The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is scheduled to meet this week on October 19-20. A Vaccines for Children (VFC) vote on adding the Covid-19 vaccines to the CDC Childhood Immunization Schedule is on the agenda. 

More than enough evidence exists showing that these injections are neither safe nor effective. Not only do they not belong on the routine childhood immunization schedule, they should not be given to children at all. Please see the WCH Pharmacovigilance Report for further details.

If these shots are successfully added to the childhood vaccine schedule in the US, Pfizer and Moderna will further escape product liability.

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The CDC is now accepting comments from the public on meeting agenda items. We encourage everyone to voice their opinion and to share data with the ACIP ahead of this important vote. 

Public comments are due by Thursday, October 20. Use this form to submit yours individually, as an organization, or anonymously. 

As of the writing of this statement, more than 350 comments have already been recorded and can be viewed here

In addition to submitting comments, ACIP committee members can be reached by phone.

  • Dr. Sarah Long – 215-427-5201
  • Dr. Grace Lee – 650-497-0618
  • Lynn Bahta (RN) – 651-201-5505
  • Dr. Beth Bell – 04-432-3059
  • Dr. Oliver Brooks – 323-564-4331
  • Dr. Wilbur Chen – 410-706-5328
  • Dr. Sybil Cineas – 401-444-4741
  • Dr. Helen Keipp Talbot – 615-322-2035
  • Dr. Matthew Daley – 303-393-6604
  • Dr. Camille Nelson Kotton – 617-726-3812
  • Dr. Jamie Loehr – 607-697-0360
  • Veronica V. McNally (attorney) – 517-432-6969
  • Dr. Katherine A. Poehling – 336-716-9661 extension: 62540
  • Dr. Pablo J. Sánchez – 614-722-4559
  • Dr. Nirav D. Shah – 312-952-6092

Below you will find examples of letters sent in the UK in an effort to inform elected officials of the reality of these injections. We invite you to use use language from these letters and the data in them to help inform your messages to the ACIP.

The following is a letter sent to the Secretary of State for Health & Social Care from the Children’s Covid Vaccine Advisory Council (CCVAC):

We, the undersigned health professionals and scientists, call upon you urgently to pause the covid19 vaccine rollout for healthy children, while a thorough and independent safety review is undertaken. We have between us written numerous letters to your predecessors, regarding both the safety and necessity of these mRNA products in children. We would urge you to consider very carefully the role of vaccination in ever younger and younger children against SARS-CoV-2, despite the gradual but significant reducing virulence of successive variants, the increasing evidence of rapidly waning vaccine efficacy, the increasing concerns over long-term vaccine harms, and the knowledge that the vast majority of this young age group have already been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 repeatedly and have demonstrably effective immunity. Thus, the balance of benefit and risk which supported the rollout of mRNA vaccines to the elderly and vulnerable in 2021, is totally inappropriate for children in 2022.

Below are links to all the letters we have written to the regulators over the past year. The detailed questions contained, have never been properly addressed. Legal challenges are also in progress.

  • 30th June 2022:
  • 14th February 2022:
  • 19th January 2022:
  • 7th January 2022: (reply to letter of 10-12-21)
  • 10th December 2021: re consent
  • 14th November 2021: re safety
  • 23rd August 2021: re safety
  • 6th June 2021: re safety
  • 17th May 2021: re safety
  • 17th May 2021: appendix to above letter

You may be aware that members of the Pandemic Response All Party Parliamentary Group have also written regarding increased all-cause mortality in 15-19-year-old males, again with no proper answer. The health of the nation’s children is of paramount concern and must surely be a high priority for an incoming Minister. We entreat you to apply the precautionary principle to the use of these products which still have no long-term safety data for children. Pausing the rollout would cost nothing.

The following is a letter sent to the Chief Executive of the UKHSA from HART (Health Advisory & Recovery Team):

We, the undersigned, are writing to express our deep concern at the guidance regarding further mRNA vaccination after any episode of myocarditis, as detailed in the UKHSA guidance for healthcare professionals.  

Myocarditis severity has been downplayed:

The majority of patients with vaccine-associated myocarditis present with chest pain. This may be misinterpreted, by either the patient or doctor, as musculoskeletal pain, which is a recognised non-serious side effect of these products and cardiac pathology could be missed.  Any patient presenting with chest pain should be assessed immediately in hospital as this may be life-threatening. 

During the covid pandemic, anyone admitted to hospital with a positive test result was considered to have severe Covid-19.  With myocarditis, every patient presenting with cardiac symptoms needs hospital assessment including ECGs, blood troponin levels and echocardiograms. This would therefore not fit the definition of a mild illness.  A recent BMJ review quotes “Most people were admitted to hospital (≥84%) for a short duration (two to four days).”   The review further quotes, “persistent echocardiogram abnormalities, as well as ongoing symptoms or a need for drug treatments or restriction from activities in >50% of patients”.  Where cardiac MRI scans have been performed, 89% of patients have shown Late Gadolinium Enhancement (LGE), which is known to be a predictor of a bad prognosis.  Inflammation of the heart can lead to fibrosis and other complications such as arrhythmias and death.  Left undiagnosed and therefore untreated, there is also a real risk of silent left ventricular dysfunction. Myocarditis should be considered far from being a mild illness. 

The long term prognosis for post-vaccination myocarditis is also uncertain but early follow-up studies in children have shown two-thirds had persistent changes on cardiac MRI scans 3-8 months later, despite clinical improvement.  A detailed US FDA advisory committee report from late 2021, showed that 40% of affected  adolescents were still symptomatic at 3 month follow-up and 50% were still restricting their physical activity. Viral myocarditis can have serious late consequences with an approximately 20% six-year mortality.  In the absence of appropriate long-term follow-up, it is reckless to assume that vaccine-associated myocarditis has a milder outcome. 

It is therefore concerning that the UKHSA guidance contains advice such as:

  • Where appropriate the patient should be seen face to face and this assessment should include their vital signs.”   We would consider a face-to-face assessment essential and feel the phrase “where appropriate” to be misplaced. ““If patients have mild symptoms, they do not require a referral to secondary care at this point.”    Again, every patient with chest pain or palpitations should have an urgent ECG and blood sent for cardiac troponins. The term mild myocarditis refers to symptoms which resolve and therefore can only be considered a retrospective diagnosis. 
  • It is impossible to substantiate the statement that “the majority of cases appear to be mild and self-limiting”, whilst acknowledging that “no long-term follow-up data is available yet on hospitalised patients”

Myocarditis incidence has been underplayed: Quoted risk of vaccine-associated myocarditis varies widely, with younger age and male sex being the two biggest risk factors and the vast majority of studies have shown a greater risk after a second dose. In Hong Kong, where specific information about myocarditis is given to all vaccinees, 1 in 2680 adolescent boys developed myocarditis after their second dose of Pfizer.  A change in policy to a single dosage for this age-group, was estimated to have saved several cases.  For boys aged 12-17, post-vaccine-myocarditis exceeds rates of hospitalisation for Covid-19 itself. It is also concerning that there has been no serious attempt to prospectively study the incidence of myocarditis. A prospective study from the US military, found that myocarditis post smallpox vaccination was 200-fold higher than background rates, compared with 7.5 x expected when using routine self-reporting. Blood testing post-vaccination elucidated asymptomatic cases at a further 6-fold higher rate. A small prospective study of secondary school-children in Thailand, using diary cards and blood troponins on day 3 and day 7, showed 29% with a potential cardiac symptom and 18% with abnormal ECGs. This is only a preprint but needs replicating before sweeping assertions of safety can be made.

Cumulative risk:

In most series, myocarditis has occurred after the second dose, yet government guidance suggests patients who have suffered with myocarditis following initial vaccination, may still undergo further vaccinations:

“If there is no evidence of ongoing myocarditis, they can be offered vaccination with the Pfizer (Cominarty) vaccine from 12 weeks after their last dose if further doses are due. If there is evidence of ongoing effects of acute or subacute myocarditis, then an individual risk benefit assessment should be undertaken” 

None of the vaccine trials included patients with a past history of myocarditis and we are aware of no data to support this advice. Giving a Covid-19 vaccine to someone with a past history of myocarditis of any cause, would require a thorough assessment and individual discussion of benefit and risk.  Any episode of post-vaccination myocarditis should be seen as an absolute contraindication to receiving any further doses, as the risk of this serious cardiac condition is known to increase after the second dose. The UKHSA has acknowledged the total absence of long-term follow up following vaccine-associated myocarditis. Continuing with the policy outlined above is therefore reckless.  

Actions required:

  • We ask that you urgently update the advice to ensure that all patients with relevant symptoms are seen face to face and receive at minimum an ECG and cardiac troponins, proceeding to Echocardiogram and cardiac MRI if initial investigations support a diagnosis of myocarditis.
  • We also urge you to recognise myocarditis as cardiac pathology and to not refer to this as a mild illness. This is misleading as we do not have long-term safety data to quantify the use of the word “mild”. Myocarditis has undoubtedly proved fatal for some. 
  • The guidance should also be corrected to advise that a diagnosis of vaccine-associated myocarditis should be an absolute contraindication to further doses.
  • These changes should be notified to all GPs, vaccination centres and emergency medicine departments.

The following is a letter sent by the CCVAC to the Prime Minister of the UK:

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Covid-19 Vaccines for Children

Firstly, congratulations on becoming our new Prime Minister.

You will no doubt have many pressing matters as you take up office.  But what can be more important than the health and well-being of the nation’s children? 

We, the undersigned health professionals and scientists, have huge concerns about the safety and necessity of Covid-19 vaccines for children, for reasons detailed in the linked letters below. We call upon you, urgently, to pause the Covid-19 vaccine rollout for healthy children, while a thorough and independent safety review is undertaken.

Between us, we have written numerous letters to the regulators, copied to your predecessor, regarding use of these mRNA products in children. We strongly urge you to reconsider their deployment for the following reasons.  Covid-19 was always a much milder illness in children, with around a 1 in 2,000,000 risk of death for otherwise healthy children. Successive variants have become less virulent, reducing the risk still further. In addition, there is considerable evidence of rapidly waning vaccine efficacy, and increasing concerns over immediate vaccines injuries (such as myocarditis with its known potential for severe and possibly permanent cardiac damage).  There is still a total lack of long-term safety data and the worrying rise in excess non-Covid deaths in young males aged 15-19 years has yet to be explained.  Lastly, the vast majority of children have already been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 repeatedly and have achieved demonstrably effective immunity, which is far superior to vaccine-induced immunity. 

In short, the balance of benefit and risk, used to support the rollout of mRNA vaccines to the elderly and vulnerable in 2021, is totally inappropriate and inapplicable for children in 2022. 

Below are links to all the fully referenced letters we have written to the MHRA, the JCVI and the CMOs over the past year. The detailed questions posed have never been properly addressed by these regulators. Groups of health professionals from around the world have similar concerns and indeed some countries have already paused children’s Covid-19 vaccines, particularly for those who have already had SARS-CoV-2 infection.  The Danish Minister of Health recently declared that vaccinating children had been a mistake and has withdrawn it for healthy children. 

You may be aware that members of the Pandemic Response All Party Parliamentary Group also wrote to the JCVI in January 2022, regarding the documented increase in all-cause mortality in 15-19-year-old males, again with no satisfactory reply given to address their concerns. 

The health of the nation’s children is of paramount concern and must surely be a high priority for an incoming Prime Minister. You will no doubt be aware of Sir Christopher Chope’s tireless work on a Covid-19 Vaccine Damage Bill, pushing for proper and fair compensation for thousands of vaccine-damaged adults.  You cannot allow the risk of Covid-19 vaccine injuries in children, who stand to gain zero benefit from vaccination due to the overwhelming majority having already been infected, and who have therefore already acquired natural immunity.

We entreat you to apply the precautionary principle to the use of these products, which still have no long-term safety data and remain in Phase 3 clinical trials. The evidence of damage that this rushed policy is causing for children mounts daily. 

In addition to concerns about the physical risk to children posed by these mRNA products, we would also remind you of the acknowledged and significant psychological and educational damage to children which resulted from the school closures and masking requirements implemented by your predecessor.  We would ask that, as a matter of urgency, you make clear that school closures and masking of schoolchildren will not be repeated under your watch. 

At the beginning of your term as Prime Minister, you now have a critical opportunity to prevent avoidable damage to children, and the inevitable outcry and backlash that will follow, by pausing the rollout with immediate effect, as well as bringing to an end all harmful covid restrictions in schools. This is a risk-free action.  Until then, the political and health risks of these damaging policies will only escalate. 

We eagerly await your response. 

Wishing you well in the challenging job you have ahead.

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  1. Your ineffective so called vaccines do nothing to help stop transmission let alone help anyone from dying if anything they make individuals more susceptible to getting the virus, weakening their immune system, making the individual sicker, and or killing them. Covid poses very little to any harm to children and should not be administered because the long term effects are unknown.

  2. Show us the data that the vaccine works. Present data on “why” so many have died from heart attacks and thousand who have gotten sick from the jab. Miscarriages and Bell’s palsey ate other side affects nothing positive about this vaccine is presented nor supported except for Pfizer making billions.

  3. It has already been proven that the death shot DOES NOT provide immunity against covid and it does not prevent you from getting covid. In FACT children have a 99.9% recovery rate without the death shot. DO NOT PUT THIS DEATH SHOT ON THE SCHEDULE.

  4. We have been lied to every step of the way about this experimental gene therapy falsely labeled as a vaccine. People are dying in record numbers, cancer is returning, young people are having heart problems more than ever before. I beg you, please put a stop to these psychopaths. They do not have our health and safety in mind. They want us sick and dead. Now they have their sights set on the children. If there was ever a time to take a stand, it is now.

    1. Absolutely not. We do not know the extent of the damages these vaccines causes. From the UK gov reports on deaths this tells us the vaccine is not good.

  5. We all know the shot doesn’t do anything. It’s about control. You will have a massive amount of children being pulled from schools. We will not comply.

  6. This is murder! This is in violation of the Nuremberg Codes. This is evil. You are attempting to take our most precious souls and profit from their harm or death. There is not one ounce of proof this jab will benefit anyone, let alone a child. You better fear judgement one day, I do not think you will fare so well in the eyes of the Lord. Satan will welcome you into an eternity of a burning hell.

  7. This totally unacceptable for children. Why aren’t we protecting them it’s still not proven to cause long term effects !!Vote NO!

  8. Why force a shot on our children when it doesn’t work? The vaccinated can still get Covid and can still transmit Covid. Children are the least susceptible to Covid! This makes no sense and should raise questions for all parents. Why are our children being targeted?

  9. I am stating that adding Covid 19 vaccines to the required list for children is completely unacceptable. There has not been sufficient studies of long term effects ( or even short term ones) . This age group in particular is not at risk from Covid 19. The vast majority of young people have already been exposed or have had this virus therefore giving them a strong immunity. Also, many children have suffered from the side effects of the shot leading to unheard of illnesses such as pericarditis, myocarditis, heart attacks, and seizures. We do not know what the long term damage could be. We don’t know if this will affect their fertility as adults. At the very least, this decision needs to be postponed for 5 years or more to study the consequences of MRNA on the bodies of developing persons.

  10. Children in 2022 already require close to 75 immunizations to attend elementary school. Close to 50 shots were added over the last 25 years, why? Do we have 50 new diseases?? No
    So why add another that has been proven ineffective on every aspect?

  11. If I haven’t given my child the Covid vaccine the last three years and they already have gotten it a number of times and fought it and build up their immunity to it already why would I now start injecting them with some thing that can potentially be harmful to them. That is criminal to force children to be injected with some thing that they don’t need. We have establish that vaccines don’t stop the spread as well so what is the point

  12. Dear CDC commissioners, please take into consideration the data in reference to the negative and adverse reactions to the vaccine in our children, including myocarditis. Please, put your hands on the heart and act with love and justice. PLEASE DO NOT ADD THE COVID VACCINE TO MANDATORY schedule for entering school. Please, allow the parents their rights deciding about their children wellness and health. God bless you and guide in truth and justice towards the children in the USA. God bless

  13. Do NOT, for a moment, believe that you can or will make such demands on my choices as a parent and such harm in my children! I can assure you, you do, you and yours will get what is deserved.
    I am to keep my parental rights! I will continue to make the best choices for MY children!
    Decide appropriately…

  14. DO NOT put the Covid 19 (Sars Cov 2) injection on the childhood schedule! There have been extensive injuries in both adults and children. There is very little risk to >99% of children who contract Covid, but lots of data and massively growing evidence showing the injuries associated with the Covid injections that are life-threatening, permanently damaging, or altering quality of life for the long-term. In this case, the proposed solution is far worse than getting the illness itself, which consistently demonstrates a 98%+ survival rate, and NOT ONE child has passed away from Covid! Additionally, there is zero scientific data on what is actually inside these shots! No one will publish it! This can be far damaging beyond anyone’s imagination and is completely unnecessary. I am vehemently OPPOSED to Covid (Sars Cov 2) injections on the childhood schedule!

    Christina Moreland

  15. I strongly disapprove with more added vaccinations to the children’s immunization.
    This virus is a 98.9% recovery, the only thing that’s killing people are the vaccinations.
    Look at all the verse reports, look at the documents that’s out there. You will clearly see that these vaccinations are dangerous to society. There’s a reason why they’re hiding 75 years of documents behind the research on these Covid vax. Let’s not forget this was a warp speed science experiment. And just so you know we still have the Nuremberg Code in law…

  16. As a healthcare provider in NY during the pandemic, I believe adding this vaccine is not necessary for the common good. Children have had the lowest hospitalization rates and have never been shown to be significantly contributing to transmission. The virus is so weakened at this point due to natural selection that it poses no significant impact on even the elderly anymore. Adding this to the schedule of vaccines will only perpetuate mistrust of our government who is not following “science,” but making your their own to control the population and strengthen their ties with big pharma.

  17. The covid 19 vaccine should not be forced upon anyone especially not children when the risk of the vaccine is higher in complications and death compared to the virus.

  18. There are no clinical trials that support adding the Covid 19 vaccine to required child immunizations. Children are very low risk to contract this virus and many significant side effects caused by the vaccine are well documented. There is no sound basis for requiring the vaccine for children.!

  19. People advocating this are complicit in genocide. No one should be having this jab (it is NOT a vaccine) There is a massive cover up of the adverse reactions to it and fit healthy people are dropping dead! More and more are realising the truth now and those responsible will be held responsible.

  20. Stop this madness!
    No to C19 vaccines for childhood schedule.
    Unknown long term effects and it is unnecessary and the vax is dangerous.
    38 kids in CT. alone got myocarditis.

  21. I strongly oppose vaccination of our kids against COVID since the vaccine doesn’t stop any spread of the disease, and children are the least impacted by COVID group of the society.

  22. The shots should never have been given to any child. Children do not die from covid. Children as well as adults die from the covid shot however. Please rethink giving these shots to any child. Please rethink adding this misguided shot to children’s scheduled shots as well. Children should not be mandated to have covid shots–not even one. Adults as well should not be mandated to have covid shots. They don’t work!! They kill!!

  23. I strongly oppose the idea of vaccinating our kids. First, the vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of COVID. Second, COVID doesn’t impose any treat for children.

  24. I strongly oppose to adding the Covid 19 vaccination mandatory for children! It seem the risk is greater than the reward!

  25. Why should kids be required to get vaccinated for Covid, they don’t have to for the flu. The Covid vaccine does NOT STOP you from getting Covid. Why does the CDC need to force something on our young people that is not 100% effective on stopping the spread. When I think of a vaccine it’s to stop you for getting the virus. 100 years ago the Spanish flu started and today we have the choice of getting a shot or not. It should be the same for Covid, let it be a choice.

    Disagree that our children should not get vaccine!! In the name of Yashua I rebuke bioweapon.

  27. Stop playing politics and what’s best for the nation’s children. Everyone knows this vaccine causes heart issues. We don’t know what other ill effects it will cause in the years to come. It’s completely unnecessary for children – the least effected by covid – to have this vaccine. The vaccine, as has been admitted, does not stop transmission. Natural immunity is far superior than an untested rushed vaccine.