I am Dr Tess Lawrie, a medical doctor and researcher, former consultant to the World Health Organisation, and co-founder of the World Council for Health.

Why should you support the World Council for Health? 

Because, if you don’t like what‘s happened these past 3 years, there’s a better way.  

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The World Council for Health is a people-powered and people-funded initiative with more than 180 partner organisations in 46 countries. What unites us is an exciting vision to inspire and empower countries, communities and people on matters of health, freedom and sovereignty. It’s called A Better Way. 

Our Better Way is guided by the 7 principles of the Better Way Charter that involves acting in honour and doing no harm, being free beings with free will, embracing that we are part of Nature and spiritual, and that we thrive when life has meaning and a higher purpose, we thrive together, value different perspectives, and use technology with discernment. 

At World Council for Health we do not tolerate the violation of inalienable rights, and profit, power and influence coming before the wellbeing of people and the planet.

Wonderfully, as human beings, we all have the power of choice. And there’s no better time than now to choose love over fear, to choose a Better Way over the alternative. So please do support and donate to the World Council for Health and co-create this Better World with us. The World Council for Health is your council for health. Thank you!

The video above is also available with subtitles in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and traditional Chinese.


We are a people-powered platform for world health representing 190+ coalition partners in more than 49 countries.

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  1. I have not trusted the WHO or most UN Bodies for many years, The executives are paid fabulous salaries and they pay a pittance to their local employees.

    I do not believe Covid virus came from a natural evolutionary process.

    Things must change NOW!

    Unfortunately as a senior citizen I cannot support you financially at this time.

  2. wishing I could help you…but I am in a real bad spot now…until I sold my home, I really cannot help anybody…but thanks a million to all of you my new heroes who are doing so much for humanity, some of you at incredible cost..you are incredible human beings with integrity, ethics values and morals…something fast disappearing from this sad world…

  3. Please swap the word “Inalienable” for “ Unalienable” as Unalienable comes from God and are our God-given rights at our birth., and all of our lifetime.
    Inalienable are man’s rules and are interchangeable and mostly not in keeping with God’s Laws !

    Richard Neville, of the family Leschen. Student of Common Law.

    1. It’s interesting how we consider language interchangeable yet to do so is to leave ourselves like an “open goal”. Thank you for your reminder to be mindful and communicate carefully

  4. I am already subscribed and have attended several of your meetings. Grateful for your existence, I can unfortunately NOT support you financially at this moment but hope to be able to do so in the near future

  5. Thank you for all you have done and are doing. I have followed you since the beginning, yes over 3 years now. I just hope things will come to a head this year. Sadly it is still hard to convice people that there is a problem. Most people either refuse to believe this could happen in the 21st cent. or are frightened silly and refuse to think for themselves.
    It is sad to see the change that has and is happening in Medicine and the tight grip that Big pharma has on the Medical franternity .
    Thank you again.

  6. I am so grateful for the research, results and libertating truth the WCH are making known to public in order to help us make informed choices!!

  7. I love what you’re doing and have been supporting you from the beginning and hope and pray you’ll soon have supporting organisations in all 195 countries in the world.
    Maybe WE (YES i SAID WE AS A SUPPORTER) could send out Ambassador teams to help start-up supporting organizations in the 149 countries that are not yet represented in the WCH.

  8. Thank you for taking this initiative to a higher awareness. Medical Freedom should be respected and free to exercise. May the Creator bless all the members here for the time, effort and sacrifices made… 🙏🙏

  9. Can we align all naturopaths, herbalists and all natural healers and products manufacturers to fund this World Council for Health. We need the heavy financial backing to make a dent in the Big Pharma criminals.

  10. Greetings,
    In a few days time all countries will choose whether or not to sign the new W.H.O Treatise documents,which if I’ve heard right any country choosing to leave after signing cannot do so for two years(contract binding),what will you as your group be doing after the signing seeing that all sovereignty under health treatments for Pandemics will be signed over to the W.H.O as I understand.I’m from the U.K and I’ve been against the lock downs and forced jabs from the beginning,the RMNA vaccines have not passed the animal trials and big Pharma has lied just like the governments,now we have damaged and dead children and adults.What if my country signs up to it,what powers of help can you offer a country which is signed to the W.H.O. if they mandate this or that for us,science isn’t science now…..
    Thank you for your efforts,I pray with all my might for your success and that W.H.O should only have an advisory status to countries around the world,as I once heard from a video which makes sense was if we all do the same thing by their guidance and get it wrong the worse outcome is the end of humanity.
    I’ve signed a petition against joining the W.H.O,but will it do anything
    Kind regards,
    Shane Williams

    1. I have come to the conclusion, given the relentless policy inactments.
      Ukraine,Covid,Lockdowns,Jabs,Digital Passports,CBDC,s, and the insane green policys.

      They are all related to one another, the only motive I can think of other then money, is this
      2030 agenda, and the powerfull social control they will need, in order to impliment it.

      This is a far bigger picture, that I ever comprehended, that is not just about a bad pandemic responce…….

  11. Hi Dr. Lawrie,

    Thank you for contacting me. Unfortunately I’m not in a position at present to provide a donation as I am a pensioner on a fixed income. You can be assured that I will support your organisation in any way I can because like many others I am appalled and very angry at the tyranny. lies, and deceit we are being subjected to. I used to follow and watch Dr. Claire Craig whenever she appeared on TalkTV and GBNews and back then, you can’t imagine what a relief it was to hear someone of her credentials and background talking such patent logic and common sense…and this from a woman who freely admitted to being almost hysterical about it back in March 2020 (she has four kids!). I was sceptical from the word go, but went along with it for a month no more.

    My only hope now is that with the likes of Mark Steyn, Neil Oliver and the M.P. Andrew Bridgen we can finally bring the whole house of cards crashing down, well at least our Government if not the WHO, WEF, and the UN. We live in hope. Thank you and I wish you success.

    Graeme Samuel

  12. Absolutely wonderful work! Organisations like yours are so needed to hold strength and truth against the corruption that has been coming at us in the so called world of ‘health’. Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙂

  13. Really appreciate all you are doing at World Council for Health, im involved with PHA another great International Organisation, ANH
    International, Together, and various other projects doing great things, together we are strong and we can effect positive changes
    Thank you

  14. The WCFH provides the truth for health that all need to be aware of.
    Inspiring and leading the way to get the truth out to the general public which is being suppressed in the MSM, by Politicians and the Medical Profession.

  15. Contact me
    I have an ongoing Community Dinner talk weekly, two online zoom groups and in person.
    One is Clinical Nutrition and the other Natural Laws of Life.

    I believe we can align in our efforts

    Craig Lane
    Health Allemy

  16. Thank you Tess for all you do. I am originally from SA like you. I thought I was going to a free country till covid hit. Then we had Trudeau forcing the shots in us. So many health care workers lost their jobs. We are fighting hard. They are trying to pass a bill 36. If any drs speak against the jab they will be imprisoned for 6 months or $200,000 fine. It’s ludicrous!
    Thank you

  17. I’ve appreciated the way you speak to truth since I first heard you speak. Thanks for your courage. My confidence is in God. He’s our only remaining hope. A great hope.

  18. I receive the newsletter and while I read and listen to those items of greatest interest to me, I have not yet made a commitment to support monetarily. I am so disgusted with the lack of mainstream media investigative journalism and continued misinformation from local (British Columbia) and Canadian national health ministries, that I fear that your efforts will never break through and gain acceptance from those who tax and spend our tax dollars.

    However I promise to think about it over the next few months and make a decision. If you don’t mind my asking, is there a budget so that I might know where the funding goes and how it will get us out of this mess?
    Thank you and best of luck with your continued efforts,

  19. My sister ex husband is taking her to court to get her children vaccinated.
    He is saying the experts say that’s the right thing to do. Mainly so can get married overseas.
    She is a single mum working and bringing her children up. She has already received letters from his solicitor. What should she do.

  20. There are many, many groups throughout the world which believe as WHO does. The problem that has not yet been solved is getting these groups to speak and act as one along with you. How do you connect these groups to fight WEF? WEF seems able to act collectively across the world while we are still fragmented.

    Thank you for all that you.

    Do no harm…go in a good way always.

  21. I follow you since the beginings and also I belong to the main group of the mexican virologist Dr. Karina Acevedo Whotehouse. Both of you are doing such a great job!! Thanks!!!

  22. Thanks for your great work, want to donate to the better way movement, but ideally using cash so banks are not aware of what’s occurring, having seen what happened to the Canadian trucker convoy bank accounts, I think the less banks and electronic systems know, the better.
    Any thoughts?

  23. Wonderful
    I hope you can stay on track with the purity of your message
    We are free and sovereign as Mother Earth herself with the same inner power of creation

  24. I am very interested in The World Council for Health and know there is a better way. I thank you for your work but wonder where financial contribution will lead. I subscribe to The Ivermectin Buyers Club and pay £10 a month but, disappointingly, get no feedback as to progress or lack of it. 😕

  25. Shouldn’t the new ‘real’ health initiative be about maintaining health and fostering a belief system that trusts the body’s innate ability to maintain health (homeostasis) and moving away from the current system which only exists to promote, function and profit from ‘ill’ health (dis-ease)?!

    Arguing about what the existing system could do better, is effectively trusting it to make a fundamental change in purpose which as we all know won’t happen because there is no money to be made from healthy people?!

    PS There never has been a scientifically provable pathogenic virus, nor has a virus even been isolated, so arguing about what the best ‘drug’ to cure something that hasn’t been proven to exist is just a case of not letting go of a system that has failed millions of people for over a century! ❤️

  26. This is how we move forward and create a world that will regenerate the human spirit.
    The answer is not fights, fear and hate it is through love and creation.

  27. Is it possible for the Council for Health to set up a new regulatory body able to approve the manufacture or importation of drugs like Ivermectin for prescription by it own member Drs for our community?

  28. FYI….I am a senior citizen with core mobilities. Thanks to Dr. Chris Martinsen, Dr. Bean, Dr. Lawrie and the WCH I continue to be Covid 19 free. I began taking Ivermectin in early 2020. I think all of my grandchildren, (six), my two adult children and many other people including a roommate have gotten C19. I can give nightmare stories of people, including my daughter, that have been negatively effected by the vaccines. My daughter had to get them in order for her to keep her government job. Within five days after the second dose, she had an emergency appendectomy. That was September 2021. She continues to suffer and now, is on disability. Now here is my problem. Although I am proof that Ivermectin works, I still cannot convince everyone to take it. I would sure like to read some articles of persons that are experiencing the same issue, which I believe stems from false media coverage. Thank you all for your continued fight against the bullshit. (Apologies for the swear….no other word fits as well as it does) Cheers