WCH policy expert group urges the rejection of some of the submitted amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) and the WHO draft pandemic treaty to counter monopolization of global health

Bath, 13 April 2023 An expert group in political science and law has prepared for release today an in-depth policy brief on the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) and the WHO pandemic treaty/accord (WHO CA+). These two complementary instruments of international law are currently being negotiated by the WHO, its member states and private stakeholders in relations with the supranational body for adoption by the World Health Assembly in May 2024. Some introduced IHR amendments could already be voted on in May 2023. 

The IHR amendments, if approved, would unduly enhance the powers of the WHO and thus the special interests that exert significant influence over the organization vis-à-vis states and non-state actors – raising serious questions with regards to state sovereignty and the future of governance. Some amendments represent a framework for the illegitimate exercise of global governmental power without popular accord, constitutional control mechanisms or accountability. As such, they create a dangerous precedent if passed. The pandemic treaty, if adopted, would create a new, cost-intensive supranational bureaucracy and impose an ideological framework under which to operate in matters of global health. This ideological framework includes support for gain-of-function research with pandemic potential pathogens (PPPs) – despite a human engineered virus likely being the cause of the COVID pandemic that led to the death of about 6.8 million people – and encourages a globally coordinated effort to counter dissent from the official WHO line. Melissa Fleming, Deputy Secretary-General of the UN, stated the following belief at a 2022 World Economic Forum meeting in Davos: “We own the science and we think that the world should know it.” 

The WCH policy expert group issues a stark warning that any undue concentration of power in the hands of a few or a supranational body without a popular mandate, accountability and constitutional control mechanisms to restrain it, by nature, leads to abuse of power, undermines and compromises democratic processes, corrupts science, curtails choice, suffocates competing solutions, thereby reducing quality and innovation, and enables control over the flow of information as well as stifling of dissent. The WCH expert group also points to the fact that the WHO is a compromised organization that only controls about a quarter of its own budget. The rest are earmarked contributions from a few high-income states and powerful private interest groups. Handing more power to the WHO, at this point, equals handing more, not less power to the special national and corporate interests that have impeded effective responses to global health emergencies in the past. 

The proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and the WHO pandemic treaty as a whole further raise serious questions – with relevance beyond the field of public health – for societies as well as leaders to address. These questions pertain to the future of governance (global vs. democratic), the increasing concentration of power in the hands of the unelected, unaccountable few, the future of gain-of-function research of concern, the future of free speech and the right to dissent, the future of the right to privacy, the amount of digital surveillance and private data mining capabilities societies are willing to cede to profit- and interest-driven actors that view them as hackable animals (as World Economic Forum contributor Yuval Harari put it), the future of the essential independent doctor-patient relationship, the control over the production of and access to medical treatments and the integrity of regulatory processes. The answers to these questions will have significant consequences for the everyday lives and well-being of people as well as the nature and structure of societies.

The newly released, in-depth policy brief showcases – with original references – the most important IHR amendments that have been proposed as well as central parts of the pandemic treaty (WHO CA+) draft. It explains why they differ from previous approaches to global public health in a significant way and require a swift, effective and robust response. At the same time, legislative and educational measures are recommended via the policy brief to strengthen public health and to achieve better preparedness, efficient international collaboration and sharing with regards to global health emergencies while avoiding monopolization and ensuring the robustness of democratic ideals in times of crisis.

Download ‘Rejecting Monopoly Power Over Global Public Health’ here:

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  1. Who do these people think they are elite ass#$les trying to make decisions for my life and children you ain’t going to control me or my children you ain’t God I was born free I will die free there’s no way ever in this lifetime you say anything to control or anything so you can stay the fk away with your bs people are rising up SHAME ON YOU ALL YOU HAVE DONE TO OUR ONCE BEAUTIFUL WORLD &PEOPLE WILL CUM BACK AND HAUNT YOU ALL YOU SICK PACK OF 🤮🤮🤮🤬🤬🤬I AINT AFRAID OF YOU !!!!

  2. The WHO and Earth’s biggest pharmaceuticals are not satisfied getting free milk from the multi-generation family farm, they want to own the family, farm and land it sits on. The triune cooperation between policy makers, drug makers and dealers will jab earthlings like a trident.

    1. It is an evil trilogy, but they will NOT ‘jab earthlings like a trident’…we shall not let them…be careful the words you chose and the things you envision…all thoughts, words, actions are energy in different forms and have power, therefore it’s best not project that which you do not wish to see come into being (any more than it already is!!)

  3. Love that there are those of you putting forth such a brilliant and well written analysis of this current affair shit show we are all experiencing in the last decade of upside down inverse reverse world especially since 2019 and the plandemic attack on sovereignty and perceived freedom.

    Gives hope that there is at least some movement against this juggernaut of the elite class aka the parasites of the planet.

    Keep up the amazing work you do!!

  4. We do not approve any pandemic treaty over our sovereignty of the supreme authority we have within our territory of the United States of America

  5. In all things health, medical and so on, proof of an obligation to comply with anything (legislation, treaties etc) has to be made and as Maxims of law show;
    consent makes the law
    any Act done by me, against my Will, is not my Act
    As case law demonstrates;
    Case Law on Consent: “There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowman without his consent” – CRUDEN v. NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E. 70
    Furthermore legislative power is limited; Entick v Carrington; In reaching a verdict, the presiding judge, Lord Camden, conceded that the Earl of Halifax had indeed acted as Secretary of State. However, he could not find “no book in the law whatever” that gave the Earl the authority to issue such a warrant in these circumstances. Finding the defendants liable, Lord Camden was famously quoted as saying:
    “….if this is law it would be found in our books, but no such law ever existed in this country; our law holds the property of every man so sacred, that no man can set his foot upon his neighbour’s close without his leave”.

  6. Ik ben tegen de uitbreiding van de macht van de WHO, stop de machtsgreep op de vrije mensheid door WHO en WEF en andere zuster organisaties.

  7. None owns science. Science is not a narrative. Science is about proving and disproving. Those who believe they know science will soon see how little science they knew when they become the patients. Humility in Science is Key.

  8. Many thanks to everyone who is working so hard for the welfare of us all. It is unacceptable that the WHO should have such far-reaching and undemocratic powers

  9. Thank you for all you continue to do in the attempt to protect us all from seems rapidly becomming a dictatorship is many countries. I have forwarded this and many other documents to our MP David Davies to alert him of what is occurring here in the UK who initially said he knew nothing about the WEF. So far I have only had a round-robin message saying how safe and well tested the covid vaccinations are and how proud the government was at their rapid roll-out. He is either “Hacked” or so ignorant of our situation that he doesn’t deserve a salary funded by the tax-paying people of the UK.

  10. I have been sanctioned by Facebook number of times trying to educate people of the w.h.o. pandemic Treaty and the changes that have been made to give it even more control. I do hope you can make a difference. Your efforts are greatly appreciated
    The world is in a race and we are at a Crossroads now

  11. Powerful statment guys, and such an important issue to push back on and raise awareness. Bill Gates and his mafia need to be confronted and disrupted at every level, and without big opposition at a gras roots level this won’t happen. Keep up the good work!

  12. Thank you for this information and the work you do. I have written to my MP regarding this on many occasions and Rishi Sunak. I get the standard reply that it is for our protection and safety. I know it’s far from that!

  13. Nie wyrażam zgody na realizację tych strasznych praktyk globalnych elit którzy sprzeniewierzają się zdrowiu człowieka nad zdrowiem publicznym 🥰❤️Precz wszelkie korporacje od zdrowych ludzi 👋🥰♥️

  14. Everyone needs to read this this this is amazing work thank you so much for your information

  15. Brilliant that the WCH has a response to the IHR amendments when most Governments MPs not even aware their own governments trying to sneak these amendments through. It has been thought that the WEF planted their game players in the deepest seats of individual governments to push the IHR amendments through without the world noticing BUT the WCH is on it! Watch out you blood sucking vampires! MPs are waking up – the people stand together ♥️

  16. The WHO and it’s controlling elites are exhibiting a FEAR based approach. The people of the world are becoming spiritually connected and have risen the frequency of the planet. No more will we believe their words and misaligned deeds. I send LOVE to the WHO and other NGO’s alike, that wish to control. They are simply a mirror reflecting views we do not spiritually align with.