In a first of it’s kind event, the UK Doctors Conference brought together more than 150 UK medical professionals to discuss such vital topics as the ‘safety and efficacy of Covid vaccines’, ‘challenges facing UK doctors and solutions’, and ‘new and integrative approaches to healthcare’. The World Council for Health (WCH) would like to extend our gratitude to the brilliant hosts, speakers, affiliates, and attendees for helping us bring this important conference to life on October 15 in the heart of London. 

Initial feedback from attendees has been positive and encouraging. We have walked away energized and poised to continue working together to network and collaborate with doctors worldwide. Members of the British public can feel reassured that there are now many health professionals willing and prepared to help those harmed by the Covid-19 injections.

Dr Emma Brierly, host of the Addressing Emerging Covid Challenges panel, explained:

‘The Better Way London conference was an academic day for like minded doctors and health professionals to come together and recap on the events of the past 2 years; and reflect upon how a more patient centered and holistic approach with the fundamental principles of medical ethics at its core is now needed in healthcare as we move forward.’

The same weekend, WCH coalition partner Frontline Covid Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) hosted a similar event for health professionals in the US. A recap of the FLCCC Conference will be given at the FLCCC’s weekly webinar on the 19th October at 7pm EDT. Register for the Zoom webinar here.

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Important outputs of the UK Doctors Conference include an open letter to the General Medical Council and a UK Doctors Declaration. These documents declare grave concerns about the violation of medical ethics in both clinical practice and scientific research and the potentially serious harms to men, women, and children resulting from these infractions.

We encourage all UK doctors to sign these documents, which can be found here:

On Thursday 20th October, Dr Aseem Malhotra will be urging UK Members of Parliament to bring about a much-needed halt to the UK vaccine programme during a meeting in the House Commons in London. Dr Tess Lawrie of the World Council for Health and representatives from WCH coalition partners UKCVfamily and Safer to Wait will also be in attendance to reinforce this call.

The World Council for Health urges UK residents to please support these actions by emailing their local MP and requesting their presence at this important All-Party Parliamentary Group meeting. Please see the attached sample letter prepared by James Wells below.

WCH continues to safeguard human rights and free will while empowering people to take control of their health and well-being. We are ever grateful for your support and collaboration. Please visit our Get Involved and Donate pages to find out how you can invest in our work.

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Date: [add date]

Dear [Insert name of MP],

As your constituent, please can I request that you take an hour out of your schedule to attend the following event in the Boothroyd Room in Portcullis House, at 14:00, Thursday 20th October.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Vaccine Damage is giving MPs the opportunity to hear, first hand, expert medical evidence that questions the “safe and effective” mantra the government continues to push on Covid-19 vaccines.

There is a growing body of evidence that points to significant risk of harm from Covid-19 vaccines, particularly those based on new mRNA technology that were rushed to market under emergency legislation. If correct, it suggests the government’s current risk benefit analysis for different groups is flawed and that most people are at more risk of harm from the vaccine than they are of being hospitalised by Covid-19.

It is widely accepted that fit healthy people are at extremely low risk of hospitalisation or death from Covid-19, while evidence is emerging of adverse events and negative health impacts following Covid-19 vaccination that are much more common than previously thought. There is also evidence of long-term harm that medical experts are yet to fully understand.

The evidence of harm, combined with the fact that the vaccines do not stop transmission, means the government is causing harm to healthy people, for no discernible reason, other than to support the profits of large pharmaceutical corporations.

Dr Aseem Malhotra will present evidence and be available for Q&A:

·  Dr Malhotra is a leading Cardiologist and active health campaigner; he is Fellow of Royal College of Physicians; and President of the Scientific Advisory Committee – The Public Health Collaboration

I draw your attention to two peer-reviewed journal papers by Dr Malhotra that raise his concerns:



I also encourage you to watch ‘Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion’, a documentary produced by former ITV and BSkyB Executive Mark Sharman that features Dr Malhotra and other experts.

You can watch the film here:

Yours Faithfully,

[Insert your name]

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