination whose contents are so suspicious. [00:18:07] So I move to the third section: Where do we want to be? Given the time constraint, I’ll just get to the gist of the solution framework and then look forward to further interactions to share more details for people who may be interested. [00:18:23] So if you look at the projected scenarios, there are two scenarios. One that is there in the current (inaudible), out in the open, that the United Nations and WHO led genocide in the name of depopulation wants to bring down population to about half a billion. But with our best efforts, we can stem the rot and we can save billions of people through the solution, through the vision that I’m going to share for GAIA uncensored for a natural and indigenous world orders. [00:18:59] I borrowed this from the Kim Knight who spoke in just a couple of general assembly back. She made a beautiful slide about how the unnatural or the artificial is leading to transhumanism, genetic modification, dehumanization, despiritualization, separation, and how we actually need to move to following the natural nature in harmony by self-empowered, love, care, connection. [00:19:25] We need mass formation for love and harmony. We need mass formation for peace and compassion. And GAIA is a sense of being indigenous. This is our true common identity for every human being and for every species that we share this beautiful green and blue planet with. That’s the only thing that will show her, create the cultural and spiritual transformation, and it will rehabilitate and calm the nerves of people who have been hypnotized into the mass formation psychosis. [00:20:06] And how do we do that? The pinpoint that I’d like to draw all your attention to, is the precedence to COVID culture being car culture. We got too carried away in destroying the human habitat by making it a human inappropriate and human disproportionately out of scale, because our habitats are designed for automobile dependency and not for the people or even for cyclists, which are human powered vehicles or for various kinds of animal traction, wherever there is a possibility. [00:20:44] So if we follow on the [inaudible] culture, it leads to human extinction and cycling culture becomes a bridge to save harbour. It will lead to reharmonizing of humans habitats, with natural ecosystems, and it will lead us to a safer harbour and the [inaudible] framework that I present, uh, it will create a greenfields out of brownfield. Very often the solutions that we talked about when you talk about off grid, or we talk about [inaudible] or, you know, going into some remote locations, but all of 7.8 billion humans, cannot leave our current habitats, that would be equally disastrous. So we must focus on how to bring back our, uh, human habitat to within our detox zone, within the indigenous human habitation zone, from the present land degradation drought and desertification zone or what I would call the non-indigenous zone. And that’s what is making us so susceptible to all kinds of hypnosis and real and hypothetical viruses. [00:21:52] So there are some excellent studies done by Ivan Illich, in the 1970s in the United States, and there’s a paper written by Andre Gorz called The Social Ideology of the Motocar and Andre Gorz so emphatically said, if the car is to prevail, there’s still one solution; get rid of the cities. [00:22:12] So if we want our cities, if we want our habitats, we must get rid of the motorcars, at least from the neighborhoods where people need to walk and cycle. And as you can see that in a saturated state, the motorcar ‘s system has the average speed, which is not more than what is the walking speed. So in that way, cycling speed, cycling [inaudible] human habits would give you much better access and would work as a bridge ’til the times we restore and regenerate our natural ecosystem. [00:22:48] So very quickly the [inaudible] framework I’m just sharing. We save the space and time and build trust and community bonding and all that gets translated into creating space for making the neighborhoods, our habitat, zero-to-landfill waste to wealth, creating space for water harvesting and storage, for forestry, farming, livestock, sheds and cottage industries, and eco-friendly transport and community spaces. [00:23:17] And all we need to do is to move the motor cars to the motorways and get rid of the notion of private ownership [inaudible]. Everything that Klaus Schwab talks about is not off the mark. They are very clever, but very sophisticated. When he talks about you don’t own anything and you still be happy, let us interpret it our way. [00:23:43] It’s a double-edged sword. We do not need to own at least a motor car, we can use a fleet owned vehicle like Uber or many other such rental services. And we can make them even more trustworthy, even more fair price, unlike the fleecing that we see today. We can have a design of neighborhood electric [inaudible], which do not [inaudible], walking pedestrians and cyclists. [00:24:11] So we can have more children riding to school. We have more elderly people and housemakers doing errands on, uh, modified, uh, neighborhood [inaudible]. So very quickly, there are five verticals getting food abundance, water abundance, zero-to-landfill Waste to Wealth, people and ecology friendly housing, and people and ecology-friendly transportation. [00:24:37] We create communal and the horizontals, the communal Caste/Creed, Ethnic and Gender Harmony, holistic health, where World Council for Health is such an excellent platform along with other formations, like Universal Health Organization, Brownstone Institute and several such, all of them need to coalesce and amalgumate and merge to create a parallel structure to replace the criminalized and failed WHO. [00:25:08] Similarly, holistic education. You’ve been miseducated. You’ve been misinformed on so many counts. We need to defend our history, our textbooks, and also focus on being more human, being more indigenous and connecting to our roots as well as a bright and beautiful future. Holistic energy, where we draw lots of energy from within us and the cosmic energy that we need to tap into for that will lead to stop drawing petroleum and coal. [00:25:41] And these are some of the areas where we may have a common ground for negotiations, for dialogue, with parties, which are trying to depopulate, under the disguise of saving the planet and the fishes from ecological catastrophy. [00:25:59] And then the art, culture, religion, science and spirituality, all, they need a true [inaudible] not the [inaudible] that we had 500 years back in Europe, which was mere intellectual regurgitation of indigenous wisdom, with some fatal flaws, which Oswald Spengler talked about as the Faustian culture, in which the culture has sold its soul to the devil in bargain for some extraordinary technological and other kinds of magical powers. So in the new way that we want to create at GAIA Sansad as a new coordinating mechanism to devolve powers to the grassroots, so they divide them into people-oriented, 13 regions, each with a population of 600 million each, 78 community of nation states. So the smaller countries club together to form a hundred million and the larger countries, their cluster of provinces or districts in densely populated areas. And finally we have equal anarchies or the community states where all the autonomy, the commerce and the economic power is 3,900, each with a population of not more than 2 million and no city and town, as per the indigenous wisdom. [00:27:20] And also the principles of new organism should have population more than half a million, just about 500,000. And this should have city limits, many urban areas and a distance before another city starts. So we are aiming for a truly democratic and representative peopleswide body on the principles of humanism and cosmopolitanism as well as, as an emergency response to the global health and ecological crisis that has driven humanity to the brink of extinction. [00:27:54] So also getting back to our roots, all the civilizations grew around river bases. So we need to revive river eco-system and also probably a name all our 78 new countries along the names of the lifelines, the rivers of those regions. So there could be a Danube or a Volga or a McKenzie or a Gunga or a Yangtze or a Yellow River or the Zambezi or a Congo. So all these could be the names of the new 78 formations, which are people oriented and uniformly represented in the world body. [00:28:31] That brings us to the last section of my presentation. What are the pathways to get there? [00:28:38] So firstly I would like to share predictions for the population and if you really care to save every life the world is our family save every children, every pregnant women, elderly, all the vulnerable sections and everyone. Life is precious, there’s nothing, that’s more precious than life and no amount of money can match that, however greedy and gluttonous people get. [00:29:06] So, coming to a plan of action, I would like to emphasize that you’ve been nudged, in this last 500 years to come to a point of crisis we’re at the brink of extinction. But nothing stops us from raising the bar, which in my way, is an acronym name for being bold, being audaciously outrageous. And also being radical in our thinking. [00:29:32] So with that I present something that may seem impossible to many people who are uninitiated, but I’m willing to walk you all the way as to how these timelines are not only very realistic, they are a much needed response that we collectively need to make. So first and foremost, I’d like to start on the need for working stations for World Health Alliance steering committee to include the number of other formations, a number of coallition partners around the world from Australia to Zimbabwe that have already joined, plus number of other formations, which are not so far part of the World Council for Health. [00:30:18] So, a World Health Alliance. The next working session must focus on creating a GAIA Sansad [inaudible] assembly with representation of people from around the world and the [inaudible] session and preparatory meetings for the next four events that I’m going to share on the timeline. So, first, in just about 10 days, we have the permanent forum on indigenous issues annual session coming up. [00:30:48] And this is a very important forum, for us to see endorsement from friendly member states, from Africa and Asia and Europe and America and Australia, Oceania. And I strongly believe that we can look at the state actors more discerningly rather than, you know, painting them in just black and or white. [00:31:17] The word just as they have divided and conquered, for their ulterior motives, for the selfish reasons, we need to do this for a greater good. We need to talk to some of the members, which are likely to be friendly and favorable to our cause and offer to them what is in it for them. So there has to be a room for negotiation, created. [00:31:40] We need to create consensus for globally enforceable mandate for a very important declaration that happened in 2007 and passed by the United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People. And what I’d like to highlight is that as local indigenous that we truly are, as stewards and custodians for grassroots to global, political, judicial economic systems as per UN DRIP 2007. [00:32:12] So this actually gives us the space, the negotiating room to claim that the United Nations should be dissolved and a truly indigenous world body should be installed in its place and a handover should happen. And we can move this resolution during this permanent forum on indigenous issues to our respective member states and to the friendly favourable member states. The next event, and I happened to attend the COP 13/14 and interestingly, when I raised many of the issues, with my foresight on the troubles and the prices that was already emerging way back in 2017 this is a very important forum where we can expose how various wings and arms of the United nations are working at a cross purpose. And in that we can emphasize that a global mandate for enforcement of this GAIA model to combat desertification, land [inaudible] and drought. Amalgamation of three conventions; the climate change, biodiversity, as well as the combating, the desertification and United Nations environment program into a streamlined unit. [00:33:28] United Nations has become a dinosaur and albatross kind of unwieldly machine, that needs to be dissolved. And we need to also dissolve some of the agencies that are working at cross purposes, like the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and UNDP. So coming to the last few slides, I’d also like to make a humble request, to know all the leaders of World Council For Health, as a coalition partner, as a well-thinking human being as a parent and as a concerned citizen that we need to reclaim, not just science, but we need to reclaim humanity as the indigenous. We need to clearly focus on disbanding, WHO and United Nations. We need to think global, act local, fostering active communities more vigorously, more purposefully. And revolutionizing media and communication channels. For that we need to up the anti, we need to step up our campaign to disband, not just WHO, but also the United Nations. [00:34:35] And lastly, combine the three sections on the law and justice and human rights, health environment, and sovereignty innovate, integrate and meditate. Then there’s this event, which is very critical and very crucial to our resolving the crisis. Because people who are siding with stopping the ecological catastrophe and either new spectators to the genocide, to the depopulation agenda, or they are active [inaudible] conspirators. For them, we need to create a negotiation space. They apparently that humanity is still doing more harm than good to nature as speakers in the March end preparatory committee meeting, but we need dialogue for positive actions because we need to correct first and foremost, it’s not humanity that is doing harm, it’s inhumanity and the non-indigenous that are doing harm. [00:35:34] And we need to stop the further degeneration to transhumanism and we need to uplift and create a cultural and spiritual revolution, GAIA resolution for globally enforceable mandate for this GAIA model for localized abundance and circular economies and for devolution of economic powers and [inaudible], to grassroots community states. [00:35:57] As I mentioned, 3,900 to 4,000. Grassroots community states with all their local identities are suited to the [inaudible] conditions. And finally, 5th June is what I envisaged to be the foundation of Gaia Earth Sansad as a better way of combining on the draft constitution of UN DRIP, declination of peace and cessation of war, a document that has been signed by more than 180 countries and [inaudible] Gaia model, transition and handover meeting with United Nations system and finally, a timeline and action plan and policy framework for healthy, harmonious and holistic world order and restoring naturally ecosystems to protect, support, and strength and indigenous ways of life. [00:36:44] We have an opportunity to correct the wrongs that we’ve been descending into, create an [inaudible] and a new golden age for the whole world, to have them become world is our family, as we in India, believe. Why do we want to throw away such a great opportunity? [00:37:04] I’m just asking all the parties, all people concerned to put a stop to this madness and let us start thinking afresh. Let’s start the action on this Monday morning. So that’s it from me. Thank you so much. I’ll stop the presentation share. [00:37:24] Karen McKenna: Thank you so much, Shandra. That’s a brilliant presentation and sharing your incredible vision and hope a great plan about how we can work together towards a healthy and harmonious a new way of being with the indigenous. So thank you very much. Great presentation. We’ve had many requests for your slides so I hope that you’ll share them with us and we can we can share them to anybody who would like them. [00:37:48] We are running a little bit behind though Chandra, so I just ask you to answer any of the questions in the chat though, if you wouldn’t mind. But brilliant presentation. Thank you so much. You’re a true visionary. You’ve integrated a lot of areas of knowledge, really very impressive. Thank you one day were going to meet in India. [00:38:04] Dr. Jennifer Hibberd: Thank you, Chandra. This was er, you really are, as Karen said, a true visionary. This is so personally empowering for everybody. Your presentation, not only reviewed historically the impact on our world today, but very prevalent solutions to work with, toward revitalizing humanity and our existence in harmony with Gaia. [00:38:23] Incredible really for working towards and moving forward… really, really appreciated a lot. And if you would please post your important event announcements in the chat, so we can also transfer it over and post it into the newsroom. And we look forward to seeing you at our Better Way Conference, which is totally in harmony with your vision. [00:38:44] Thank you very much. Thank you, Karen. Thank you very much. [00:38:47] Chandra Vikesh: I’ll share whatever you need. [00:38:49] Karen McKenna: Thank you. Very, thank you very much. Very compelling presentation. Thank you very much. [00:38:53]  

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  1. Time To Act ”
    Present realities demanding an alternate political and economic model of development of nature and human.
    The alternate model should be based on Nature Human centric principles to provide Equality, Democracy, Transparancy, Accountability and Decentralisation of power and duties from global governaning center upto the unit of village.
    Each nation will have one vote to
    elect global governance center and all “Veto powers will be abolished.”
    No war pacts among all nations.
    All arms and mass destruction weapons (nuke/atom bombs) will be defused and destroyed.
    All scio-political conflicts within nations or among nations should be resolved through peaceful means and dialogues between the concerned parties.
    The challenges of global warming, climate change crises, shortage of safe drinking water , poverty,hunger, unemployment will be on top of agenda of resolutions.
    Peace and Interdependence with behavioural mindsets of Tolerance and Coexistence among all diverse Identities, ethnicities, languages, customs, regions, nations etc will be guiding principles.

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