Dear Andy (Short Film)

Watch the new short film by Oracle Films, Dr. Tess Lawrie recites a letter to Dr. Andrew Hill and asks him what made him turn his back on a potential cure for Covid-19.

In October 2020 Dr. Andrew Hill was tasked to report to the World Health Organisation on the dozens of new studies from around the world suggesting that Ivermectin could be a remarkably safe and effective treatment for COVID-19.

But on January 18th 2021, Dr. Hill published his findings on a pre-print server. His methods lacked rigor, the review was low quality and the extremely positive findings on ivermectin were contradicted by the conclusion. In the end, Dr. Hill advised that “Ivermectin should be validated in larger appropriately controlled randomized trials before the results are sufficient for review by regulatory authorities.”

The researcher seeking a global recommendation on Ivermectin had instead recommended against it. What were his reasons for doing so? Were his conclusions justified? Or were external forces influencing his about-face?

One year on, this film recalls exactly what happened from the perspective of somebody that experienced it first hand; Dr. Tess Lawrie; also featuring contributions from Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Marik who worked closely with Dr. Hill during the same time frame.


[00:00:38.600] Dear Andy, It is approximately one year since I [00:00:42.800] shared with you my rapid review of the evidence on Ivermectin for Covid. [00:00:48.040] It’s one year since my video address to our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, [00:00:52.560] advising him that we had a safe and effective medicine to beat the pandemic. [00:00:57.800] And one year since you and I met, [00:01:00.560] to discuss working together to get Ivermectin approved as soon as possible. [00:01:06.840] Early in January 2021, [00:01:09.920] we shared data and agreed that Ivermectin looked like a cheap, safe and effective [00:01:15.320] way to end the pandemic, [00:01:17.800] that it needed to be rolled out as soon as possible. [00:01:21.600] We agreed that working together would facilitate this, and you joined our strong [00:01:26.000] author team, preparing to conduct a Cochrane systematic review. [00:01:31.320] Before we could collaborate, however, you published your paper as a preprint. [00:01:36.880] I will never forget reading this paper for the first time. [00:01:41.800] You reported that Ivermectin was [00:01:43.800] associated with reduced inflammation, faster viral clearance, [00:01:48.840] Ivermectin showed significantly shorter duration of hospitalization, [00:01:54.120] and in moderate or severe infection, there was a 75% reduction in deaths, [00:02:00.280] with favorable clinical recovery and reduced hospitalization. [00:02:05.560] Incredible. [00:02:06.920] At a time when hospitals were overflowing, people were being locked down to prevent [00:02:11.680] viral transmission and the death count was rising. [00:02:15.080] Here we had a safe, established off-patent medicine that could reduce [00:02:19.400] hospitalization, viral transmission and deaths. [00:02:23.280] Yet your conclusions were [00:02:25.840] “Ivermectin should be validated in larger, appropriately controlled randomized trials [00:02:31.920] before the results are sufficient for review by regulatory authorities.” [00:02:38.280] People were dying. [00:02:40.440] We were told hospitals were overflowing. [00:02:43.480] We had a safe, old medicine that could help. [00:02:46.680] Yet you called for more trials. [00:02:50.080] On the 17 January 2021, I wrote to you asking you to retract your [00:02:57.200] paper saying that it would cause immeasurable harm. [00:03:02.040] We met on Zoom the next day. [00:03:08.440] I’m in a very sensitive position here. [00:03:10.600] What I’m trying to do- [00:03:13.120] There’s lots of people in sensitive positions, they are in hospitals and ICUs [00:03:14.360] dying and they need this medicine. [00:03:17.560] Well— [00:03:18.160] That’s what I don’t get, you know, because you’re not a clinician. [00:03:20.840] You’re not at the call phase. [00:03:22.160] You’re not seeing people dying every day, and this medicine prevents death by 80%. [00:03:28.440] So 80% of those people [00:03:32.080] who are dying today don’t need to die, because there’s Ivermectin. [00:03:40.400] There are a lot. [00:03:41.440] As I said, there are a lot of different opinions about this. [00:03:44.880] We are looking at the data. [00:03:46.240] It doesn’t matter what other people say. [00:03:47.960] We are the ones who are tasked, with the- [00:03:51.160] and we have the experience to look at the data and reassure everybody, [00:03:55.640] that this cheap and effective treatment will save lives. [00:03:59.583] It’s clear. [00:03:59.583] You don’t have to say, “Well so and so says this, and so and so says this.” [00:04:03.920] It’s absolutely crystal clear. We can save [00:04:07.640] lives today if we can get the government to buy Ivermectin. [00:04:13.680] Your manuscript appeared rushed to me and its methodology was substandard. [00:04:18.080] I made no bones about what I thought about it, [00:04:22.080] and I was not the only one alarmed [00:04:24.120] by the poor quality and conclusions of your paper. [00:04:27.480] Dr. Korey and Dr. Marik wrote to you and asked you to make corrections. [00:04:33.560] An independent forensic communication specialist has since confirmed [00:04:39.080] that there were two or three other voices in your paper. [00:04:44.280] These unacknowledged authors contrived [00:04:47.360] to manipulate the wording to undermine the positive findings on Ivermectin. [00:04:54.200] Why did you let them influence your conclusions? [00:04:59.040] Whose conclusions are those on the review that you’ve done? [00:05:03.840] Who’s not listed as an author, who’s actually contributed? [00:05:08.840] Well, I mean- [00:05:10.760] I don’t really want to get into it, I mean. [00:05:13.880] I think it needs to be clear. I would like to know. [00:05:18.120] Who are these other voices that are [00:05:21.000] in your paper that are not acknowledged? [00:05:26.120] Does Unitaid have a say? Do they influence, what you write? [00:05:29.920] Unitaid has a say in the conclusions of the paper. [00:05:32.200] Yeah. [00:05:32.760] Okay. So who is it in Unitaid, then? [00:05:37.760] Who is sharing? Who is giving you opinion on your evidence? [00:05:42.480] Well, it’s just the people there. I don’t think we need to start naming- [00:05:46.040] I thought Unitaid was just a charity, Is it not a charity? [00:05:48.760] So they have a say in your conclusions? [00:05:52.920] Yeah. [00:06:04.880] You criticized studies from other [00:06:06.960] countries for not being peer-reviewed or published. [00:06:10.640] The irony being that your manuscript was neither peer-reviewed, nor-published [00:06:15.120] at that time, and it’s had a profound impact on people’s lives. [00:06:21.280] Indeed, when we sent our own comprehensive [00:06:24.280] review on Ivermectin to UK authorities, we were told that [00:06:29.120] Dr. Andrew Hill’s review says the evidence [00:06:31.280] on Ivermectin is insufficient and that more trials are needed. [00:06:36.080] There was much at stake in January 2021 when you put your paper [00:06:41.160] on Research Square, both in human lives and in profits. [00:06:45.520] Rest assured, I’m not going to let this last for a long time. [00:06:48.920] I’m not saying we keep going for another year. [00:06:51.040] But the fact that you’re saying you’re not going to let it [00:06:52.720] last a long time, [00:06:53.600] makes you realize the impact of your work. [00:06:56.880] So how long are you going to let people carry on [00:06:59.840] dying unnecessarily? [00:07:01.720] Up to you. [00:07:02.960] What is the timeline that you’ve allowed for this, then? [00:07:06.040] Well, I think then it goes to WHO, and the NIH and the FDA and the EMEA, [00:07:11.640] and they’ve got to decide when they think enough is enough. [00:07:15.440] And how do they decide? [00:07:16.680] Because there’s nobody giving them good evidence synthesis. [00:07:18.960] Because yours is certainly not good. [00:07:21.400] Well, when yours comes out, [00:07:23.160] which will be in the very near future, at the same time, there’ll be other trials [00:07:27.360] producing results which will nail it, with a bit of luck. [00:07:31.080] And we’ll be there- [00:07:32.520] It is already nailed. [00:07:35.200] What I hope is that this stalemate that we’re in doesn’t last very long. [00:07:38.960] It lasts a matter of weeks. [00:07:40.200] And I guarantee I will push for this [00:07:42.840] to last for short amount of time as possible. [00:07:45.000] So how long do you think the stalemate will go on for? How long do you think, [00:07:51.240] your, your, Unitaid is going to allow the stalemate to go on for? [00:07:55.880] From my side, OK, from my side, [00:07:57.880] every single new trial that comes through, [00:08:01.120] we’re going to be aggressively adding it on. [00:08:03.880] And I think end of February will be there. [00:08:08.600] Six weeks. [00:08:13.400] How many people die everday? [00:08:16.760] Well, there is a whole group of people [00:08:18.840] who think that Ivermectin is complete rubbish. [00:08:21.640] I’m not talking about them. [00:08:22.800] I’m not talking about them. [00:08:23.880] I’m saying we know the evidence, how many people die? [00:08:28.400] Oh, sure. I mean, 15,000 people a day, [00:08:32.840] times six weeks? [00:08:34.240] Yeah, sure. No, I get it! [00:08:36.492] -We have to try and get it into the UK, [00:08:37.320] Because at this rate, all other countries are getting Ivermectin, except us. [00:08:40.480] My goal is to get the drug approved and to do everything I can to get approved. [00:08:46.080] Well you’re not doing everything you can, because everything you can [00:08:48.360] would involve saying to those people [00:08:50.400] who are paying you, I can see this prevents deaths. [00:08:53.840] So I’m not going to support this conclusion anymore [00:09:03.040] and I’m going to tell the truth. [00:09:13.560] Billions have been spent on PCR tests, [00:09:15.800] PPE equipment and developing drugs and new gene-based vaccines. [00:09:22.280] For a safe and effective early treatment, none of the investments [00:09:25.400] in novel drugs, nor the restrictions on our Liberty were necessary. [00:09:30.320] Our foundation is a bit more than 10 billion [00:09:34.160] but we feel there’s been over a 20 to 1 return. [00:09:37.280] So if you just look at the economic [00:09:40.080] benefits, that’s a pretty strong number compared to anything else. [00:09:45.280] We both know that the evidence on Ivermectin [00:09:48.360] extends way beyond randomized controlled trials. [00:09:52.760] Realworld data. [00:09:54.120] Plus all those conversations we have had [00:09:56.920] with doctors at the front line who are using Ivermectin, [00:10:00.880] leave no doubt that Ivermectin is a useful medicine to both prevent and treat Covid. [00:10:07.240] Are you right and all these doctors wrong? [00:10:12.600] This is very difficult because [00:10:16.200] I’ve got this role where I’m supposed [00:10:18.000] to produce this paper and we’re in very difficult, delicate balance. [00:10:23.880] There are some people who say that we’re [00:10:25.640] already overstepping the mark and this is too [00:10:29.480] strident because the mechanism of action doesn’t support it, [00:10:32.760] I know I keep going back to that- [00:10:34.040] Who are these people saying this? [00:10:35.986] There are, there are, I mean, when we met— [00:10:38.560] I’m just talking about overall feedback I’m getting from all kinds of different [00:10:43.400] scientists, not just authors, but, uh… [00:10:44.760] The mechanism of action, [00:10:47.080] there are other examples of drugs where we don’t know how they work, but they do work- [00:10:53.182] Yep… [00:10:53.200] And we use them. [00:10:57.520] What has happened to the scientist who stated in December 2020 [00:11:02.360] difficult to see how bias assessment could change such consistent treatment effects. [00:11:07.800] And in February 21, [00:11:10.360] Ivermectin causes faster viral clearance, mass vaccination plus Ivermectin treatment [00:11:15.680] for anyone testing positive is the way forwards. [00:11:19.720] Why have you now allied yourself [00:11:21.960] with the small group who have a mission, it seems, to undermine Ivermectin studies? [00:11:29.440] And at the very least, [00:11:31.400] why have you not spoken up when the media and the authorities have referred [00:11:36.160] to this Nobel Prize winning medicine, as little more than a horse dewormer? [00:11:41.240] People are still taking this Ivermectin. [00:11:44.240] That’s a horse dewormer. [00:11:46.040] You are not a horse. [00:11:47.400] You are not a cow. [00:11:48.800] Seriously Y’all, stop it. [00:11:51.800] What changed your mind? I have often wondered about that time when [00:11:57.040] you said if your brother had Covid, you’d want him to get Ivermectin. [00:12:02.240] I’ll give you an example. My brother, he’s 58, he’s a smoker. [00:12:07.000] And if he was hospitalized with COVID-19, [00:12:09.360] I don’t know that there isn’t a way to get supplies of Ivermectin into the UK. [00:12:14.400] If I could and I knew it was good quality. [00:12:17.480] I would want my brother to be taking it. [00:12:32.600] I will try and support you as best I can with the data that comes through. [00:12:37.080] But for now, what I’ve got to do, my responsibility, [00:12:40.880] is to get as much support as I can to get this drug approved as quickly as we can. [00:12:45.640] Well, you’re not going to get it approved the way you’ve written that conclusion, [00:12:50.240] you’ve actually shot yourself in the foot, and you’ve shot us all in the foot. [00:12:55.440] Everybody trying to do something good. [00:12:57.600] You have actually completely [00:13:01.640] destroyed it. [00:13:03.280] Okay, well, that’s where I guess we’ll have to agree to differ. [00:13:09.240] Well, I don’t know how you sleep at night, honestly. [00:13:19.000] You had an opportunity to make a difference. [00:13:21.960] You had an opportunity to save lives, and you put your own career and [00:13:30.360] you were pressurized, presumably by other forces, to change direction. [00:13:36.720] And [00:13:38.800] that reflects a lack of integrity, [00:13:41.840] a lack of moral being that such a thing could have happened. [00:13:48.480] Knowing that there were cheap, safe, available medicines that worked [00:13:51.800] and advocating for them and going against official government opinion. [00:13:57.480] We’ve all lost jobs now. [00:13:59.040] I’ve had to leave my third job. [00:14:01.040] You kept your career in front of [00:14:04.840] you, put yourself in front of the welfare of humanity. [00:14:08.560] I don’t know what your life is like now, but ours isn’t easy, and life isn’t easy. [00:14:13.920] And this pandemic hasn’t been easy on anyone. [00:14:16.440] And in fact, to say it’s not been easy, [00:14:17.920] it’s been tragic for good portions of the globe, and not even from directly [00:14:22.680] from the disease itself, everything around it, and it continues. [00:14:26.320] Had you spoken up and it would require you [00:14:29.880] blowing the whistle, you would have had to go in public. [00:14:32.120] And at that time, there may have been journalists or a media [00:14:35.000] outlet which would have picked up the story. [00:14:37.080] I think now you would never get that, [00:14:39.000] because the media censorship and propaganda is now near total. [00:14:42.520] But at that time, it was not. [00:14:45.360] That opportunity required sacrifice. [00:14:48.120] It required you resisting the forces that were telling you to allow them [00:14:53.800] to write your paper, to dumb down and mute your conclusions, because they clearly had [00:14:58.920] other objectives, whether it was to support a global vaccine [00:15:02.840] policy or new novel drugs that would make money. [00:15:05.480] And you’re up against massive financial forces. [00:15:07.800] And I knew that. [00:15:09.120] But you were also in a position where you had an opportunity to speak up. [00:15:14.000] And at that time, had you spoken up, it would have made a world of difference. [00:15:18.040] And I will say many people, [00:15:21.320] I think in a lot of different institutions had opportunities to speak up and become [00:15:25.600] an, in effect, a whistleblower. [00:15:27.560] But I don’t think their opportunities to do so, [00:15:31.560] they pale in comparison to the opportunity you had. [00:15:33.720] History demanded a man in your position [00:15:36.360] who is willing and courageous to speak up, and you did not. [00:15:39.800] And your silence and your cooperation [00:15:42.800] with the forces that wanted to hide the efficacy of Ivermectin. [00:15:45.840] This is an unconscionable thing that you [00:15:48.000] did and I think history is going to remember it. [00:15:51.520] I hope history is going to remember it [00:15:53.240] because it has to be a historic lesson that we must speak of. [00:15:56.800] Especially when we’re in a position where [00:15:58.960] our voice makes all the difference to humanity. [00:16:01.560] And you are not that voice. [00:16:12.560] In my opinion, [00:16:14.000] your preprint paper published on the 18 January did three things. [00:16:19.120] One, it was instrumental in restricting Ivermectin’s use. [00:16:24.080] Two, it led to the discrediting and censoring of doctors recommending it. [00:16:29.800] And three, it facilitated the emergency use [00:16:33.240] authorization of the experimental gene based Covid vaccines [00:16:39.560] With effective Covid treatments, [00:16:41.480] the authorities would not have been able [00:16:43.600] to authorize these new and experimental drugs without better safety data. [00:16:48.920] And in my opinion, the public would never [00:16:51.880] have acquiesced to the experimental gene-based therapies had they been made [00:16:56.520] aware that Covid was readily treatable with safe, established medicines. [00:17:02.800] The cost in both human lives and nation economies has been devastating. [00:17:08.080] If there was a point when we could have averted the oncoming iatrogenic [00:17:12.360] humanitarian crisis, in my opinion, it was that simple. [00:17:17.680] Together, you and I could have saved millions of lives and so much suffering. [00:17:23.560] Look what they’re doing now, Andy. [00:17:25.200] They’re injecting our children with experimental vaccines. [00:17:32.480] If only you had made a different choice. [00:17:35.200] And if only I could have persuaded you to do the right thing. [00:17:40.160] I ask you now to make that difficult choice. [00:17:43.280] To do what is in the best interests of your friends and countrymen and to do [00:17:47.040] what is in the best interests of humanity at large. [00:17:50.520] Help to expose the corruption of science by coming forward to explain the pressure [00:17:56.160] you have been under to undermine the evidence on Ivermectin. [00:18:00.920] Explain the delicate situation you were in January 2021 and name the people [00:18:08.200] who influenced you to change your conclusions. [00:18:11.880] Only then can we start to fix fix the harm that’s been done. [00:18:17.360] We will forgive you, Andy, but come forward [00:18:22.400] Yours sincerely, Tess.

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  1. Throughout the past 2 and a half years, I have had moments of ruminating over the state of the world, the corruption, the uselessness and unworthiness of people involved in the deceptions etc … and then, after months of a quiet, steady, thoughtful mind and heart … I watch your short film and I am deeply, deeply saddened and feel sorrow and pain in my soul … Andrew Hill (and I spit with venom saying his name) is another monster to add to the long list of many, and I wish and hope that his poisonous soul and heart (what is left of it) shrivels, weakens and dies.

    1. He is not a monster he has been seduced and corrupted by monsters this is how it works. We should all have mercy for his soul.

      1. @Kathryn Gannon: Oh really? You say that despite MILLIONS of lives lost worldwide, with the UK & US taking the brunt of the mortality burden. This is an atrocity & EVERY complicit person along the way is culpable. They are ALL monsters…..yes including the weak, weaselly yet self-absorbed actors. His position & influence was too large for him.

        Dr. Lawrie who continues to fight the good fight for truth, & others like her are the heroes‼️

      2. He is spiritually dead and is attached to this world that is passing away. That is where your God-given free will and common sense come into play. This life is but a day compared with eternity.

  2. Dr Lawrie restores faith in humanity and so grateful for all the work she is doing in such a dignified, professional manner. This is a remarkable piece of film, but for the families of those that could have been saved it must be incredibly painful to watch. ‘First do no harm’ the forgotten oath

  3. I think it is important to add an understanding of psychological abuse by those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The patterns of behaviour of narcissists & psychopathic narcissists are evident in all that has unfolded over these past 2 yrs. As a target, (narcissistic supply) for such a person, I’ve been fighting for years to break the hold of manipulation & mind control. Andrew Hill is clearly not a narcissist. He is however, being controlled by them – like millions of others.

  4. unbelievable… seeing the truckers on the highways and the thousands of every-day- normal people lining up along their routes made me tear up every single time.. and still does when watching the videos again – … and so does this one by Tess !

  5. Andy, I know you’ll be reading this. You will either go down as a villain, for someone who made a mistake and tried to make it right

    What I do know is that now you will not walk the streets with your head high.
    . Not with your children, and not alone.

    You can have a legacy
    if you repent and then cover those behind this.

    Which will it be?

  6. Blood on his hands and on hundreds of others.

    I notice he avoided eye contact much of the time. He knows his shame. I hope he can live with it.

  7. I remember way way back when you published your letter and report that you were sending to the Government regarding your findings relating to Ivermectin. I emailed my own MP, the father of the house Peter Bottomley and attached your letter and report, requesting a response from him…..never received anything! As for the Principle trial being suspended another joke, supposedly due to shortage of Ivermectin. Great video Tess and thank you for never giving up.

  8. If the same trials were required for the Covid19 vaccines as were being required for Ivermectin (including the original trials that were needed for safety) when would the Covid19 vaccine have received general approval

    And for pregnant women

    And for children

    And for further comparison:

    How long after START of DEVELOPMENT would Thalidomide trials need to run for approval today

    How long would Thalidomide trials need to run today if it was developed using novel technology and science if longer

    How long after start of development were of Thalidomide were the dangers established

    1. Just What has run through MY mind. Expensive experimentsl & unprocen, vs inexpensive highky available, so far harmless, possibly placebo, yet much anecdotal recommendations.
      Has there ever been a single case of medical misadventure due to over prescription of Ivermectin, I wonder. Might just research that.

  9. Two years down the road… and the body count continues…vaccinated are dying…vaccinated are infectious…vaccinated are injured…
    Health authorities, doctors in ivory towers, care about statistics. The value we have to them is we are each a stat. So, what’s the probability of an individual dying or being injured or being downright lucky and getting away without issues with the mRNA?
    Playing Russian Roulette is 16.7% chance of death or injury
    The difference between taking the mRNA jab and Russian roulette is that with Russian roulette guns the outcome is immediate!
    So what’s the odds with the jab? Over the long term?

  10. Days of pharma controlled doctors are ending. A new doctor will emerge once we get these murdering monsters put into retraining camps. The new doctor will be trained in health care not symptom suppression. Justice will prevail for the 200+ natural health practitioners that were murdered before the covid attack on humanity began on November 2019. I am so proud of the humans that are stepping up. So proud.

  11. I believe saw a video clip of the discussion between Dr Tess Lawrie and Dr Andy Hill on this matter last year. I was appalled at Dr Andy Hill’s obvious lack of principle and questioned my own resolve were I to be put in a similar position. I have faced similar in my own scientific / engineering discipline and experienced how effective the establishment machine is at suppressing the truth and casting out dissidents. But in that case there were real lives of tens or hundreds of the travelling public at stake. Ultimately it was a factor in the failure of my company. In retrospect. Dr Andy Hill’s apparently reluctant collusion with those who required the pretence that Ivermectin was not safe or effective has cost probably millions of lives with orders of magnitude more to come. Thank you for this insight.

    1. Yes I saw that video and wondered about myself if in that position. I stood up once to warn the government my Industry was corrupted on many levels. Sadly even though my efforts had generated a new White paper from the Government, it made no difference, and the end result some eleven years later of all this corruption coming together, was the Grenfell tower fire. The big difference to this story is money and class. I was not at the same level of professionalism as the folk in this video, or connected with the health industry, so had far less to lose as I didn’t even own a house. I wonder if I’d had a huge mortgage if that would have stopped me. I know the answer is no.

  12. To Dr. Andrew Hill

    For all have sinned and come short of God’s standard.
    There are no good people in heaven, only repentant sinners.

    Trust in Jesus’ shed blood 🩸 To cleanse you of guilt & shame. Step through The Cross of Christ, dying to self and inherit eternal life
    That’s the measure of God’s grace afforded to you.

    “Look to Me, and be saved. All you ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other.”
    Isaiah 45:22

  13. I worked in cancer research. A lot goes into a medication before approving for distribution. I agree that it should not have been released.

    1. “A lot” DID go into Ivermectin before approval for distribution, Linda. It has been safely used for over 25 years and won the Nobel Prize. Current Covid-19 vaccines are not “approved”, only “authorized”, yet distributed wold-wide. Do you know about the massive injuries and deaths this has caused?

  14. This is so powerful- also done with such honesty, humility and class! I hope millions will see this! I hope and believe it has the power to make people step back for a minute and be able to see the truth!

  15. Detta är otroligt och omänskligt att fortsätta med detta massmord på ett ogiltigt vaccin, när det finns ett meddel som låter folk få leva och är pålitlig. Världen har spårat ur. Och varför är detta vaccin som pågår vara så hemligt av läkare och sjukvårdspersonal som blir hotade att ljuga om biverkningar och dödsfall.

  16. Can I get the treatment of Ivermetin, as my sister has now got to have an opp, due to heart problem after the 2nd jabb. FACT. Also one of the twins just in her very early 4o year drop dead in the kitchen. I am afraid to have 3rd one due to family having heart and deaths. Where can I get it as Doctors in the UK do not give it. Please find my details below, sent in peace.

  17. Can I get the treatment of Ivermetin, as my sister has now got to have an opp, due to heart problem after the 2nd jabb. FACT. Also one of the twins just in her very early 4o year drop dead in the kitchen. I am afraid to have 3rd one due to family having heart and deaths. Where can I get it as Doctors in the UK do not give it. Please find my details below, sent in peace.

  18. Gutsy, brilliantly argued. You destroyed this agent of deception completely. Thank you so much. Gotta spread it out ASAP. X

  19. Conspiracy theory? I think not. I’ve known deep down that the world powers are busy at their One World schemes. There are many authoritative voices who condemn the handling of Covid. All of whom have been silenced ….. almost

  20. Thank you for pursuing exposure of the lies and deception and for calling for accountability from the people who peddled the all round lie that was Covid-19

  21. Dear Tess, may God bless you and your future. Your Family and Friends should be extremely proud of you for your efforts to save millions of people.
    I am horrified by the falsehoods that have been relentlessly bombarding our Media.
    Thanks for fighting the good fight.
    Sincerely, Ron.

  22. Dra Tess que orgulho sua família e amigos devem ter de você! Obrigada por fazer a diferença e lutar para salvar milhões de vidas. Graças a sua coragem e honestidade estou viva e usando Invermectina. Não tenho palavras para agradecer e sei o grande sacrifício que você passou e está passando. Você restaurou minha fé na humanidade, ainda existem pessoas boas e honradas. Dr Hill você é um covarde!

  23. Just reinforces the fact that my husband did not need to die due to “Hospital Protocol”.
    I look forward to the day that those responsible will be brought to justice.

  24. Dr. Lawrie, so powerful. May it speak to Dr. Hill at some point so he can redirect his life. Thank you for your courage and strength. There are many that stand with you!

  25. My father graduated from University of Montana in pharmacy in three years because this was all his mother had saved since his birth in 1917 in Manhattan, Montana grew up in Red Lodge. He became V P of Sales Training with Eli Lilly in Indianapolis in 1954. He was offered the management job for that corporation manufacturing in Puerto Rico in ‘50’s that he declined. He was the top sales executive with that corrupt company repaying his knowledge and experience with a transfer to Los Angeles in 1959 or lose his job because his secretary involved with the President who was married with a shooting occurring along with an upcoming trial that the corporation didn’t want my father testimony or deposition thus he sacrificed everything by agreeing to the transfer never to receive a pay raise again even though he was better than all salesmen for Eli Lilly. He taught me his daughter about risk assessment on all pharmaceutical products and medical procedures including sugar is a carcinogen. If he had been alive in 2015 he would have stopped the funding of the gain of function along with his voice to use pharmaceuticals and clinical data from clinicians but corporate capture of all government regulatory bodies caused voodoo medicine to be allowed that had no trial trials ethically performed on the genetic injection that harmed myself and has actually aborted fetuses. Trust must be earned now lost until restitution and prosecution with loses to the people who lied to the people. I support Robert Kennedy Jr to protect the children.

  26. It almost seems as though he has been threatened into compliance. Maybe I am being too kind in saying that. It could well be that Andy is just a greedy creep. I hope he understands that he can not spend the bribes in hell.

  27. He deserves a thorough going over at the Hague. How does mass murder sound? When I saw this interchange early on, it was clear to me that this monster along with the likes of the disgusting Gates were up to no good for mankind. I only wish I had seen it and also been aware of the FLCCC and AAPS before I took the jab. Haven’t been the same since. I have to respectfully disagree with Dr. Lawrie…this reprobate and others of his ilk should never be forgiven and land at the bottom of Dante’s levels.

  28. Dr. Mark Siegel, M.D., is Clinical Professor of Medicine and medical director of “Doctor Radio” at NYU Longone Health, and a medical analyst for Fox News. He quotes a long ago physician: “May I never see in the patient anything but a fellow creature in pain. Grant me the strength, time and opportunity always to correct what I have acquired.” Maimonides, Physician-Philosopher [originally Moses Ben Maimon, 1135 – 1204. Spanish-born Jewish philosopher & physician who codified the Talmud.]
    Dr. Siegel says, “We can echo that sentiment by telling our patients what we still don’t know, rather than flogging them with what little we do.” Dr. Siegel, Dr. Tess Lawrie, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Peter McCullough are all healers with the heroic qualities of Maimonides. It breaks my heart that this pandemic has has exposed the venality in heretofore trusted institutions.

  29. I cannot see how he or anyone else can admit what they did in denying Ivermectin.
    The lives lost.
    People permanently now injured and disabled.
    The world economic disaster.
    All were avoidable.
    So a few could make their millions.
    How do they sleep at night.
    In wealth and comfort because they have no conscience.

  30. The fear of loss of job and status that was induced will pale into insignificance once this whole tragic travesty plays out and all is revealed. Many will be driven insane by bloodguiltiness. Many that otherwise would not have been found guilty of being complicit in mass genocide. May God have Mercy.

  31. Had Andrew Hill spoken up, my husband would probably still be alive. He makes me sick! Bless Dr. Lawrie.

  32. This is so true, I had the recommended jabs , being in the at risk age group and wanting to travel, and still caught Covid. I took Ivermectin, human form, and experienced dramatic improvement within 48 hours. I also recommended vitamin supplements of Vit D, C and Zinc, as it was shown in early reports from Spain , that patients with good vitamin levels had better outcomes, and treatment with vitamin D improved survival for those with low levels on admission .Why was this information never publicised?
    Patricia Muttrie, MB , ChB , Glasgow , (retired ).

  33. The reason Ivermectin wasn’t chosen was money. People took money for lives. The pandemic was planned & many doctors, etc took money to keep their mouth shut about the different medicines that could have saved millions of lives. Depopulation was the plan & it worked. So many deaths are on the hands of those that kept these medications from the public & those that kept their mouths shut & those that kept giving the jabs that were bio weapons not vaccines. Their will be tribunals for those that are guilty of willingly killing millions for money. No AMNESTY!!

  34. Thank you so much. I finally feel that the tide is beginning to turn.
    It’s sad that it is too late to save so many from unnecessary premature death, but the truth is finally receiving some of the light that people like your good selves have been attempting to shine on it for many years now. I sincerely hope this will increasingly be the case, so please keep up the good work, and never give in to the inevitable pressures, intimidation and possibly even threats! Humanity needs truth now more than it ever has.

    1. I don’t agree that the tide is turning. Here in Australia the advertisements for a ‘top up’ booster are running hot as we enter winter. I know people who have been waiting to get their fifth jab, and others who already have had five. The blindness to the increase in all-cause mortality, turbo-cancers, sudden deaths, and frequent or recurrent respiratory illnesses is everywhere.

      Some of us can see the bigger picture. Others, like the microbiologist I chatted with this week, have NO idea that the evidence available shows that masks are largely ineffective, that many people have died from reactions to the jab, others are permanently disabled from it, and they can’t see that jab had very little effect on reducing illness, or spread.

      And lets not even begin to discuss the obvious [to me] universal bleating of the same mantras, and secret coercion of leaders world-wide. Add to that the massive shift of wealth to pharma in the USA, the economic flow on to every nation who spent billions on the drug, PPE, social support to those who couldn’t work. What about the environmental cost? Literal mountains of discarded masks, gowns, gloves, syringes, all plastic-based, to hang around for thousands of years as a reminder of the idiocy of this time.

      I wish the tide was turning, and people’s blindness would be healed. I fear I won’t live long enough to see it.

  35. What happened to Hill’s promise of ‘six weeks’ for the new trial evidence to be added on? Where is the Ivermectin? I’m in Western Australia, where it was specifically banned.

  36. Wow. Just WOW!! My son has never agreed with this vaccine because of these same points put forward by Tess. I had the 1st vaccine later than i was asked to becauae i was in the ‘at risk’ group so fear played a big part of getting it. I had the 1st booster also and then got Covid 2 weeks later. Ive ignored all following reminders to take the many follow up boosters and i think i probably made the correct decisions each time based on what i knew at those times. I was ill again this week, more than usual couldnt shake it off. So eventually made a call to my GP. 1st Q before even getting into the surgery..Have you tajen an Antigen Test? No I said I have a chest infection.Oh u will need to do the Antigen Test before coming in to surgery, theres a chemist shop next door. Ok. So bought the Antigen test of which available was only the multi-pack of 5 tests for €13. i am in the car, feeling absolutely s,,t trying to balance a test kit and its instru tions to diagnose myself before going to the GP to get Diagnosed! And then, it jumped out at me on the leaflet. MADE IN CHINA..WHAT!! so the Country most likely responsible for releasing this horrendous virus on the world are Making our TEST KITS to detect that same Virus?? Is that not like asking the Fox to mind the Hen House?

  37. When the system goes for greed and not welfare of man. All who pushed this narrative. Should be seen for treason or atheist nirremberg trials. They have blood on there hands. And once people realize global scamdemic they worked on for years will truly show the corruption and greed the lies and the acting. Shame on them.

  38. The whole thing is so sad and shows greed and evil on full display with Andy. I pray he tries to save his soul by admitting what he has done and hopefully saving people going forward. God will make certain retribution is served. When was this film made? How long has it been available? Please let me know. Thank you!

  39. Bill and Milinda Gates generously invested in an Ivermectin trial at great expense which concluded Ivermectin did not offer major advantages. Was that trial peer reviewed as it was apparently relied upon.

  40. How can one man command such sway over government policy setters? Corrupted?
    I believe he should be hauled before a Senate investigating committee and let the likes of Rand Paul, etc. quiz him, including a subpoena of his bank account records.

  41. Thank you, thank you, thankyou! I know several people who took Ivermectin and it prevented them from being hospitalized, they felt significantly better within hours of taking it. None of them said it was a cure, but it did allow them to get through the illness at home and they all recovered.

  42. This is one of the most disturbing videos I have seen. This “doctor” – Andy – is a clear psychopathic murderer. May he and his family reap what he has sown. There is a special place in Hades for this man and his handlers (UK Government, US Government AKA US Defense Industry, WHO, and the most odious of all – Bill Gates). They deserve arrest, trial and execution.

  43. A Brilliaint film! Clear…crystal clear. Thankyou for all your efforts toward protecting humanity.

  44. Laying down my own life with every breath as a witness to the Truth of Almighty God in Christ, I also bless all of you who do so at every level, but most amazingly in this film of your truly valiant battles with sheer evil. Our mortal enemy, Satan, has obviously corrupted the former morality and integrity of so many – but not all. The remnant continue the fight and Divine
    Love has the ultimate victory in our eternal redemption and the only mercy in The Truth.The clearest and absolute difference between God and Satan is that Satan is incapable of Love. Truth reveals that Everything he does and is is a counterfeit of God Who IS LOVE and Love alone transcends death. Amen Amen.” Hell is the inability to love.”

  45. From Unitaid’s own website:
    “World Health Organization. All rights reserved 2021. Unitaid is a hosted partnership of the World Health Organization.”

    Unitaid is controlled by the WHO which seems to be controlled by the chinese communist party and big pharma.

    If so one has to ask if they were allowing people to die in order to boost profits and enable the ongoing lockdown and the corrupt profiteering that went on.

    He’s still evading looking at the camera.

    1. Huge funding and control by Billy Gates…of the WHO. That’s why he is leading the way on poisoning the world and sterilizing so many of the trusting victims. India has a Criminal prosecution waiting for him.

      All Nations should be conducting Nuremberg type Trials of the many thousands of the complicit authorities involved in this Mass global murder. Start at ever Locality and move up from there.

  46. Thank you for your bravery.
    This can’t be swept under the carpet
    The people responsible must be brought to trial for crimes against humanity the world over.

    In my opinion governments have just moved on as if the lies the harm never happened, isn’t continuing to happened.

    Basically they’ve got away with murder.

  47. So his decision not to acknowledge that Ivermectin is on the WHO schedule as one of the world’s safest medicines which had been dispensed billions of times and to effectively recommend against it’s use in the treatment of the Covid infection is likely to have resulted in excess deaths of 50,000 to 100,000 (or more). He and his ‘handlers’ are obviously not concerned about this. Despicable human(?) beings. May God have mercy on their souls.

  48. Is this guy totally incompetent or is he receiving a bit under the table to remain quiet?
    Next Friday, I will sadly attend the funeral of a neighbour who had a stroke, a week after his second jab of an experimental, unproven chemical injected into his arm, supposedly to avoid COVID-19.
    Last week he died due to complications of his heart affecting his brain.
    Had my neighbour not been jabbed with the said experimental chemical, I fully believe, he would still be a healthy, fit, 75-year-old, playing golf and enjoying his retirement. What a travesty!!

  49. Wow! Powerful stuff. You’re so right Tess. We were all deceived and coerced and those responsible must be held accountable.

  50. It seems highly likely Andy was offered a big brown envelope to go against the use of a tried and tested cure /prevention of Covid, Ivermectin!!
    He is responsible for the deaths of millions of people! The worst serial killer in existence!! Bring back death by hanging!!

  51. I haven’t had CV19 as I take Ivermectin . Haven’t had the jabs obviously either, the rest of my family had jabs and have had CV19 several times. This Andy chap is a criminal, he should probably hang imo.

  52. Thank you Dr Tess Lawrie, for your courage to speak the truth, your professional integrity and your love for humanity!!!