World Council for Health co-founder Dr. Tess Lawrie delivered a powerful virtual address to the crowds of thousands of individuals and organizations gathered to protest government mandates at the #DefeatTheMandates march in Washington, D.C. “Welcome to a new day,” Tess said to the cheering audience. “The day that we remember who we are.”

In her speech, Tess spoke about the importance of courage, love, connection, and freedom in the fight against government mandates and how it is a new day for humanity.

A transcript of the speech is below:

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Hello USA. Land of the brave. Welcome to a new day. The day that we remember who we are. We have been living in a world full of fear and we’ve forgotten how we thrive. So I’m here on behalf of the World Council for Health, to help you remember.

Human beings are courageous and resilient. We are loving and trusting. We are joyful. We are connected. And most importantly, we are free. It’s together we thrive. Together with love together, with friends and family and in communities as part of nature. We thrive outdoors.

We thrive with respect and autonomy. We thrive with privacy and purpose. We thrive when we feel safe and heard, we thrive with different points of view and we thrive with meaning to life.

The process of undermining the human spirit did not begin with COVID-19. It began a very long time ago. Disconnecting us from one another is key to controlling us. And when we forget who we are, when we disconnect from each other, we are easy game. So I remind you again, human beings are courageous and resilient.

Thank you. Forget what we do. We do because we choose to do we think because we think, because we choose to. What we learn, we learn because we choose to learn and what we are, we are because we choose to be, nobody should make us to think, learn or be anything we do not choose.

We are responsible for ourselves. Because we are free. I am free. You are free, remember? it’s time to step away from fear starting today. This is reality. The opportunity for real change has arrived. We will no longer tolerate interference and our rights and our choices. We will say, ‘No, thank you.’

We remember what is good for us. There’s a better way. And we are creating it together.

We will take it from here. We are one. Sending you much love and courage, D.C., from the World Council for Health, we wish your easeful and impactful day. Thank you.

Dr. Tess Lawrie, January 23, 2022 at Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming march on National Mall in Washington, D.C.

“Bonjour DC, Bonjour USA, la terre des courageux. Bienvenue à ce nouveau jour -Le jour où nous nous rappelons qui nous sommes. Nous avons vécu dans un monde rempli de peur, et nous avons oublié comment nous nous épanouissons.Je suis donc ici, au nom du Conseil mondial de la santé, pour vous aider à vous rappeler que

Les êtres humains sont courageux et résilients. Nous sommes aimants et confiants. Nous sommes joyeux. Nous sommes connectés et, surtout, nous sommes libres. C’est ensemble que nous prospérons. Ensemble avec amour. Ensemble avec nos amis, notre famille et nos communautés. Nous nous épanouissons au sein de la nature.

Nous nous épanouissons en plein air. Nous nous épanouissons dans le respect et l’autonomie. Nous nous épanouissons dans l’intimité et la détermination. Nous nous épanouissons lorsque nous nous sentons en sécurité et écoutés. Nous nous épanouissons avec des points de vue différents.

Et nous nous épanouissons en donnant un sens à la vie. Le processus de sape de l’esprit humain n’a pas commencé avec Covid 19. Il a commencé il y a très longtemps.Nous déconnecter les uns des autres est la clé pour nous contrôler.

Et quand nous oublions qui nous sommes. Quand nous nous déconnectons les uns des autres, nous sommes un jeu facile. Je vous rappelle donc que les êtres humains sont courageux et résistants.

N’oubliez pas, ce que nous faisons, nous le faisons parce que nous le choisissons. Ce que nous pensons, nous le pensons parce que nous choisissons de le penser.

Ce que nous apprenons, nous l’apprenons parce que nous choisissons d’apprendre.Et ce que nous sommes, nous le sommes parce que nous choisissons de l’être. Personne ne devrait nous obliger à faire, penser, apprendre ou être ce que nous ne choisissons pas.

Nous sommes responsables de nous-mêmes parce que nous sommes libres. Je suis libre Vous êtes libre Souvenez vous ? Il est temps de s’éloigner de la peur

A partir d’aujourd’hui, C’est la réalité: L’occasion d’un véritable changement est arrivée. Nous ne tolérerons plus d’interférence dans nos droits et nos choix. Nous dirons “Non merci”.

Nous nous souviendrons de ce qui est bon pour nous. Il existe une meilleure solution et nous la créons ensemble. Nous allons prendre le relais

Nous sommes unis. Nous vous envoyons beaucoup d’amour et de courage DC du Conseil mondial de la santé. Nous vous souhaitons une journée paisible et fructueuse

Merci à tous”

Dr Tess Lawrie est cofondatrice du Conseil mondial de la santé (World Council for Health), directrice du cabinet de conseil Evidence Based Medecine et fondatrice de BIRD, l’initiative britannique de développement de recommandations sur l’ivermectine

There were many incredible speeches that touched our hearts and renewed our strength. Speakers included Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Del Bigtree, Lara Logan, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Pierre Kory, Chris Martenson, Steve Kirsch, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Christina Parks, Dr. Paul Alexander, Attorney Tricia Lindsay, Kevin Jenkins, Rev. Aaron Lewis, Rabbi Epstein, Tramell Johnson, Jo Rose (Jo Speaks Truth), Angela Stanton King, Kwame Brown, Trahern Crews and others. 

A special thank you to our coalition partners Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance and Children’s Health Defense, and everyone who was involved for their work in making this event happen.

We are a people-powered platform for world health representing 190+ coalition partners in more than 49 countries.

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  1. Monday, Listened to the message from Dr. Tess, and Dr. Peter A MCCULLOUGH from Washington DC.
    The Tyranny of World Governments Must Stop Immediately.


    The local Governments that Control us ,must STOP THEIR CONTROL OF OUR LIVES.
    THOSE in charge are Tyrants. They are all GUILTY and must be held accountable.

    1. absolutely right Rene…
      it starts now — with each one of us – joining the WCH and building Resistance groups wherever we live…
      and working with scientists/drs/nurses like these who are doing this all over the world—

      We must be one as Dr. Tess Lawrie brilliantly said – we must stand up and say no to the Plandemic – to destroy us, our families, our economies our lives.

      Now is the time

  2. Thank you everyone at WCFH!! You help me keep my sanity. You probably have heard about the Convoy 2022 in Canada heading for Ottawa. They are protesting the vaccine mandates!!! The main media tell listeners the truckers are protesting bad roads. HA! Crooks!!
    We are trying to wake up more Canadians as well.

  3. I really need to talk to the members of the General Assembly tonight at 7pm and get advice for important work on the subject of the General Assembly meeting.

  4. What wonderful speeches concerning personal responsibility for our bodies. Governments have overreached themselves by mandating the vaccinations. Coupled with this was the cancellation of effective medicine to treat Covid. WHY? This has made me very suspicious. If I would have had Covid earlier I would have had to isolate with no effective treatments at all and if I got worse to go into hospital and possibly go on a incubater. This period of no treatment is a blatant waste of a period when one could have been treated with effective medicines which were cancelled. One cannot help feeling that this was all about ££££ for Big Pharma.

  5. Thank you so very much Dr. Tess Lawrie and those with you who founded World Council for Health – it is a medical light in an intense dark world – made so by those who one day took the sacred Hippocratic oath to defend life – the life of the patient, the life of the baby, the life of the dying —
    and then decided to tear it up.

    God bless Dr. Lawrie, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Koby, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche
    …. and so many other outstanding brilliant, honest and good doctors – who are fighting for life – our lives – at this very moment, in a world with Big Pharma working hand in hand with some of the most corrupt people on the planet – are knowingly killing us — killing our children.. killing our economy – killing All that is good – as God made it.
    We know the data – we know the stats – we know the number of deaths due to the deadly animal released from the bio4 weapon lab in Wuhan — —
    we know about the hundreds of thousands all over the world whose bodies will never be normal again.

    Yes it must stop – we must fight back – whatever it takes.

    RESISTANCE is the world that was lived in WWII– some of us will remember it or some will remember our fathers/grandfathers/ being in it— they Resisted Hitler — who was sweeping across Europe–
    but they had to resist day and night.
    This is no less ..
    and it is our God given duty — if we want to have a tomorrow for our families and ourselves – and our nations.

    No more jabs!! not one more of those vile things in any humans body!! Not one.
    God bless our wonderful scientists, doctors and nurses who are paving the way to protect us and our families.. May The Lord protect everyone of them and all of us who join the World Council for Health and we must .. and stand alongside them.


  6. I am 84 years young, in excellent health and have never allowed fear to dominate my life. Once fear enters, paranoia prevails.
    This is what we see world-wide and my heart breaks, to see how the population is being led to conform.
    We are told to vaccinate is to demonstrate love to our neighbour. When force is applied, it is no longer love.

    I will die defending my right, to what is put in my body. Coercion is not of God and is therefore evil.
    I applaud everyone who is standing firm against this iniquitous agenda.
    Greetings from South Africa.