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The World Council for Health stands with Novak Djokovic, winner of a record nine Australian Open singles titles and the Association of Tennis Professionals world number one tennis player. Upon his arrival in Melbourne, he was harangued, locked away, embarrassed, and barred from seeking his next title as defending champion by the government of Australia.

All this, despite having applied for and having been granted a medical exemption by an independent panel, as confirmed by Craig Tiley, CEO of Tennis Australia. This panel is composed of medical specialists that see a blind copy of a vaccination exemption request. However, the Australian Border Forces has stated Djokovic did not provide the “appropriate evidence” to meet entry requirements.

Djokovic was courted to attend the tournament and has asserted his right to his own medical privacy, refusing to speak of his medical status—something every free person should be entitled to at all times. It is unacceptable thatDjokovic has been forced to cater to this medically unfounded requirement. It should be noted that his prior infection likely grants him far stronger, richer, robust, longer-lasting immunity as a multitude of studies have demonstrated.

The claim thatDjokovic had an exemption to play in the tournament but not to enter Australia without quarantine, belabors the point of how his visa was initially granted. The Serbian tennis star was allowed to board a plane in Dubai and take the fourteen-hour flight to Australia only to be persecuted for over 8 hours in an isolation room without access to his phone, treatment akin to a potential terrorist posing a threat.

Djokovic has been moved to a hotel used by immigration officials to house asylum seekers and refugees. His case has been adjourned until Monday. Serbian President Aleksander Vucic has called the ordeal a “political witch hunt.”

The World Council for Health maintains that the experimental gene-based “vaccines” do not stop the spread of disease, especially not the highly transmissible Omicron variant that is now widely distributed around the world, including in Australia. Therefore, demanding “vaccination” as a prerequisite to competing in the Australian Open is discriminatory and not backed by readily available evidence.

See the statement for the Caring Healthcare Workers Coalition here.

“My son is hostage in Australia tonight but he has never been more free.

From now on, Novak has become the symbol and leader of the free world, the world of countries with poor and oppressed people.

My son … showed that even a small heroic country like Serbia can have the greatest athlete and tennis player of all time and that the truth can no longer be hidden.

Tonight you can lock it up, tomorrow you can chain it up, but the truth is like water and it always finds a way.

Novak is the Spartacus of the new world who does not tolerate injustice, colonialism and hypocrisy but fights for the equality of all on this earth, regardless of skin color, religious belief and money they have.

Novak has proven that you can achieve any goal if you have a dream, and his dream is shared by billions of people, including children who look [to] him as an example.

Maybe the rich world won’t let him continue playing tennis, but in doing so, he will reveal his true face and start a much more serious match.

On one hand, there will be greedy and arrogant members of global oligarchy and on the other, a proud and free world that always believes in justice, truth, fair play and the dreams of its children.”

– Srdjan Djokovic

Update fromNovak Djokovic:


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