The WHO is discussing regulations directly affecting national and individual sovereignty behind closed doors. Tell your politicians to demand transparency and #StopTheWHO!

The World Health Organization (WHO) is an unelected, majority private-funded body seeking powers that would override national constitutions and violate fundamental human rights. It is doing this via a proposed Pandemic Agreement and via changes to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

On 24-28 October 2022, the WHO’s IHR Review Committee conducted meetings behind closed doors regarding proposed amendments. 

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So far, 14 member nations have submitted proposed changes, yet none of them have been made public nor is it known who the delegates are that are making these proposals. Previously, the United States’ own proposals included giving unilateral control over the declaration of a public health emergency in any member state to the WHO Director-General – even over the objection of the member state. Following a public awareness campaign, all but one of the U.S. proposals were subsequently withdrawn. It is not known whether these new proposals from other nations align with those originally tabled by the United States, but the people of the world have a right to know. 

The World Council for Health (WCH) demands transparency in these dealings. The WHO’s performance during the pandemic has demonstrated both its subservience to corporate interests and its globalist ambition to centralise control at the expense of national and individual freedoms. This latest attempt to pursue its power grab in secret with unelected delegates demonstrates its disregard for the wishes and well-being of the people. It must be stopped. 

How you can take action

  1. Contact your politicians and inform them of the WHO’s secret meetings. Ask them to take action on behalf of their constituents, and demand:
    • Full disclosure of the proposed amendments to the IHR submitted from the 14 member nations
    • A full report of the last IHR meeting on 24-28 October, to be made public
    • That the upcoming meeting of the Working Group for amendments on 14-15 November be aired live to the public
    • Full disclosure of submissions from member nations regarding the proposed agreement commonly referred to as the ‘Pandemic Treaty’
    • Open and formal discussions with your country representatives to the WHO about their position, engagement, and public responsibility with regard to the IHR and ‘Pandemic Treaty’ developments
  2. Email the WHO directly with the above requests, at
  3. Share this information widely with your contacts and networks and invite people to take action. 

For more information on this matter and for a sample email, please visit James Roguski’s website

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  1. And so the ushering in of the end times begins. If people read their Bibles, they would know and understand what is happening behind those closed doors. We have been warning about the outcomes for a long time and were barred from most media platforms for “fake news ” and conspiracy theories and incitement because everyone thought if they ignored what was happening in the world, it would go away. This is where the control of your freedom of movement and freedom of association starts becoming tightly monitored and controlled. Next step is the control of your finances. Again in the Word you were warned. Your buying and selling will be controlled by them. And then they begin imprisoning the Christians as radical extremist and putting them into “re- education camps ” where torture and anything goes until you denounce your faith and join there way of thinking for the so- called common good of society. But of course people will ignore this again as conspiracy theories. It’s going to happen whether you believe it or not. The Bible has proven to be true over and over again and all I have mentioned here, the short summary of these events is left for you in Matthew 24, Luke 21 and the book of Revelation in the Bible. Our politicians have already agreed to these fundamental changes because the ” love of money is the root of all evil” as Paul the Apostle rightly warned. They sold their souls to the devil for “thirty pieces of silver “.

  2. I do not want WHO or WEF involved at all in our lives. I do not believe in them. I do not believe in their motives. I do not trust them. And I definitely do not want Soros, Gates , any of these eugenic funding creeps near me! Dismantle WHO and WEF and jail Gates, Schwab and Soros. There, world problems solved!

  3. Thank you so much to the World Council for Health for helping to raise awareness about the World Health Organization’s lack of transparency.

  4. I am troubled that the medical fraternity can capture the world with the advantage of our ignorance on the part of viruses and transmissions. I so wish that information can be made public about some unknowns. The WHO is now on Control and has removed the sovereignty of every nation.

  5. I say NO. Let’s stop the WHO. Always a hidden agenda and absolutely no transparency. Totally corrupt along with the world leaders.