The World Council for Health notes that non-scientific speculation on recent monkeypox cases by the WHO is being used to justify further human rights violations together with a roll-out of new and experimental smallpox vaccines.

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Imagery of people infected with monkeypox being used by global media, most of which has been derived from old CDC and Getty Images, is not representative of current international cases of monkeypox. No death cases out of Africa have ever been reported and the dangers reported in the media are exaggerated.

The World Council for Health notes that the United States and the United Kingdom have been stockpiling smallpox vaccines, and the state of Quebec in Canada is already planning to vaccinate people with a smallpox vaccine to contain the supposed spread of monkeypox.

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There is no rational scientific basis for vaccinating for smallpox to prevent monkeypox and, among people already multi-vaccinated with experimental covid-19 vaccines, this strategy has potential to do great harm. More and more evidence surfaces that the immune system of the covid vaccinated people has been impaired making them more susceptible to potential harm from a live vaccine. Classical public health interventions (like isolation and quarantine) have demonstrated in the past that they are efficient measures.

Furthermore, PCR tests have serious limitations as a method for diagnosing disease and should not be used to diagnose monkeypox, which is clinical diagnosis. There are many other conditions that meet the WHO’s current case definition of a suspected monkeypox case, including Covid-19, the common cold, and shingles – and PCR tests will lead to many false-positive cases.

The biggest threat to global health is the ongoing effort of the WHO and its private partners to vaccinate every man, woman and child with new experimental vaccines and injections that have not been adequately tested.

World Council for Health is for transparent health guidance free from political and private partnerships; we value and empower individual choice, bodily autonomy and personal sovereignty.

We are a people-powered platform for world health representing 190+ coalition partners in more than 49 countries.

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  1. We THE PEOPLE must continue to push back against world tyranny. As Reagan said: If not us then who, if not now then when? The greatest fear the globalist face is TRUTH. It is paramount we unite while we are exposing the nefarious agenda these world leaders have conspired to control every aspect of our lives including attempts to read our actual thoughts or as they state” to know every activity we are doing plus what is under our skin.”

  2. I implore you do not sign the Pandemic Treaty. We people are created as human with the amazing ability for our bodies to adapt to Illness and overcome most. Equality is also something we are born with and human rights: Our FREEDOM of Choice can be one of the only freedoms some people have. To take this away would make the world an unbalanced unbearable place. Choice is only given by God himself and for humans to take it away because, some are choosing to take care of themselves and not have government do so for them, is inhumane and unfathomable. Who decides what is “right” and “wrong” except our creator? One human has no right to judge another on the choices they make.

  3. How does World Council for Health determine the images is old pictures of cases? Maybe can elaborate more or show proof of it so that ppl are more convinced, especially to our skeptical frens. Thx.

  4. Who Is trying to kill ya all or Destroy our lives We Need our Own Control to what crap 💩 goes into our Bodys We Stand together or fail

  5. Time The whole world took over our own life’s send the ones who want to Destroy our children our hearts 💕 our Generation we have the power together We are the one we are the LEADERS

  6. I agree with 99% of what this statement says; my 1% is that true quarantines isolate INFECTED people, not people who are not sick. That was and is still a method for the non-medical tyrants to rob the American people of their jobs, businesses, (income) and freedoms, because what they really want is god-like power over life and death, which goes far beyond $$$.
    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness must be restored by standing up to evil. This is a spiritual war; may we have the courage and strength to wage it.

  7. Mon. Corps m’appartient
    Et ils ne cherchent qu’à justifier les vaccins expérimentaux et les violations des droits de l’homme déjà effectués

  8. I strongly oppose experiencing on our children under 18 years of age. It is morally & ethically wrong. The risks on young people are too high as we are slowly discovering.