The World Council for Health met at the start of 2024 to discuss our vision for the way forward to disseminate our key messages. One of the key points that was emphasized during these meetings was the importance of escaping our echo chamber and connecting with people who most need
our support.


Shadow-banning and censorship of our online presence have inadvertently benefited us by catalysing our in-person work. It’s an important reminder that on our journey to tackle future health challenges, fostering real-life connections is paramount. These connections lay the foundation for community building and the establishment of new health and wellness systems. Systems that serve the people over profit. Moreover, they provide solace, unity, and reassurance, alleviating the mental and emotional burdens we all carry.

Since the start of 2023 our team has spent time in 10 town centres across the Southwest of the UK and has attended 11 events. We have many more events planned. We have received overwhelming support for our work so far.

The people who most need our support include the vaccine-injured, those who are unaware of their vaccine injuries, families of the vaccine-injured and bereaved, those seeking an alternative to the failing UK health system, and those simply ready to ask questions about what’s really been going on over the last few years. Additionally, we aim to inform and advise people who may not be aware of the proposed amendments to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) International Health Regulations (IHR).

It’s time for all of us to get out of our comfort zones and connect in person. As many of the team are based in the British Isles, we have plans to expand this important work and head out further afield within the UK, and for this work to form a blueprint for our Country Councils to disseminate messages within their communities internationally.


We have plans to expand this important work and are now raising money to support these goals.

Thank you for anything you can give to support our vital community work in the UK and across the world.


To find out more about the outreach and campaign work we have done this year, check out our Substack posts: