On April 24, 2023 the World Health Organization (WHO) announced “The Big Catch-up”, a global initiative “to vaccinate millions of children and restore immunization progress lost during the pandemic.”

While targets of the campaign include children around the world, the WHO appears to be specifically targeting children in the 20 countries where they claim “three quarters of the children who missed vaccinations in 2021 live.”  These nations include Afghanistan, Angola, Brazil, Cameroon, Chad, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Somalia, Madagascar, Mexico, Mozambique, Myanmar, Tanzania, and Vietnam.        

Additionally, in the context of the United Nations’ notorious Agenda 2030, the WHO is now advertising their own agenda for the same year – “Immunization Agenda 2030: A Global Strategy to Leave No One Behind.” This agenda includes the goal of introducing “500 new vaccines in low and middle income countries.” 

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In the current climate, one may question whether or not many of those new “vaccines” will be genetic injections similar to Covid-19 genetic injections that have failed to stop infection and transmission, but have been arguably the greatest medical atrocity in human history. For instance, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) data reveals multiple more deaths and injuries associated with just the first year of the Covid genetic injections alone, than that of all vaccines for all diseases for all of thirty years combined. See the WCH Covid-19 Pharmacovigilance Report for more information.

Though harm and death from Covid-19 mRNA and DNA injections have far exceeded that of classic vaccines, the last 100 years of vaccine history raises serious concerns. Even these common vaccines have caused extensive harm and have failed to perform their purpose. 

Moreover, the World Council for Health shares the opinion with many experts that the WHO and their partners including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and vaccine manufacturers including Pfizer, Moderna, and others are guilty of crimes against humanity and do not warrant our trust or support.  

Please watch and share the video statement below.

The World Council for Health continues to stress the urgency of exiting the World Health Organization, rejects the WHO’s monopoly power grab over public health, and continues to call for an immediate halt to the Covid-19 injection campaign.

We are a people-powered platform for world health representing 190+ coalition partners in more than 49 countries.

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  1. The only way to stop the medical tyranny that governments worldwide are enforcing is to completely stop obeying. This is a drastic step that will temporarily create harm and may cause the death of some critically ill people but in war some must suffer to save the many. In this case, the many is all of humanity. Nothing short of a complete shut down of medical services will defeat the government and its puppet agencies and colleges. A medical general strike won’t need to continue long before public pressure will force the government to re-instate fired healthcare workers, drop all charges and reimburse all fines imposed by regulatory colleges and hospitals and to restore the primacy and privacy of the doctor-patient relationship that is the bedrock of trust in the delivery of medicine.

    Medical professionals must weigh the short-term harms that a strike would cause against the long-term benefits of a return to unrestricted patient care based on professional integrity, practical experience, and a commitment to “do no harm”. Millions of Canadians will continue to die and be harmed by the current healthcare agenda of our corporate government. This drastic step is necessary to avoid an unimaginable future loss of life and suffering and to re-employ the so badly needed healthcare professionals who have been sidelined by corrupt governmental policies.

    Many professionals will not agree that such extreme measures are necessary. Many may fear reprisals from the government, their unions or professional organizations. But what can the government really do? If they invoke back-to-work legislation or levy fines, the protestors ignore them. If they attempt to arrest or jail demonstrators then they turn a temporary disruption into a permanent one causing even greater harms. Now is the time to ask yourself what have these unions and organizations done to protect their members from government overreach into their profession? What have they done to protect the public trust and the moral integrity of the healthcare profession? Not everyone needs to participate in this initiative to make it effective. The healthcare delivery system has already been severely damaged by government abuse. A simple majority of healthcare workers would be enough to legitimize the protest and ensure its success.

    How can we expect healthcare workers to defend us from medical tyranny if we don’t support them financially when they put their jobs and incomes on the line? We must rally public support through multiple crowd funding sources and demand that the healthcare workers’ unions and medical professional associations contribute substantially to the fight. Hospitals won’t remain functional for long without healthcare workers so there won’t be a lot of lost wages to cover. The blame for the strike must be attached solely to the harms caused by the draconian government policies and the treasonous transfer of power to corporate criminals. We all need to take responsibility now and shoulder the financial burden of this battle.

    Please think about this and discuss it with your colleagues,

  2. The effect of the Covid 19 vaccines are becoming more and more apparent with strokes, ME type conditions, peripheral neuropathy and more. These are just what I have observed. We need to make this more public

  3. I think that if any health agency agent were to try to forcefully inject any vaccine or faux vaccine through a “catch up” campaign, those agents might very well find themselves recipients of a “catch up”campaign to inject those agents to correct a lead deficiency.

  4. I have been so appalled by the subversive, evil agendas of our so-called “health agencies” that I can’t express enough how outraged I am about it. Worse yet, it is only one of the tentacles that reaches back to a very much more evil, more all consuming plot in the background. The Who is the vehicle by which those deadly spiders, Bill Gates, G Soros and scores more, are spinning the dark web to take over the world.
    We are just waking up , we frogs that have been in the pots of heating water, FOR A LONG TIME, and we must jump out while we still can.
    I AM WITH YOU. How can I help?

  5. Thanks WCFH for taking on the attempts to circumvent our individual liberties and freedom to govern our own bodies and health!