Vaccine injury is real. To date, globally, the vaccine-injured have had scant support; sufferers have been gaslit, shadow banned, dismissed as mental health sufferers, or worse—ignored since the vaccine rollout began and they reported their injuries.

In the UK, only one member of parliament has taken up their cause: Sir Christopher Chope proposed a Vaccine Damages Bill calling for an independent review of injuries caused by Covid-19 vaccinations and of the adequacy of compensation. As the new film, A Letter to My MP, points out, just six MPs attended the first vaccine damages debate in the House of Commons in March.

Members of UK CV Family have written to their MPs asking them to pay attention to their suffering; numerous diverse and often, life-changing symptoms with little acknowledgement. There is power in numbers; the power of the people really is greater than the people in power.

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Act now to email your MP—or your country’s equivalent—send them the link to this film and share it widely.

Conversations about vaccine injury urgently need to be had. The more we have these conversations, the harder it will be for politicians and doctors to ignore, and the quicker vaccine-injured men, women, boys, and girls can get the support they need.

The documentary was released on 19th May 2022, created by James Wells and e-BMC Squared. Watch the documentary, and if you feel that you, or any one you know is vaccine injured contact UKCVFamily.

We are a people-powered platform for world health representing 190+ coalition partners in more than 49 countries.

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  1. It is not possible to reconcile the fact that the Royal Collège of Ostetricians & Gynaecologists signed off on vaxing pregnant women when there was no clinical or non clinical data for them to consider on the impact upon a developing foetus – it is far more than reckless?

  2. For some reason the video isn’t allowed on duck duck go or safari?
    Maybe you are already aware??

  3. I pretty sure covid -19 give my heart a virus that made me unable to work for a years and no doctor wanted me to get tested for antibodies for the virus i think they d’ont want me to prove it

  4. They can run all they like, but they cannot hide no more. Bill Gates and his mob should be arrested and put on trial for murder at the very least. Personally they should be charged with Genocide

  5. Thank you for your incredible bravery in standing up for all of us. It’s all heartbreaking, but the children…that is where I cannot even wrap my head around the degree of evil that is going on. God bless you. You are all in my prayers.