Idaho pathologist Dr Ryan Cole, MD, who has been licensed in the state of Washington since 2007, is under fire from the Medical Commission in Washington state. Dr Cole has until January 30 to respond to the accusation that he violated state standards regarding Covid-19 and patient care by making “numerous false and misleading statements”, prescribing ivermectin, and more.

Washington’s state medical board initially opened the investigation in 2021. In the statement of charges, Dr Ryan Cole has been accused of making statements that “were harmful and dangerous to individual patients, generated mistrust in the medical profession and in public health, and had a widespread negative impact on the health and well-being of our communities.” 

In a 40-page written response submitted last year, Dr Cole explained, “This has been purely Good Samaritan care for patients desperate for help that was not being offered elsewhere,” adding, “… I provided free medical care out of a real attempt to help those in need.”

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Values listed on the Washington Medical Commission website highlight that the commission relies on “evidence-based data” and “health-based outcomes” and strives for “innovation.” Their actions when it comes to Dr Cole speak otherwise. 

The Idaho Board of Medicine chose not to open an investigation into Dr Ryan Cole. 

At a time when innovation and out-of-the-box thinking should be paramount, Dr Cole and many others are being criticized and punished for not towing the mainstream narrative. There is more than enough “evidence-based data” showing that innovation and creativity saved lives while the one-size-fits-all approach that medical boards the world over relied on was and continues to be harmful, if not deadly. 

The World Council for Health (WCH) stands with Dr Ryan Cole and all doctors facing attacks and disciplinary action for speaking out and daring to do their jobs. TrialSite News is now warning of an expected “crackdown on what is considered anti-vaccination or ‘anti-vax’ forces manifesting in myriad forms, from criminal prosecutions at all levels to intensified canceling as well as a range of other tactics and methods.”

Additionally, the World Health Organization (WHO)—an unelected, majority private-funded body—is seeking to curb public awareness further by proposing an extension of its powers that includes censorship of what it deems misinformation. The organization views opposition to the Covid-19 injections—what they call “anti-vaccine activism”—as a “major killing force globally” more dangerous than “gun violence, global terrorism, nuclear proliferation, or cyberattacks.”

It is becoming increasingly important that people and communities explore alternatives to the current archaic systems that seek to force pharmaceutical drug use, silence doctors who don’t agree, and limit our individual freedoms and choices. We must also speak up and show our support for doctors facing unfounded attacks—see our previous statements in support of Dr Jackie Stone, Dr Peter McCullough, and Drs Pierre Kory and Paul Marik—and celebrate the successes.

We are a people-powered platform for world health representing 190+ coalition partners in more than 49 countries.

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  1. I was trained in my medical school to be a critical thinker. That means actually looking at studies and data, then analyzing them critically and coming to my own conclusions as to the best treatment appropriate for my patient. I was not taught to be like a well trained dog…simply doing what my master tells me without thought.

    It seems that medicine these days is degenerating into a cook book mentality. The corporations and entities that control physician payment decide the treatment protocol and the “physicians ” are expected to follow a one size fits all prescription without questioning or critical thinking allowed. You don’t need “physicians ” to practice this type of medicine.

    As far as Covid is concerned this one size fits all mentality seems to have been promulgated on the medical community. The WHO, CDC and FDA have uttered proclamations and mandates that are expected to be followed without any opportunity for debate or critical thinking. In fact it seems that anybody presenting evidence to the contrary is threatened with loss of license for expressing a dissenting voice and accused of spreading “misinformation “. Since when is medical science advanced in this manner? “Misinformation” is a political word, not a medical term. This is reminiscent of the Chinese system of government…whatever the CCP utters is truth with no room for debate or scientific examination.

    It appears that totalitarian control is the goal of this sudden radical change in medicine because from a scientific point of view it makes no sense whatsoever.

    Take for example the recent proclamations that the Covid vaccine is “SAFE and EFFECTIVE”.
    The critic thinkers ( like Dr. Ryan Cole et al) who question this statement are now being proven correct that the Covid vaccines are certainly not “safe and effective”. And medical boards want to threaten physicians who doubt the veracity of the official position. The recent court mandated release of Pfizer study documents are providing overwhelming evidence in opposition to the “safe and effective ” propaganda mantra. The CDC itself has even admitted they were wrong. Look who is being proven to be the real spreaders of “misinformation”!

    Can you answer the following question: why did Pfizer want to hide their own vaccine trial data for 75 years?

    Truth has nothing to fear from criticism, critique or challenge…in fact it invites it!

    Only lies need to be protected by the use of threats, intimidation, censoring and fear tactics.

    1. Soy un simple ciudadano Chileno, que decidí no recibir las vacunas, por lo mismo que ustedes decidieron, eran experimentales, y nosotros éramos parte de ese experimento.
      Debido a que mi esposa tuvo un cáncer de mamario hace algunos años atrás y yo tengo una hipertensión controlada, decidimos con mi esposa esperar y ver en el tiempo si estas “vacunas” realmente eran efectivas. Demás está decir que hemos visto en nuestro entorno efectos adversos por las vacunas, devastadores, cánceres que se reactivaron estando bajo control, problemas de hipertensión, no habiéndola tenido anteriormente, problemas de hemorragias, accidentes cardio vascular, quedando un conocido con un parálisis y con ceguera, problemas hormonales, etc…, Y es solamente lo que a mí y a mi esposa nos ha tocado ver.
      En diciembre de 2021 nos dió a mi y a mi esposa covid19( el Delta)
      Pero lo pasamos sin problemas
      Tomamos ibuprofeno y un antigripal y bastó para pasarlo sin mayores problemas.
      Hasta la fecha hemos estado bien, no tenemos miedo, pese a la retórica de que podríamos volver a enfermarnos, pero estamos seguros que ya tenemos inmunidad por haber contraído el virus.
      Muchas gracias
      Pues ustedes nos han dado la calma para enfrentar estos últimos años. Para la gran mayoría ha sido una tormenta, pero que bueno que para nosotros solamente esta( peste), sea un brisa.
      Muchas pero muchas gracia por todo.

  2. I have been a keen observer of Dr Ryan Cole and was one of first doctors I noticed talking common sense and a straight forward approach which took no prisoners, I support WCH and Dr Ryan Cole for telling the truth in the Convid scam. Thank you from humanity and we support you