Introducing the ZeroSpike Project to the World

Speaking at General Assembly Meeting #79 on Monday, March 6, Fabio Zoffi introduced us to the ZeroSpike project—a new WCH Coalition Partner. Fabio then answered questions from our live audience.

What is the ZeroSpike Project?

  • ZeroSpike is a ́Federazione rinascimento italia ́(FRI) project born out of a desire to cleanse the body of the spike protein toxin used both by SARS-CoV-2 and induced by C19 vaccination.
  • FRI is an Italian civic association headed by lawyers, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, etc.
  • Their goal is helping people—vaccinated & unvaccinated—to significantly reduce the risk of spike poisoning and subsequent multi-organ damage through science & the intelligent use of technology.

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This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on March 6 2023. Sayer Ji and Dr Eashwarran Kohilathas also presented at this meeting.

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  1. Thank you to the good medical professional people at ZeroSpike Project in Italy, especially for the encouraging news for spike-harmed mRNA recipients worldwide: the fortunate discovery of 99% effective augmented N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine for the removal of dangerous spike proteins…


    1. Hi
      My symptoms started after my first 2 Astra zen vaccines and gave gradually got worse as I had Pfizer and Moderna boosters But my doctors have said it was anxiety and I was ignorant of the fact that it was the vaccine. If I hadn’t gone private I would not have eventually known about NAC. My symptoms first were just belching and wind when I ate. Then heavy legs and arms and feeling jittery. Headaches. Low heart rate, heavy legs and arms . Painful muscles in legs and difficulty breathing sometimes, Eating food became a problem and after contracting mild covid I believe the diarrhoea started. After my last Moderna boost in October 2022., towards the end of January 2023 I can hardly eat anything without having horrendous symptoms. I have convulsed when I ate a small piece of chicken and some potato. Also now have cramp in feet and calf muscles and sometimes numbness in my hands and arms They feel rubbery till the blood comes back to then I’m am now so thin and I live off a small amount of food that still give me symptom but mild ones and loads of vitamins
      I have been taking augmented NAC since 4th April 2023. 2 or 3 times per day. I recently took 3 for a couple days in a row and my symptoms started to improve a very very little bit.m but it was a positive sign
      But I’m taking estrogen for the menopause and it caused my estrogen to drop and my severe depression started to come back along with my other menopause symptoms.
      I have started back on 2 a day after consulting with Dr Peers and the depression has lessoned but the covid symptoms have come back. Everything seems to revolve around what I eat or how much. I’m scared that it’s to late for me and I’ve had too many vaccines and had covid before this was diagnosed
      My question are
      • why have my symptoms come back when I went back to 2 per day , am I one of these people that it will stay with me for ever ?
      .• my Dr, Dr Tina Peers, has implied to give it more time and has suggested staying on 2 a day for a while then try 3 again towards the end of the 3 months period and hopefully it will have started to remove the spike. But again, why did the symptoms come back.
      • How will I cope with the depression. I am on 5mg diazepam 3 times a day which can be increased which I am going to suggest to Dr Peers
      • what would you suggest I do
      • are there any research groups in the uk I can take part in?
      I desperately need help !!
      I hope this translates ok and I eagerly await your reply
      Kind regards
      Alison Pearson

  2. Vaccine damaged person I England. I am so grateful to all the good doctors and people. Thank you for this hope.

    Kind regards
    Martin leach

  3. Thanks for your product! My current SARS-CoV-2 Antibody test has shown a reduction from 5619 in November, 2022 down to 2808 on 8/11/23 test so this product must be working & I’ll continue with it! I do have a second question…I just received back my Microclot test & it’s a 3.5 on a 4.0 scale & shows ‘moderate & widespread’ Microclots. Will Augmented NAC help remove these clots as well or are you working on a different product for this?

  4. Feel sorry for the people who have long covid that never got the vaccine but the individuals we all told don’t touch the vaccine we were ridiculed and laughed at as conspiracy theorist when we where just put for there safety. Crazy times where people will go out and take an untested medical procedure just because the news says to do it.

    1. Long Covid could be caused by Remdesivir, the medicine the establishment pushed even though they had to stop its use for the Ebola outbreak as it trashed peoples livers and Kidneys. Long Covid? inquire to see if your friends had that?

  5. Hello 🙂
    I have had 6 x covid injections as I am classed as vulnerable because of my medication for palindromic rheumatism. I have developed head and neck pains and constant tinnitus. I also have COPD. However, I have been taking D3 for years plus many other key vits & minerals and together with cannabis and have recently brought K2 into the mix. I am actually in very good health and continue to defy my expected state if health for a 63 year old. If you good people think this particular human maybe helpful to your courageous and cutting edge research do let me know.
    Kindest regards and much love and respect for what you are doing for humanity… ❤️

  6. Where on the ZeroSpike website do I buy Augmented NAC to post to Australia pls, no son’s lungs are full of blood clots

  7. I purchased the augmented NAC and have been taking 2 capsules a day. I stopped my regular NAC to see what difference this made. Not good results to report. I’ve gotten cvd again and for the first time I’m experiencing respiratory symptoms, which tells me the augmented NAC is so weak it doesn’t stave off my respiratory trac from being infected. Having been on NAC for the entire pandemic, I know this is the cause. I’m not too happy due to this product’s pricing.