The World Council for Health South Africa was activated in March 2023 as an independent body stemming from the pioneering World Council for Health. The World Council for Health is a coalition of health focused groups from the North of America to Zimbabwe in the South. As part of its mission to decentralise real health care and sovereignty to country, community level and individual level, the WCH SA will host a launch and other events.

WCH steering committee member Shabnam Palesa Mohamed said “The last three years highlighted glaring conflicts of interest, the violation of constitutional rights, stark failures in public health policy, and the disruption of a healthy doctor – patient relationship. Moreover, adverse effects from the C19 shots are censored. It’s time for a better way. The World Council Health South Africa intends to be a voice for the people, by the people. I am honoured to serve with an ethical, compassionate, wise and courageous leadership team.”

WCH South Africa will focus on:

  • Identifying weaknesses, failures and gaps in the health care system
  • Supporting health practitioners in upholding The Hippocratic Oath
  • Including integrative, allied, and natural health care practitioners 
  • Raising awareness on healthy living, healthy food, and mind health
  • Advocating for safe, effective, repurposed, and indigenous medicines
  • Encouraging South African residents to advocate for core human rights
WCH SA Updated leadership banner

Founding Steering Committee members for WCH South Africa include:

  • Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, activist, journalist, lawyer 
  • Dr Susan Vosloo, cardio-thoracic surgeon
  • Dr Mare Olivier, general practitioner
  • Dr Erika Drewes, general practitioner 
  • Dr Charne Gerber, general practitioner and specialist assistant
  • Lawyer Delia De Vries

Founding Advisory Committee members for WCH SA include:

  • Scientist and researcher Fahrie Hassan 
  • GP, author and activist Dr EV Rapiti 
  • GP and royal indigenous leader Dr Sakhiwo Yako 
  • ENT surgeon and food sovereignty advocate Dr Ivan Jardine 
  • GP and biologist Dr Shankara Chetty 
  • Advocate and consultant Sabelo Sibanda 

Dr Tess Lawrie, co-founder of the World Council for Health says “Congratulations to the WCH South Africa for helping to make the Better Way vision a reality. What the world needs right now are ethical leaders to stand for and facilitate new systems that serve people, and not corporate power. A more inspirational and ethical team could not be found, and we look forward to innovating and creating the new with you for years to come. I call on and appeal to all South Africans to support this essential humanitarian initiative.”

The World Council for Health South Africa welcomes friends, partners, allies and supporters that share our vision of a better world manifest through the ethical principles of the Better Way Charter. People, groups and organisations who support the WCH South Africa’s vision and would like to support its launch, growth, and activities can connect via email: Details on the WCH SA launch and events will be shared soon.

We are a people-powered platform for world health representing 190+ coalition partners in more than 49 countries.

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  1. Do you cater for people like myself, who are trained as Traditional Health Practitioners? I am not interested in the spiritual side of Traditional Medicine, but the remedy side including Herbal Remedies.

    My concern was that I did not see any Traditional or Natural Health Practitioners in the Steering committee. In fact many of them have the title of “Dr”. Are these western medical doctors?

    My other concern is that the WCH, will continue to be a body that supports the forward development and ongoing sustaining of Big Pharma, in its position of power, instead of allowing Natural Medicine, to flourish, and achieve its rightful place, which is to replace the Western Medicine experiment, which has suppressed and abused beautiful people like ourselves, for the sake of financial gain, and criminal medical control, for the last more or less 200 years.

    My other concern, is that the WCH, will not be altering the mindset of sickness management, because of the apparent top heaviness of western medical doctors,instead of focusing on promoting wellness, and sustainable health, in a natural and affordable way, that is free from the draconian financial exploitation’s, that could potentially be the current order of the day.

    I look forward to your response.
    Best Regards,

    1. Ian we would love to engage with you. Please email us using the email on the poster

    2. Hi Franz

      Thanks for your contribution and insights

      WCH is committed to natural health and wellbeing, as is evident from resources on the website, as well as our Better Way Conference. It has always spoke against and acts against Big Pharma exploitation, and has been campaigning against the WHO since 2021.

      WCH South Africa would like to engage you. Please email us on the email on the poster.


    3. I have been on a telegram group with many of the above drs during the Covid outbreak and since. I am a health practitioner of natural medicine. Many of them were very open to natural remedies and keen to try them out. They invited me to join. I do believe they are open minded and not pushing big pharma.

  2. I see that you are going to moderate, my post before posting.

    I will be looking out for my post. If I see that it is not approved, then that will be proof enough for me, that I should not bring myself and my alternative medicine supporters, into your fold.

    It will be proof enough for me, that this is just another way of presenting the same old, same old.

    All the best,

  3. At last people I can put my trust in. Dr Rapitti, Dr Susan Vosloo, Dr Chetty, Sabelo Sibanda. Thank you

  4. Thank you for this much needed alternative to public health systems that are no longer fit for purpose in protecting the health and well-being of the global population.

  5. FANTASTIC. Well done SA. I am in cape town and not a medical of any kind but keen to spread the word of the GREAT works being done. Christi

  6. WCH SA
    I am just a “concerned” global citizen immensely perturbed by past 3yrs events.
    Past my prime in “sunset” years but concerned for all those I leave behind.
    No doubt you are well aware of it, but it worries (& angers) me that Med Aid Schemes and Life Insurance Companies are very actively “pushing” the ongoing JAB!
    In fact, I have heard that Ins Co’s are “loading” policies of the “unjabbed”.
    Appears totally ignoring natural immunity, JAB limitations and most important “adverse effects”
    Perhaps WCH SA can do something to “hold their feet to the fire” ..??
    In deep appreciation to you all.
    Mike van Lelyveld

  7. I am excited and fully support the purpose and goals of WCH . I believe it is timely and very necessary that we get the truth out there and safeguard the physical and mental health of our nation and the world at large. We must become the voice of the voiceless. Amen

  8. I am excited and fully support the purpose and goals of WCH . I believe it is timely and very necessary that we get the truth out there and safeguard the physical and mental health of our nation and the world at large. We must become the voice of the voiceless.

  9. Wonderful, excellent – thank you all for this brilliant initiative, you have our support and I know I speak for many..

    God bless you all and God bless this initiative!
    Best Regards,
    Ian McMillan

  10. Ons het die reg om vir ons self te besluit oor ons eie liggaam en gesondheid, niemand gaan namens my besluit wat se mediese behandeling en medikasie ek moet neem nie. Ons is geregtig om al die kante van ‘n saak te oorweeg en volle reg om die HELE WAARHEID EN GEVOLGE EN KOMPLIKASIES TE WEET. Deursigtigheid is ‘n absolute noodsaak. Baie dankie vir julle deursettings vermoë en wat julle vir ons doen.

  11. Thank you so much for every thing that you are doing for the people of South Africa.

  12. I am super excited about this. Thank you so much and will suoport it in any way possible. Our next big headache is the who treaty. The enemy is working in the dark and I wish there are more people that can work on awareness campaigns. Thanks for standing for truth and our human rights. I see you all as heroes.

  13. Thank you for taking the brave initiative. May the Almighty Lord, our King of kings, bless you with anointed wisdom in your endeavours to silence evildoers and ensure the safety of humanity – the crown of God’s creation!

  14. Thank you for taking this brave initiative. May God bless you with anointed wisdom in your endeavours to do what is right and save humanity from toxic medications distributed by evil conspirators and liars.

  15. Would like to hear more about herbal remedies.
    Really appreciate your stand and help.

  16. This is very exciting. I read last week about the launch of the Philippines chapter of WCH and hoped that the same would come to fruition in South Africa. I look forward to being able to support and contribute this essential initiative.

  17. SA WCH, it is People like You,
    Who give people like me hope, and encouragement and inspiration to believe that change will occur in my own Country New Zealand.

  18. Hi
    I would like to follow your progress in the South African World Health Council.
    How can I do this?
    Do you have any idea whether South Africa will be signing the WHO pandemic treaty?
    How alarmed should we be with regard to the implications of signing this treaty?
    Do you have any idea how many African nations will be signing this treaty?

    Kind regards
    Stephen Fraser

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