Decentralization continues to be at the heart of World Council for Health (WCH) policy and vision. Following the successful second annual Better Way Conference in Bath, UK in June of 2023, WCH has grown exponentially thanks to our brilliant Country Councils team and motivated doctors, activists, and others around the world. 

Current Country Councils now include the Philippines, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia, Ireland (Éire), Germany, Estonia, Grenada, St Lucia, and Malta. In addition, Australia, Lebanon, the British Isles, Indonesia, Thailand, and India are currently formalising their participation in this empowering network and we look forward to officially announcing the launch of their Councils in due course. 

Unique yet united, each Country Council stands for a Better Way, empowered by the shared knowledge on health, freedom, and sovereignty, and delivers this to its own people in their language, culture, traditions, and understanding. Valuable information about local health and community practices is then integrated across the board with other Country Councils, to co-create the best future for our people and our planet.

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This undertaking ensures that each community, country, and nation retains its sovereignty as a unique part of a large global family where differences are valued, traditions are respected, and autonomy is retained. 

In addition to the previously mentioned Councils, representatives of other countries keen to empower themselves and their sovereign men and women are attending actionable meetings, including countries as far apart as Cameroon, Iceland, and Argentina. This brings our burgeoning movement to nearly 40 countries engaged. 

We expect this number to continue to grow as people around the world stand up for their communities, say no to mandates and one-size-fits-all protocols, and fully embody their sovereign rights in exploring new modalities and rediscovering trusted healing traditions all around them. 

Some of the many goals of our already established Country Councils include:

  • Standing up to the medico-pharmaceutical tyranny and the violation of medical freedom of choice;
  • Facilitating the free flow of knowledge about health and natural remedies;
  • Stopping the manipulation of food supplies through industrial racketeering;
  • Stopping the violation of fundamental law and human rights;
  • Empowering every man, woman, community, and nation to recognize and value their sovereignty by rejecting lockdowns, and centralised, privately funded ‘one world’ unaccountable organisations;
  • Stopping the pillage of natural resources;
  • Exposing and rejecting the targeted behavioural manipulation that disables the ability of men, women, families, and communities to have purposeful, healthy, and rewarding lives.

We invite you to join us in welcoming the Philippines, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia, Ireland (Éire), Germany, Estonia, Grenada, St Lucia, and Malta to the growing World Council for Health Family. 

Join the growing movement of empowered people and communities taking back control of their health and wellbeing. For more information about Country Councils and to express interest in launching a Council where you are, please write to

We are a people-powered platform for world health representing 190+ coalition partners in more than 49 countries.

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  1. Thank you for your wonderfully empowering message and movement! Thank you for making us stand up and reach out to each other, even in countries far apart, to fight against the so-called reset, which is only a cover for enslaving and destroying our humanity!

  2. Very grateful for all the WCH have accomplished so far. Very pleased to know more and more countries are joining and will be fully awakened to what the WHO is doing and hopefully will all leave the organisation.🙏🙏🙏

  3. Keep up the excellent work. It’s organisations like this that give me hope. I have created a natural health website for my area which people are finding useful. If anyone would like to use the platform for their community, they can just get in touch. It’s at

  4. Congratulations on this excellent initiative. I just subscribed to your Newsletter but have not received an email requesting confirmation. Kindly let me know if I should subscribe again.

    Secondly, and I hope you won’t be offended, you refer to my country as ‘Ireland (Éire)’. The correct name is ‘Ireland’, not ‘Ireland (Éire)’. Éire is the name in Irish used when speaking or writing in Irish, but is not correct use in English. There are complicated and sensitive historical issues involved which I won’t go into here. But I, for one, would greatly appreciate if you would remove the bracketed alternative from your website.

    Your response would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Dear Dr Buckley,
      Thank you so much for writing in. Delighted to welcome you. You may not receive confirmation till next week, as the website is undergoing some updates. Regarding your request we have referred your important comment to your local country council and they will no doubt be in touch with you soon to explore the issue and instruct us so that we may all engage together with the optimum vocabulary for health, freedom and sovereignty. Warm wishes, the Country Council Team.

  5. All those who believe in God are so very Thankful to Our Divine Creator for the efforts of the World Council for Health, in launching these Country Councils worldwide. Let’s all continue to pray for more Nations joining this world coalition for TRUE Health Worldwide.!!! And let’s All pray for the CONSTANT Divine Guidance & Protection for the World Council for Health & for Us All!

  6. Excellent, thank you, thank you, thank you to each and everyone of you who have the knowledge and wisdom to do something that I lack (connections and appropriate scientific background etc).

    The global mass manipulation and increasing worldwide tyrannical governments who pander to WEF and WHO depopulation must stop.

    I am encouraged by the many good, wonderful people from a wide range of professional backgrounds who have stepped forward (perhaps putting their careers on the line?), to defeat these vile, globalist individuals, which includes our own Charlie Boy, Blair Witch and others

    I have faith and optimism in a better future for humanity.


  7. Fantastic…onwards and upwards towards what life can really be like when not guided by the mentally unbalanced.

  8. We have until December 2023 to stop the WHO’s changes to the mandates. They automatically go into effect if we don’t vote against them. For example – forced injections in order to work and travel.

  9. Here’s hoping New Zealand is one of the next country to regain it’s sovereignty as it was stolen from us.

    1. I am also worried about Canada. WCH have had many contributors from Canada, however, I do not see Canada listed as a participant.

  10. A very warm welcome to all the countries that have recently joined the WCH. Your support is invaluable and encouraging. Many thanks also to Tess Lawrie and all her colleagues around the world who are making a stand against tyranny and world domination in their fight for all of us. We applaud your hard work and dedication.

  11. Thank you for the wonderful work you do for all people around the world.
    We love the consept and hope that New Zealand joins in.