WCH Partnership Application Form

Updated Partner Form

WCH Coalition Partnership Application Form

Thank you for your interest in World Council for Health.

Please note this is an application for organizations as opposed to individual practitioners.

Please note that we are looking for active partners who are prepared to share our content and likewise we look forward to sharing yours where appropriate. To get started, please complete as many responses as you can. We will review and get in touch with you shortly. If you are unsure about any of the answers, please give your best answer.

Point of Contact 

Please tell us who is the person filling out the form.

Your Organization

Please tell us which organization you are completing this for:

Please email your Logo to partners@worldcouncilforhealth.org
(Choose formats JPG or PNC, with a transparent background, Ideally square but not compulsory. If you don’t yet have a Logo, we recommend visiting fiverr.com where you can hire designers to create affordable logos.)

Does your organisation agree to support the 7 principles of the Better Way Charter? (see https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/better-way-charter/)

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