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The World Council for Health (WCH) is unequivocally opposed to the use of isolation and detention camps and any current or future forcible detentions associated with SARS-CoV-2 viral status or Covid-19.

The process of forcibly relocating and detaining people against their will is a clear violation of human rights, including but not limited to discrimination, inhumane treatment, unfair detainment, and no freedom of movement. Regardless of the willingness to participate on behalf of the individual, this unprecedented strategy is not backed by evidence as a mitigation tactic and therefore should not be used.

WCH believes that the money spent by local and national governments to construct these facilities would have a much greater impact if it were spent on positive health education and providing life-saving early treatment to those that fall ill.

WCH cautions against the use of any strategy that creates further division in societies around the world. The practice of removing and restricting certain portions of a population will only lead to greater discrimination and division.

World Council for Health believes it is safer for individuals to quarantine at home if and when necessary, where they can rely on their personal support networks and access early treatment tools when they are ill. World Council for Health calls for an immediate halt to the use and construction of these unnecessary camps and centers.

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

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  1. More and more often when I try to share the info from WCH, or any other alternative news, I receive a message that the site is not available or other similar statement, and when able to send using my ProtonMail account, the recipient does not receive an attachment and says most emails come like that.

    This is a breach of freedom of information and on my own personal freedoms and privacy.

    The problem also with this is that everyday people who need to be aware can not be reached.

    Thank you again for your commitment to humanity 🙏


    1. From Toronto.
      It’s a challenge putting info out and having people accept it.
      Especially those who know us.
      It’s 100% the same for EVERYONE.
      I have found for me using Druthers hard copy or OFF LINE WORKS the best.
      I volunteer like many and put out 1000 monthly and growing.
      I carry Druthers everywhere I go and speak with those who will RECEIVE ME.
      And more importantly the Druthers hard copy.
      Very very good info from FREEDOM MINDED people.
      If you notice logic and facts don’t work on anybody who lives in fear.
      Druthers is in America now and building a new office in Uxbridge.
      You are welcome to volunteer.
      I have opened many eyes with 9 months of doing this.
      I have many folks
      who take 50, 70,100 papers and WAKE UP their contacts.

  2. The vaccines must stop immediately, they are causing far more harm than good. They should not be allowed to use them on children, children have strong immune systems and do not need this poison put in their bodies.
    Take Hancock, Whitty, Gates, Fauci, Johnson, Vallance, Tedros and all involved to court they have murdered thousands of people with this awful vaccine which was prepared pre Covid 19. This is genocide, depopulation while blacking out the main stream media. Deliberate and calculated murder. Giving the elderly midazolam which makes them drown in their bodily fluids. Shameful!

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