Hello, my name is Dr Tess Lawrie, I am Christof Plothe, Hello I’m Dr Mark Trozzi, I’m Shabnam Palesa Mohammed.

Together, we serve on the Steering Committee for World Council for Health. The Steering Committee is responsible for holding and refining the vision of the World Council for Health, and for ensuring we maintain good governance. We take our role very seriously and consider it a great privilege to do this work.

World Council for Health was launched in September 2021 in response to a clear need for independent public health guidance, and sense-making regarding the official narrative on Covid-19.

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Millions of people around the world have used and benefitted from our practical guides, such as the at-home Covid Treatment Guide which alone has been viewed and downloaded over a million times, and the Spike Protein Detox Guide, which are informed by experts drawn from our coalition partners.

In June, we published the WCH Pharmacovigilance Report confirming there is sufficient evidence for the recall of all Covid “vaccines”, we’ve run weekly General Assembly meetings open to all, launched our first Better Way conference in Bath, UK, and run high-profile campaigns including StopTheWho and Cease and Desist the Covid-19 vaccines. We are currently testing our new free public platform, Source, with a ‘Thrive guide’ to get prepared for the potentially challenging times ahead. All this in just one year!

We would like to thank the many people around the world who have supported us in so many ways during this time. It would not have been possible without you – WCH is truly a team effort without boundaries.

As we move into our second year, we have been in a process of reviewing structure and strategy to ensure that World Council for Health remains true to its mission and values, and also resilient. In recent weeks, this has been the main subject of discussion within the Steering Committee, and as one might expect, there has been different perspectives as to how best to proceed.

In this instance, the differences have been such that four of our fellow Steering Committee members have chosen to step down. We would like to thank Dr Jennifer Hibberd, Dr Kat Lindley, Dr Maria Hubmer-Mogg, and Professor Robyn Cosford for their commitment to World Council for Health during its first year. We wish Jennifer, Kat, Maria, and Robyn well as they each continue their work in the health freedom movement.

We appreciate that change like this can be unsettling, but change is an opportunity to learn, adjust and refine. Let’s remember that we are all united in our vision for a healthy, happy, liberated world – and while we may hold different views as to how that vision is realised, what matters most is that we recognise our shared intentions, our mutual good hearts, and remain focused on our common goal, to empower health, true freedom and sovereignty.

World Council for Health has been co-created by and for people around the world and belongs to the people. During this time of great upheaval and opportunity, as your World Council for Health Steering Committee, we wish to reiterate our deep and shared commitment to serving you with integrity, honesty, and heart.

In the context of  the great success and accomplishments of the WCH in our first year, we are working to reinforce our organizational structure to ensure that it aligns with the 7 principles of the better way and supports the expanding needs of the people we serve. We continue fully committed, transparent and on mission, and are look forward to sharing our plans with you soon. 

We are excited for what comes next, and we hope that you are too, as we grow and learn how to navigate life’s challenges together with courage, love, and trust.

We are a people-powered platform for world health representing 190+ coalition partners in more than 49 countries.

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  1. I am very grateful that you are all doing what you do ❤️

    A less script read presentation may go down better – how do you all really feel? of course you can still edit and choose what is to be shown!

    Keep up the great work 👍

  2. I appreciate you commitment to upholding your mission and values. These are often compromised by seeking funding from unscrupulous sources. I also appreciate your commitment to resilience, which is very important in these uncertain times. However it is very saddening to hear that members that have contributed to this combined effort are now leaving. Every individual has unique talents to contribute.

    I would like to add that the entities and individuals responsible for many of the crises we are facing today have used money to divide and conquer the people, long before the Covid-19 “pandemic”. This applies especially to those parts of the population that have and continue to suffer from the impacts of colonialism – especially in Africa, in Asia, in Latin America. I very much appreciate the fact that people from these parts of the world, along with their unique perspectives, are involved in the process of creating new health care systems for the future.

    The enormous volume of resources on the web site – treatment guides, videos, campaigns, and the like make the World Council for Health a most valuable resource. I wish you success in these and planned new endeavors in the upcoming year and beyond.

  3. So pleased to be part of this and – Christoph, we were at osteopathic college together for one year, I’m so glad to see you in this role, please let me know if there’s anything I can do.

  4. Hi Thank you for your brave effort.
    .As an unvaccinated male of 63yr of age currently unemployed and living off a meagre pension, it is my concern that our government in South Africa has made a commitment to Bill Gates,the main “peanut” who uses his GAVI to depopulate the world, to follow his instructions to the letter. Tragically , our president is compromised and face in near future criminal charges relating to corruption. I will forward your link to his presidency and personal email. I trust that they will read and take bold steps to move away from WHO.