Around the world, a small contingent of lawmakers and politicians are risking their careers in going against the grain and highlighting the evidence showing that the Covid-19 vaccines are neither safe, nor effective, and in fact are causing devastating injuries to men, women, and children worldwide. One of these is British lawmaker Andrew Bridgen.

On December 13, Bridgen led a debate in the UK House of Commons regarding the dangers of the Covid-19 vaccination programme. The Chamber was nearly empty for the 20 minutes during which he spoke. 

Within days, Bridgen was attacked by the media for a trip he took to Ghana in 2019 that reportedly “breached the rule against paid advocacy.”

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Bridgen is again in the news this week following a post to Twitter in which he mentioned the “crime” of the Covid-19 injection programme relative to the Holocaust. 


The now-removed tweet sparked near-instant outrage. Conservative Party Chief Whip Simon Hart said Bridgen “crossed a line” and cause “great offense.” Hard went on to say that he would be “removing the whip from Andrew Bridgen with immediate effect.” PM Rishi Sunak later suggested that making linkages with the Holocaust is anti-Semitism. 

In a response published on YouTube, Bridgen explained that the January 11 tweet “was in no way anti-Semitic,” going on to say he “wholeheartedly refutes any suggestions that I am racist and currently I’m speaking to a legal team who will commence action against those who have led the calls suggesting that I am.” He also stated, “the Israeli doctor I quoted in my tweet has stated that there was nothing at all anti-Semitic about the statement.” 

In focusing all attention on Bridgen’s tweet, politicians may be hoping that people forget Bridgen’s key message: that there is clear evidence the Covid-19 injections are injuring people and they must be withdrawn. Given the reams of evidence to support this claim, his message—and that of other politicians like him—is becoming harder to ignore.

The World Council for Health stands with Andrew Bridgen and all ethical political leaders around the world that are standing up and speaking truth to power in the face of opposition and personal and professional risk.

Going against the grain is no easy task but the World Council for Health and millions of people worldwide are ready and waiting to support you. We are thankful for brave warriors such as

  • MEP Christine Anderson (Germany)
  • U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (USA) has been consistently outspoken and has hosted roundtables in Washington, DC
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (USA) is taking legal action against the manufactures on behalf of Florida
  • U.S. Senator Rand Paul (USA)
  • Sir Jeremy Wright (UK) has given evidence in House of Commons about vaccine injured
  • Members of the vaccine damages APPG including Sir Jeremy Wright, Sir Desmond Swayne, Danny Kruger, Sir Christopher Chope, and Andrew Bridgen (UK)
  • Senators Malcom Roberts and Gerard Rennick (Australia)
  • Former Cabinet Office Minister and Party Leader Maxime Bernier (Canada)
  • Shane Getson MLA has spoke out about his own vaccine injury (Canada)
  • Paul Frew (Ireland) has spoken out about vaccines injuries
  • And so many others around the world

We are a people-powered platform for world health representing 190+ coalition partners in more than 49 countries.

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  1. Thank you for all you are doing. A special thanks to all the medical doctors who have lost thier license to practice simply by speaking the truth.

  2. Perhaps critics of Andrew Bridgen MP would listen to an actual Holocaust survivor, now 86, Vera Sharav, speaking at the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Code, whose speech can be watched (with transcript) here:

    ” This time, instead of Zyklon B gas, the weapons of mass destruction are genetically engineered injectable bioweapons masquerading as vaccines. ”

    Vera’s words, not mine, nor Andrew Bridgen’s, nor the source he quoted.

  3. Free speech has gone. We are governed by an authoritarian, undemocratic, anti- democratic Regime. Very much like the EU loving Conservative and Labour Parties.

  4. The system won’t allow me to join. The message is that this is a spam site … ?? There seems to be some form of censorship active here.

  5. Thank you all of the above very very brave people. It breaks my heart when these courageous souls speak out and get lambasted just for speaking the truth. But they have all kept me sane and their courage inspires me and a lot of others to keep going. Aseem Malhotra made a great remark the other day. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you THEN YOU WIN!!!

  6. My father is now on clot buster treatment for blood clots in both lungs. His GP refuses to report issues with all 3 adverse effects that appeared within weeks of the AstraZeneca X 2 jabs & the Pfizer one. The latter gave clear signals of blood clots in his calf. Eventually we rushed him 30 miles into our closest A&E where after a long wait he was scanned & diagnosed with clots in the lungs. I have checked to see all three of his batches have shown up to see that they are bad ones. I have reported known issues in other friends of mine and local sudden deaths becoming more obvious yet our MP David Davies continues to fail to investigate for himself that there is an safety issue with these jabs. MP Andrew Bridges is amongst such a small number of politicians prepared to try to do the right thing & I respect him for that. How do those silenced by fear of losing their jobs remain content of what is going on & how do they sleep at night & smile their way seemingly happy with what our government is doing to us all?
    Yours, Belinda

  7. Thank you for showing your support to our brave MP, Andrew Bridgen, he is a true warrior and deserves all our support.

  8. I feel helpless. I nursed through a true pandemic in 1968/9 so knew the covid 19 fear mongering was contrived from the very beginning My warnings were dismissed even within my own family. Sadly no one is backtracking from this entrenched propaganda views. We all now depend on members of the world council for health to save our sanity and humanity

  9. Andrew Bridgen is the one MP that we can trust. The people “out to get him” have racked up every conceivable excuse against him and slandered him even though he has put everything through the right channels. They just want to use any means possible to keep him quiet because, they know, he speaks the truth! Andrew Bridgen is doing exactly what all other MPs should be doing for their constituents! He is speaking for we, the people, about the deaths and injuries the public is suffering whilst the Government controls all media outlets from mentioning it! They slur and state untrue facts to discredit people, it is wrong.

  10. The Truth will prevail, in spite of the darkness that often seems to cloak & obscure it. But dawn always follows night, & right always follows wrong…… Andrew Bridgen & all those brave souls who question this orchestrated madness will be supported in all their endeavours until the whole world is enlightened…….

  11. I am so grateful for the courage of this UK parliament member for speaking Truth to power–making it very clear through data gathered across the world that responsible governments should stop these mRNA injection due to the great rate of death and injury caused by these shots. I am also grateful for the clarifying questions asked by Andrew Bridgen’s fellow parliamentarians. They also are aware of grave problems with the Pfizer drug and all of the mRNA COVID shots. How dare the law makers of Britain and the United States allow this grave risk to be employed on our babies and young people???

  12. Well done Andrew… although the ‘holocaust’ is the biggest fraud of the 20th century, as Covid-19 is the highest fraud of the 21st century.
    It’s planners and engineers are the same, the nature if the game us the same and it uses the same type of censorship to silence anyone going against the official narrative.
    No, I’m not referring to Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, the WEF people, WHO people or others alike – these are only [replaceable] proxy useful idiots.
    I’m talking about those who own all ‘central’ and the 3 international banks

  13. Thank you for your research and dedication to help get the complete and utter truth out worldwide. THANK YOU

  14. Thank you thank you brave warriors for persevering to get the truth out about what has and is happening around the world. We are so grateful for everything you do to help bring the truth out in the open

  15. I do not live in England, but would like to suggest maybe the WCH could formulate a letter to the Conservative Party’s whip letting him know that we are watching and are disgusted by his censorship of one of their own!!! Then, we members can all sign. What do you think?

  16. As a fighter against the genocide being committed globally with these GMO bio weapon injections I am appalled yet not surprised in the least and the condemnation and vilification of Andrew Bridgen a knowledgable and in my opinion highly principled member of the UK Parliament which is sadly lacking in vast numbers of MP’s who tow the line of “safe and effective “ when so many of their constituents have either died or been affected by adverse events ( so many seriously ) the statistics are overwhelming if you only care to take one look at the Office of National Statistics own figures of harm and death being done to tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands on injuries. Not to mention the excess deaths which 2 weeks ago was 1,646 poor souls. For a teller of the truth to be hounded like this speaks volumes about the control the big Pharma conglomerates have over this government but also the world. I fully support Andrew Bridgen and more power to him and we WILL win this fight to expose the truth. And bring on Nuremberg 2 when these criminals can be put in the dock for the heinous crimes that they are committing especially against children that I find utterly reprehensible Howard Clayton

  17. We need thousands more persons with the courage this MP has displayed in the middle of the global deadening silence. As Dr. Alexander recently wrote in his substack: “It’s the vaccine” “(stupid)”.

    “If I cannot ask these questions as a conservative member of Parliment, so be it.”

    This is the MP’s “Here I stand, I can do no other.” moment. He is applauded from this side of the big pond.