After three years of campaigning by the World Council for Health (WCH) and our partners around the world, several countries have recently issued rejection letters or indicated reservations in response to the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulation (IHR) amendments that were adopted in May of last year. The deadline to serve the WHO with notice is 30 November 2023. 

Other additional countries have publicly announced an intention to reject the potentially legalised violations of national sovereignty, while still more countries continue to mobilise to protect personal health, freedom and national sovereignty. 

While many amendments to the IHR are facing public scrutiny, the most concerning amendment is one that would reduce the number of months countries have to reject IHR amendments from 18 months to 10 months. This change would make the democratic public participation process even more difficult.

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Summary of Country Positions

  • Eleven Members of Parliament in Estonia issued a letter rejecting IHR amendments and the proposed pandemic treaty.
  • New Zealand’s new coalition government will reserve against proposed amendments to IHR.
  • Slovakia’s prime minister announced the government will not support strengthening the WHO.
  • A comprehensive bill by a congressman is gaining traction and public support in the Philippines.
  • Two South African parliamentarians champion the WHO Withdrawal Bill and mobilise on it.
  • A Parliamentarian in the Netherlands filed a letter making a reservation due to lack of due process.
  • Eleven European Union parliamentarians are formally challenging procedural failures in IHR amendments.
  • Bill HR 79 (to defund and exit WHO) was introduced by United States Congressman Andy Biggs.
  • Parliamentarians continue advocating to reject IHR amendments and question the WHO in Japan.
  • A letter from the Australian people communicates rejection of the WHO’s proposed amendments to the IHR.

WCH Country Councils Take a Stand

The World Council for Health’s twenty-six decentralized Country Councils continue to mobilise against the IHR amendments and the proposed new pandemic treaty. They are also working to withdraw from the WHO and instead work directly with each other for a healthier, more peaceful and self-sufficient world. As a result, these sovereign countries will no longer be influenced by the unelected and undemocratic WHO, keeping them safe from ineffective, harmful and costly lockdowns, and free from ties to Big Pharma and other profiteers. 

To understand how conflicts of interest affect the WHO’s ability to make decisions, please see the documentary, Trust WHO.

Call to Action

If your organization or country’s leaders would like to engage WCH on why states worldwide should reject the upcoming 2024 amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the proposed Pandemic Accord please contact There is a better way for a better world.


  1. WCH Policy Brief: Rejecting Monopoly Power over Global Public Health
  2. WHO Withdrawal Bill from South Africa. Please share, adapt, and adopt
  3. Cease and Desist Notice from WCH Law and Activism Committee (2021)
  4. WCH Pharmacovigilance Report on C19 Vaccines, is used in court (2022)
  5. The Great FreeSet campaign (World Council for Health and Children’s Health Defense)

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  1. No organization shoud have any power to dictate to sovereign countries their health policies, Individuals have the right to decide and be in control of their own bodies and what they put in their bodies.

  2. No company should dictate to their employees about their personal health, they should be able to make their own choices.

    As for myself, my body my own choice.

  3. Reject the WHO.
    This is all part of a depopulation exercise by the global elite,
    a.k.a. kingdom of Lucifer.
    It is clearly stated in the first commandment on the Georgia Guidestones.
    Google it.

  4. Een organisatie zoveel macht geven is gevaarlijk. De individuele politiek en besluiten van een land kunnen daarmee worden afgepakt en de grondwet kan daarmee worden omzeilt. Dit mag en kan niet gebeuren en moet worden gestopt.

  5. בישראל האזרחים לא היו מודעים לאמנה המעבירה את ריבונות המדינה לידי ארגון הבריאות העולמי העויין את ישראל, כי התקשורת המשרתת את הממשלה והעומד בראשה, מילאה פיה במים. גם חברי הפרלמנט שתקו ולא דיברו, למעט 3 מקרב 120 – כך שלמעשה, העם לא שותף ולא מודע לאמנה ולפיכך לא מחוייב לתרמית שביצעה הממשלה באזרחיה

  6. This needs to happen in Canada. We want no part of the WHO WEF or UN.
    They are all bad news bears who have told us they want to control every aspect of our lives and transhumsnize us.
    I don’t think they are kidding here.

  7. Estonian brave politics did it! Our body, our choice, life is simple and beautiful. My health is great, zero mask and zero vaccine @ Estonian capital city of Tallinn and it stays like that.

    We do not need 5 or 15 minute cities, like they want, also Tallinn is in that list. This madness will end before 2030 or some people will go to AI and others back to ForEst, choice is yours.

    I know where i belong, Machines have no Soul, i return to ForEst, Thank you!

  8. Thank you for this critically important action in response to unconscionable and criminal corruption of healthcare. I am optimistic that a growing number of healthcare professionals will find the courage to join this effort. I hope we can ultimately defeat the evil that has infected big pharma, mainstream media, and governments.

  9. If countries reject the treaty does that mean the rest of the countries follow their wonderful rules or will it negate the whole thing? I think every country that signed up would have to all agree or no treaty???

  10. Thank you for all your good work trying to save us from the WHO and Corrupt WEF and NATO.
    No sovereign country needs this corrupt bunch making decisions for anything let alone our health. We as individuals can decide best over what we want to do with our own bodies and health concerns. We don’t need governments telling us either; they have not the ability nor the right and or knowledge to make these decisions for us. Leave that to the respected and knowledgable doctors and health care teams we trust.

  11. God bless you all for your courage and staunch against the WHO!!!
    Please add me to your newsletter mailing list.
    Thank you for all that you do to protect the world. ❤️

  12. Please continue to try and educate the populace as to what is going on as nobody seems to know about WHO trying to shut down the world at will.
    I just get blank stares and told how funny I am to have such ideas.
    How sad is that.

  13. Please keep up this fight against the IHR. Your work is real. My body IS my body. If it is owned my someone else, then I’ve lost everything. Thank you