I recently returned from The Philippines and, in case you missed it, have a very exciting update to share with you about World Council for Health’s mission and vision. But first, a little background. 

As many of you well know, World Council for Health (WCH) is a global, grassroots initiative that was established to meet a clear need in the midst of the Covid crisis. 

Public health authorities clearly appeared to be operating in lockstep, ignoring the evidence, rubbishing safe, integrative treatments for Covid, and pushing for a single solution to the crisis: that of the novel, Covid-19 gene-based injections. A calculated propaganda campaign included censorship of any evidence-based perspective that challenged the agenda, and emotional manipulation that replaced informed consent with coercion. 

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It has since become starkly clear that the so-called pandemic has been a Trojan Horse for unelected bodies to push their dystopian vision of a centralised, one-world system of government. In terms of health, the WHO’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and Pandemic Treaty/Accord/Instrument threaten to undermine the individual’s inalienable rights and would see member nations handing over health policies to the WHO: an unelected, majority privately funded organisation. 

In the face of this assault, World Council for Health has a clear message: there is a Better Way! One that puts personal sovereignty at the very heart of the social contract. Indeed the Better Way is described in 7 Principles, as follows: 

  1. We act in honour and do no harm. We do our best to live by this law, and enact the principles within this charter by it.
  2. We are free beings with free will. We take responsibility for, and control of, our lives, our choices and our health.
  3. We are part of nature. We recognise that the well-being of people and planet are interdependent and we nurture both in equal measure.
  4. Spirituality is integral to our well-being. People are spiritual and we thrive when life has conscious meaning and higher purpose.
  5. We thrive together. We are inclusive and value our diverse, integrated, and collaborative community.
  6. We value different perspectives. We celebrate respectful discussion as the means to ever more refined knowledge, compassion and wisdom.
  7. We use technology with discernment. We recognise technology used respectfully will enhance learning and wisdom to benefit people and planet

Along with these 7 principles comes our very firm position on inalienable rights and freedoms. We do not tolerate:

  • The violation of people’s inalienable rights and freedoms (ie. freedom of speech, movement, assembly, the right to free and informed consent, the right to body integrity and that everyone is innocent before proven guilty.)
  • Profit, power and influence coming before the well-being of people and our planet

You can download a flyer of these principles here and they are available in 25 languages.

At World Council for Health, we take these principles as our guide for co-creating the Better Way. Ever since we began in September 2021, we have been sharing trustworthy information to empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health and choices. You may well have come across some of our work: from accessible health guides, articles and reports, to our weekly General Assembly meetings where experts from around the world share their insights to all who join. We run awareness-raising campaigns including to Cease and Desist with the Covid vaccination campaign and #StopTheWHO, and we also hold the annual Better Way Conference both in person and online – news about this year’s event is coming very soon. 

We have achieved much in very little time – and now, 18 months in, I’m delighted to say we are moving into an exciting new phase. As the globalist push toward centralisation has become clear, so has our own strategy evolved. We’re here to restore responsibility for health to the individual by decentralising it to country, community, and ultimately, the individual – facilitating a better way as everyone remembers and awakens to what’s good for them.

WCH’s 3-year decentralisation strategy: 

Country level: we will establish national councils for health in every country in the world, to be responsible for national health policy, research, health processional and facility accreditation, and health education and advocacy. 

Community level: we will establish flagship integrative health centres with laboratories in several countries. We will continue to connect, empower and support WCH coalition partners co-creating a Better Way through food and farming, community, energy, sovereignty, and integrated health initiatives.

Individual level: we believe people should make choices from a place of love not fear, and that choices should be informed by trustworthy sources free from conflicts of interest.

Through WCH, Source and other aligned initiatives, we will provide diverse resources to empower people to step away from fear and live life with love, integrity and purpose. 

Introducing our first Country Council! 

Right now, we are in the process of establishing country councils. These are fully autonomous councils that promote the Better Way Charter for health, freedom and sovereignty. They will: 

  • Develop country-specific policies and health guidance suited to local needs
  • Create their own website enriched with country-specific resources
  • Educate on and advocating for the protection of inalienable rights
  • Provide WCH accreditation to health centers, practitioners and laboratories, and WCH bioethical approval for country research
  • Support educational initiatives related to innovative, holistic and traditional health practices
  • Establish WCH Centers of Excellence for Integrative Health

I’m delighted to share that we have our first country Council for Health: The Philippine Council for Health. And, we have many more coming soon! The move toward decentralisation is key to respecting and upholding the rights of every individual to make their own health decisions. 

Our Better Way vision for 2027

By 2027, we expect to have 195 autonomous country councils, each sharing best practices and policies, and empowering integrative health approaches. When I was recently in The Philippines, I was so inspired by the health practitioners there and their use of nature’s apothecary: local plant medicines and traditional modalities that truly work. Indeed, the country’s Ministry of Health has a department dedicated to traditional medicine and alternative healthcare. It’s this kind of local context that is so precious, and that each country council will seek to preserve and support. 

By 2027, we also expect to have many integrative health centres and laboratories around the world, proven policy successes, and thousands of international Better Way aligned country and community initiatives. Above all, we expect to see the Better Way principles values and respected above all. 

The so-called powers that be would have us imagining a future where we are each enslaved to a corporate centralised power, with no rights of our own. There is another future: one where we celebrate difference, honour sovereignty and operate in harmony with each other and our planet. 

Please join us in co-creating the Better Way together! 

Visit Get Involved to find out more about how you can support the World Council for Health.

We are a people-powered platform for world health representing 190+ coalition partners in more than 49 countries.

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  1. The Philippine pandemic experience is one wrought with much inner battles as we were mostly hearing from only one side, were afraid to ask questions but felt deep inside some things were wrong. Dr. Tess Lawrie’s visit to the Philippines is an honor and inspiration to truth and freedom-loving Filipinos. We will always remember her BIRD Group meta-analysis work early on in 2021 that paved the way for Ivermectin being known as a safe and effective treatment against Covid; and for her other initiatives towards life-saving tools. Her many followers and co-leaders here look forward indeed to “Better Ways” in the days to come. Thank you, Dr. Lawrie, World Council For Health and of course, CDC Ph!

  2. I’ve now had a little cry. Joyous tears, or relief. Finally something positive, a glimmer of hope that we will survive this keeping essential-to-my-life human rights. Thank-you, sincerely thank-you.