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Contrary to the prevailing narrative seen in the media, we cannot vaccinate ourselves out of this coronavirus pandemic and, according to many experts, mass vaccinating during a pandemic may cause more harm than good.

As Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche recently described to the World Council for Health, the repeated boosting of immunity via the vaccine and viral exposure will cause vaccinal antibodies to out-compete the important innate antibodies, leading to an increase in acute respiratory diseases, autoimmune diseases, and more.

The Covid-19 vaccines being used around the world are being referred to as “leaky”. While leaky vaccines may succeed in preventing significant symptoms or the development of a disease in the vaccinated, they do not prevent infection and therefore the transmission of the pathogen. And this is cause for concern.

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Not only have we learned that vaccinated people are becoming infected with as high viral loads as their unvaccinated counterparts, vaccinated people are spreading the virus to members of their own households at alarming rates. 

While it is now clear that the attempt to vaccinate ourselves out of the pandemic has failed, other concerning aspects of this strategy are emerging by the day.

Vaccinating our children

vaccinating during a pandemic

In light of the recent approval of Pfizer’s vaccine for children in the U.S., we should consider just what a leaky vaccine may be doing to the most impressionable immune systems—those of our children.

Time and time again nature has proved to be incredibly intelligent. From the way a mother passes immunity to her fragile newborn through her breastmilk to the naivety and responsiveness of a child’s innate immune system, nature has devised ways to keep the most vulnerable among us safer than some seem willing to admit. 

This natural process of building immunity that our children have been gifted with is now under threat. 

According to Dr. Thomas Francis, initial exposure to a pathogen primes the immune system for life. If this initial priming is with a leaky vaccine, how might all future immunological responses be affected? 

Dr. Paul Alexander suggests that “this initial priming, if deranged and wrong, would severely stagger and hobble our immune response for the rest of our lives.”

Now more than ever people are beginning to ask questions about the process of vaccination and are finding that things do not add up. Never before have we attempted to vaccinate the world’s population in a short period of time against one pathogen and, to a great extent, we are learning as we go.

Viral evolution and natural immunity

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A question that was asked by some, even prior to the novel coronavirus pandemic, is relevant now more than ever: Can vaccines drive the evolution of more virulent strains?

Once again, despite the prevailing media narrative, the answer to this question is yes. Much like natural selection will cull a variant that is so lethal it kills the host before it has a chance to spread, natural selection will likely select for variants that are able to survive and spread despite the variable that has been introduced to the equation—the vaccine. 

This means a new vaccine will be required for the new variant. But as soon as a new vaccine is introduced a new variant may appear to beat it. Because of this, achieving “Zero Covid” will never be possible. It is the nature of viruses to mutate and they can do it more quickly than we can create a new vaccine.

Thankfully we have access to natural immunity that offers a more broad and long-term immunity than that provided by vaccines and that natural immunity, acquired from previous infection, can be broad enough to account for the variants selected due to the introduction of the vaccine.

Looking forward

Not only have we found ourselves in the midst of a pandemic in which some global health authorities insist we can escape using a vaccine that doesn’t stop the spread of disease, this strategy may be making the pathogen worse while permanently altering the immune systems of society’s youngest and healthiest members.

Now is the time to insist on freedom of choice in healthcare, early treatment options for Covid-19, and promoting healthy immune systems. We must remember there is indeed a better way.

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