5G health impacts need to be aired.

Science, health, and freedom will always have the final say.

This is not the first time the World Council for Health has been targeted and it certainly won’t be the last. We will do everything in our power to protect our infrastructure so free speech and science can continue to be shared.

This week’s General Assembly Meeting was interrupted by hackers who accessed our Zoom event.

Dr. Pri Bandara’s brilliant presentation on 5G was deleted before our eyes when her computer was taken over. The hackers went on to disrupt the event by playing loud music and briefly displaying explicit images and videos. This occurred in part because of our open and transparent meeting format.

We are actively reviewing this situation and we sincerely apologize for this interruption and to everyone directly affected by this absurd attack on free speech. However, we won’t be stopped—we are committed to continuing this important conversation.

Watch Dr. Bandara’s Full Presentation

This is not the first time the World Council for Health has been targeted and it certainly won’t be the last. While it was not widely publicized at the time, our Twitter account was banned from the platform shortly after its creation despite never having posted a tweet.

We vow to do everything in our power to protect our infrastructure so free speech and science can continue to be shared and open-minded professionals can continue to collaborate. 

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After the interruption, we ended our meeting, regrouped, and began broadcasting a new meeting in our Newsroom where we continued with our agenda.

Dr. Bandara commented in our second broadcast, “It just shows how important this topic is. The impact of wireless radiation on the health and wellbeing of people and all forms of life on earth. It’s a huge problem. There is intense censorship on this topic.”

A recording of Monday’s meeting will be available in our Video Library later this week.

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This disruption will not stop WCH or our guests and partners from exploring the global health impacts of 5G and wireless technology. We plan to revisit Dr. Pri Bandara’s presentation in full in the future as we continue to explore the important question: Is 5G a threat to our health?

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We hope you’ll join us in the WCH Newsroom for the next World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting on Monday, March 28.

We are a people-powered platform for world health representing 190+ coalition partners in more than 49 countries.

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  1. Thank you for informing us why the Monday meeting was disrupted .
    I want to report that I personally was watching it on my phone and had two horrible very graphic pornographic video pieces interupt the sound therapy section.
    I was about to report this to you today and just seen your email as I suspected hackers, I had no idea that th earlier part of the meeting had been removed.

    1. Keep an eye on 5 G I had no idea before the hackers, thank them very much for bringing the harmful affects to our attention ,

  2. There are such bad actors operating around the field of public health now, as we all know. We could perhaps imagine that there are some who are well-intentioned, who genuinely think the Pfizer vaccines are “the way out” of “the pandemic”. But when we see an action like this, against discussion of 5G impacts – a deliberate well-planned attempt to suppress information, to stop discussion – not to mention the use of creepy images – we know without doubt that there are evil people at work. They do not try to kid themselves or us that they are well-intentioned. We have to face up to their totalitarian nature and find ways to defeat them.

  3. Wonder how it took this long for a meeting to be hacked since you’ve had an OPEN meeting with no password. I’ve seen open zoom AA meetings zoom bombed, A zoom bombing with graphic image of an open funeral – truly disgusting. Doubtful they’re doing it to suppress the message , if they find open meeting in zoom – no matter what it is – they will “zoom bomb”. You need to have moderators ready to immediately eject these nefarious players .

  4. It’s very important that any hacked PC’s are wiped clean, before using again. I would suggest a hard reformat and complete reinstall to get rid of any bad actors that may still have access to your PC. In future, make sure Windows PC’s TURN OFF REMOTE ACCESS, and never give anyone access remotely. Additionally, once cleaned, install a reputable anti-virus program (Windows defender is ok), and get some basic info on how to periodically run some checks to maintain your PC’s integrity. Computers are not like using toasters, they require some skills to stay one step ahead of hackers. Thank you for persisting in your good work.

  5. I hope you realize who is really behind this type of behaviour: Israeli mossad!
    International jewry control the internet… they’ve got 5/6 israeli/mossad AI/surveillance companies based on Silicon Valey; some of them are PALENTIR, LIBERDAD, PROMIS, Q-TELL AND FACULTY. Palentir is the one collecting people’s personal health data from nation’s health agencies.
    The cancer of our world!!