Transforming Health and Sanitation: The Breakthrough of Chlorine Dioxide Solution

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During the Covid-19 event, establishment forces made it their business to ensure that the public was denied access to existing safe, effective, and affordable treatments while waiting for ‘the vaccine’ to save the day. We all remember how Ivermectin was smeared by the media and banned by regulatory bodies.

Another compound that suffered an early fall from grace was chlorine dioxide; as soon as it was mentioned by Donald Trump, the media mocked him loudly for ‘injecting bleach’. In 2024, the war against chlorine dioxide continues.

Dr Tess Lawrie caught up with Dr Andreas Kalcker, a biophysicist who has spent the past 17 years researching chlorine dioxide, to set the record straight.

About Dr Andreas Kalcker

  • Andreas Kalcker is a biophysicist of German origin who has lived a large part of his life in Spain and has been residing in Switzerland for several years.
  • He has researched and registered several international patents related to the therapeutic use of chlorine dioxide for hypoxia, inflammation, infection, sepsis, and SARS-CoV-2.
  • Dr Kalcker’s thesis and experience were extensively discussed in his first book, CDS – Health is Possible. Years later, the publication of his second book, Forbidden Health, demonstrates how the recovery of diseases from A to Z, once considered incurable, achieves remarkable success but sparks a wide controversy in the world of conventional science and the “establishment”.
  • Currently, Dr Kalcker, through the International ALK Foundation, continues the comprehensive research of the ClO2 molecule in the form of CDS. He is also developing multidisciplinary projects in vital areas for human well-being, such as water treatment, agriculture, veterinary medicine, sanitary hygiene, and potential therapeutics from an electromolecular approach.
  • Learn more at

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Hello and welcome to Better Way Today. Today is Monday, February 26th. We’ve got some great WCH announcements for you today, better news with Christoph and a great interview for you. So let’s jump right into the announcements. Today, Dr. Tess Laurie sits down with Dr. Andreas Kelker, a pioneer in alternative health solutions. Together, they explore the potential and controversies surrounding chlorine dioxide solution. Dr. Kelker shares his insights on CDS, a compound that’s been the center of heated debates in the realms of health and sanitation. With Dr. Laurie’s critical eye and Dr. Kelker’s extensive research, this interview promises to shed light on the science, the myths, and the real-world applications of this controversial solution. And just a reminder that we are delighted to host speakers from around the world, and we do welcome their different perspectives. 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We invite you to please support the World Council for Health today by giving a one-off donation for as little as $5 or £5 a month as a recurring donation. Your support allows us to continue our work, including bringing you live shows just like this one. And when you donate, why not add a little note and tell us why you’re supporting the World Council for Health, because we love to know. Thank you for all of your support so far. We are very grateful and very encouraged. And now I’m going to hand it over to my friend and colleague, Christophe. It’s time for Better News. Hello. Hi and thank you very much Emma for handing it over to me and hello and welcome everybody to another episode of Better Way News. Well, it has been an interesting one. The first headline of tonight is a study that included almost 100 million COVID-19 vaccine recipients And it was perceived in the mainstream and in the alternative media alike. Whilst the mainstream reported of very, very few side effects that were actually found in this largest study, if you took a little closer look, the higher incidence of circulatory blood and nervous system complications were much, much higher than the researchers expected. You can see here the numbers for myocarditis. It was 6.10 10 times higher than expected. If you think that about the actual reporting rate of all those side effects, you can usually add at least multiply by the factor of a thousand, you come to completely different numbers. So we hope this study will be discussed in the near future. It was done in eight countries. It had the risk of 13 adverse events. Strangely, they chose people just between 20 and 60, and it was up to 40 days after vaccine. We know that many of the side effects occur much later. So we’ll keep you up to date with this one because it’s an impressive number that they chose for this study. So to the next topic, The one question that everybody has been looking at for the last years was the safety and efficiency of the so-called COVID vaccine. Well, a new chapter has been opened as the CDC had lost a court case against the ICANN organization in 2022. And this organization’s win forced the CDC to publish entries starting on February 15, 2024, so just last week, with 390,000 entries from the Vaccine Safety Monitoring System. And as you can see here, it found quite a staggering number of the incidents, so of the personal risk when getting this genetic injection. So if you look at the numbers, one in 450 got shingles, one in 433 got heart palpitations, one in 906 had disturbance in normal menstrual cycles. So to consider these as rare, just multiply them with the amount of vaccines given on this planet. So thank you, Del Bigtree and Aaron Seery for fighting this case. And as we see, there will be more and more data released thereafter for the entire year. So next topic. Well, we had loads of discussions about reliability of the actual COVID testing, but one aspect that has been discussed last week by Professor Norman Fenton and Martin Neal and Jonathan Angler was the fact that PCR tests can have so-called high cross-reactivity. So a cross-reactivity, which means they reacted positively, but actually found another virus in 25% of all PCR tests. So if you then take away this number you will of course come to completely different numbers of overall positive cases which are very debatable which they served any purpose than just to sell more vaccines so thank you very much to the three researchers to talking about this new aspect of false positive pcr tests and the next one And we’ve been talking in the last few months over and over again about one of the major risk factors of the genetic injection, so-called the COVID vaccine, and that is the genomic integrations. While this has been denied right from the beginning, by our medical regulatory boards, actually more and more evidence is accumulating, the latest one being this paper here. And the authors warned that the introduction of the new DNA into the human genome, particularly within reproductive stem cells, poses a significant concern. We will have many, many more papers soon on this topic. And we hope that this can add to the need for a moratorium of this injection. So if we come to the next one, and that’s an interesting one because they looked at the states in which mandates for the vaccines had been rolled out. And they found an interesting correlation in the States that the vaccines had been mandated in the US. It had the results that there was a lower booster uptake and even less flu vaccines. So the more you push people, the more they went in the other direction and became reluctant to vaccines as such. So this will be interesting to see with the potential next rollouts of the next infectious diseases. So we’ve been talking in almost all Monday sessions now about the loss of free speech, but more and more evidence is mounting at the moment that 2024, in a provocative title here, might be the last year of free speech. If we look at all the censorship that has been carried out with social media right from the beginning, from the pandemic, but especially in the last few weeks, especially in Europe, having huge fines, or social media that still support any fake news and so-called hate speech. We have the same effect in the mainstream media. And one of the most important papers this pandemic has been retracted. We reported about this study from Arthur Mead with other people like Stephanie Seneff, Steve Kirsch, and Peter McCullough last week. It had over 330,000 views, whilst the normal article in the same paper gets about 2,700 a year. and it was withdrawn in a clear violation of publication ethics and guidelines. So if we continue with the censorship in social media, in the media and in science, it will be self-explanatory that not much opposition to any more steps concerning our health will be taken. And some good news. First of all, in Sweden and in Denmark, these were the most digitalized countries in schools. They reversed their decision after a study by the Karolinska Institute that claimed that the benefits of computer learning are still unsubstantiated claims while the negative effect on school children are well documented. So while 70% of the school time in these countries had been or has been still currently been with the use of digital devices, that’s even in preschool and elementary school, Digital devices are no longer permitted, personal ones that is in the classroom, and school-owned devices only indefinitely needed in class. So the ministry recommends smartphone-free schools and a reduction in screen time inside and outside of schools. So thank you very much, Karolinska Institute, for this important analysis, and we hope that more and more countries will follow. To finish this episode of Better Way News with another quotation to show you that there is a better way. Today, it’s by Albert Schweitzer. In the hopes of reaching the moon, man failed to see the flowers that blossom at their feet. So let’s come back to the here and now. And thank you for listening. And I hand it back over to Emma. Thank you so much, Christoph. So on to our interview. Dr. Tess Laurie sits down with Dr. Andreas Kelker, a pioneer in alternative health solutions. Together, they explore the potential and controversies surrounding chlorine dioxide solution. Dr. Kelker is a biophysicist who has researched and registered several international patents related to the therapeutic use of chlorine dioxide for hypoxia, inflammation, infection, sepsis, and SARS-CoV-2. Dr. Kelker’s thesis and experience were extensively discussed in his first book, CDS, Health is Possible. Years later, the publication of his second book, Forbidden Health, demonstrates how the recovery of diseases from A to Z, once considered incurable, achieves remarkable success, but sparks a wide controversy in the world of conventional science and the establishment. You can learn more at And on to the interview. Dr. Kelker, it’s really such a pleasure to have you join us today. Thank you very much, Tess. It’s an honor for me to be here on your channel and to be able, hopefully, to give the answers to the questions. Could you tell us, start off by giving us a little bit about your background and how you established the Andreas Kalker Foundation? So basically I’m a biophysicist and as a biophysicist, the approach is different to standard allopathic medicine. It’s not alternative medicine, actually it’s innovative medicine. So it’s the step tomorrow because we have in standard medicine, we have a long history of biochemistry. But something has to move this chemistry and that’s electricity. So while the chemistry is when the chemical formulas, if you go down and boil it down to the minimum denominator, it’s electrons and it’s protons. And that’s my world. So my world is what electron is moving from where to where and how energy is produced. Because if we don’t do the questions and go down to the bottom of everything, the common denominator, we will not be able to get the correct answer. So this is one of the main problems of medicine. Medicine nowadays is focused on symptomatic treatment, while it should be on the real cause, etiological causes. And this is where I go and where my research is going to. Well, World Council of Health is very much focused on root causes because we see the issues that have come with this symptomatic disease approach where it’s just about pills. And once you’re on these pills, it’s hard to get off them. So I really welcome your expertise on this. And as you say, the pharmaceutical approach is very much a chemistry material approach rather than considering that we’re also electrical beings. It’s the chemistry and physics. So, wow, to hear from a physicist who’s been working on this is really, really exciting. So your focus, I know, is chlorine dioxide. And can you tell us how this then fits in with the electrical component? How is chlorine dioxide a health component? well actually after 17 years now with one single substance I can still tell you I don’t know nothing you know the more you know the less you know so I’m very respectful of these little tiny molecule that has been very controversial especially in academic levels because it is known to be an oxidant and oxidants are known to be harmful and but we have to analyze oxygen is not the same like oxidant so what do I mean with this well we have um the theory of free radicals from denmark harman 1956 where he states that reactive oxygen species or ros are harmful to body cells and that’s correct but It’s a very, very, very, very, very basic paper because when I give lectures to others, I ask many professionals, did you read it? They say, yes, yes. And how long is it? And nobody knows the answer because it’s just one and a half page. And it’s a very, today you would not even be able to publish that. But in his basis where he said that the hydroxyls or OH groups are harmful, there he’s right. Because why and this is a point where the medicine has a big leg they say that oxidation process is negative and that’s not correct itself it’s like saying electricity is bad imagine for example you touch a car battery you will feel nothing you but the car battery is very strong you can start an engine with it careful but if you go to a high tension uh a cable you will have a big problem so the theory of antioxidants is like saying electricity is bad You know, if you give something with no value, it has no value, actually. You know, it’s to say, oh, this is bad. Why? Because it’s electric. No, it’s not. You have to see how much, because our body, our cells are based on electricity. And so electricity or electrons that are moving inside the cell are able to create more than 100,000 chemical reactions per second in each cell. wow now we say okay and how is this controlled it’s a this is biophysics and when you understand that and said okay what is an oxidant yes we have different types of oxygen there’s a lot for example fluorine is an oxidant extremely toxic why because the voltage is 2870 millivolts it’s a lot So then we have the OH groups, what Denham Harmon said, and say, yes, it’s 2,800. It harms the cell, of course, because it’s too much. It’s like if I have a phone and I want to charge it with 100 volts, it’s not possible. It will burn. Then lower we have hydrogen peroxide and so on. Then we have oxygen itself, oxygen itself. And our cells are designed to work on the level, on the range of the oxygen from two, let’s say from 1000 to 1500 milliwatt. So that’s perfectly fine with this. So it needs it even to work. So if it’s less, it doesn’t work. so chlorine dioxide is 940 millivolts it’s right where the cell starts this is a very good voltage it says and it does not create oh groups oh groups hydroxides and this is a big big big big very big difference what what do I want to say with this if you have this substance this is chlorine dioxide this is known to be an oxidant what does it mean all the bacteria, fungi, heavy metals, they are below this range and so they are oxidized. This is very strong because there’s five electrons, that’s a lot. But what most even professionals don’t know, it is an antioxidant as well. That’s technically not correct, but it is a reductor. So it doesn’t mean if in front of hydroxyls that are dangerous because they’re so high, it reduces them. so it is oxidizing bacterias that are below the cellular range and it’s uh and reducing let’s say the hydroxyls that are damaging the cells too so it does both things so I i saw many times doctors that have no idea they say oh one day the chlorine dioxide the next day vitamin c no they didn’t hear the shot they don’t understand nothing So because chlorine dioxide is even stronger in this way because it has two electrons, not one, that it can reduce in this case. So chlorine dioxide is an oxidant and a reductant, and it’s a modulator that is working exactly in the perfect range for the cell. So this is what we have to understand. Obviously, it’s like any substance can be toxic depending on the amount. Anything is toxic. The amount makes it toxic. A lot of people are very afraid. You say chlorine dioxide, and I think you’re talking about magic or something, or something harmful, as you say, toxin. As someone who grew up in South Africa, I used to go hiking with my father, and we would always take chlorine dioxide tablets to put in the water to make it safe, because we would just drink the stream water wherever we were. Yet there is this perception that chlorine dioxide is something that humans wouldn’t touch. So could you speak a little bit about that misconception that it’s not something that’s been used for a long time? There are lots of misconceptions. Well, you have the standard misconception of mainstream CNN. media let’s say that’s bleach okay bleach is not chlorine dioxide that’s hypochlorite that’s a different substance and I always say to these type of media and say oh you’re daltonic or you’re an idiot you know because chlorine dioxide is yellow and bleach is transparent so you don’t have to be really smart to know the difference the next one is that you say okay chlorine dioxide has a lot of chlorine It doesn’t. Actually, it doesn’t have one single chlorine molecule. Not one. Because it’s a chloride ion. It’s different. So that’s the next point. So if you say, oh, wait a moment, it’s not chlorine. No, it’s not. It’s a chlorine ion. Is it chloride dioxide or chlorine dioxide? It’s chlorine dioxide. And it has one chlorine atom, but not a molecule. And this is a big difference. What harms us is the chlorine. Okay. So this is one, this is the next step. And the next step is to say, okay, now what is this substance? Well, it decays to chloride, sodium chloride, that’s table salt. We have 300 grams in the body. It’s necessary to be alive. And the other thing is O2. So you have salt and oxygen this is basically what decays to how does this stuff works by charge you have to imagine like when you’ve been in south africa you have the indigenous people I’ve been there too with the zulu actually a very beautiful place in kalahari and if they have a bowl what is the danger the bow no the tension so chlorine dioxide has a has a tangent a charge and this charge creates electricity that is oxidizer in this case or reductor depending against what and makes able to reduce single pathogens why because a single pathogen when you with a little bit of electricity it goes it breaks down and if we have a lot of cells they won’t no because we are 10 exponential 14 cells or billions or trillions of cells And these cells can dissipate electricity. For example, if you have a car and they get a little electric shock or if you pull over, it doesn’t matter. It will not burn or kill your cells. This is not because of glutathione. Glutathione, this is a different mechanism. Our cells are very resistant against oxidation by several means, dissipation and glutathione and so on. So, well, our cell is fine with that stuff because the voltage, the basic voltage, the referential voltage is in cellular level. It’s not a hydroxyl group that will burn the cell. It’s more, it even eliminates the cell. So it’s a modulator that brings back electrical charges in a perfect way. What does it mean? Let’s say my most important statement I ever did in my life is that i boil down illness to a lack of energy I don’t care what the name of the ill is it’s in the minimum it’s lack of energy so there are two ways to create energy you can provoke it this is standard medicine for example your friend is lying on the floor you’ll kick him until he stands up that’s provoking you know by a toxin or by whatever and the other thing is giving the hand and helping him up it means I give again oxygen to the cells because we have to understand we can live um let’s say we can live maybe one month without food or three days without water but how long can we live without oxygen three minutes so The oxygen is the most important substance for life, for our life. And how much oxygen releases chlorine dioxide in a standard mix, let’s say, this is a typical protocol C. If I put 10 milliliters inside, and you can calculate it with Avogadro and the molarity, so you have 10,700,000 oxygen molecules for each red blood cell. 10,700,000 each red blood cell. That’s quite a lot. And what is the difference? Well, the red blood cell normally needs to transport the oxygen, but chlorine dioxide don’t need a transport vehicle. Like, for example, if you have ozone, if you take ozone therapy, you take out the blood, you put the ozone in, converts into oxygen, the blood gets very nice and red, and you put it back. But it’s still in the hematine, the erythrocyte, so in the red blood cell. And if there is a problem, let’s say if you have inflammation, the blood can’t go there. but chlorine dioxide is such a small very very small molecule that has only 160 pico meter and this is hard that’s not nanotechnology it’s pico technology it goes anywhere you know it’s like you are on the highway traffic is stuck and the motorbike goes in the middle don’t care it can go through all the line of cars that are stuck there like the red blood cells And this is a fantastic thing because the vehicle is a chloride. So because it’s chlorine dioxide, you have the salt, let’s say, I keep it simple here for everybody, not so academic. So this salt is the carrier for the oxygen and brings it and now it comes. It brings it exactly to the point of conflict because let’s say we drink chlorine dioxide, what will happen? It’s a gas. It’s a gas. And I speak always about chlorine dioxide as a CDS, how I prepare it. And this gas evaporates in 11 degrees centigrade. So if we drink it in the stomach, it warms up and it evaporates. And there we have a law of gas diffusion, the first law of Fick, and it goes through the stomach walls directly into the bloodstream and interstitial tissue. once it is in the interstitial tissue of the bloodstream it turns around second layer thick till it finds something acid that means proton rich or where excess protons and what is excess protons illness whatever illness you want to name it you know it’s it’s acidity basically 90 I don’t know how many 90 something percent of any illness is in is it metabolic acidosis so when you say understand say wait a moment it’s a metabolic acidosis and this stuff in the body turns around and where the acidosis is in this moment and exactly there it releases these millions of oxygen molecules what will happen well basically the cells that are compromised are very happy because the mitochondria are not working without oxygen so you have to have the glucose they have in nutrients but they can’t burn it’s like a barbecue fire without oxygen so you you pump more oxygen the fire starts again and so we have energy in form of atp and once we understand these mechanisms you say wait a minute this is amazing you know it’s absolutely amazing this stuff and the deeper you go I can tell you the deeper I go in all these 17 years the more interesting is this molecule it’s not alternative medicine at all it’s it’s a new technology it’s totally new technology we name it electro molecular medicine and once you understand the principle it is you have a tool as a doctor as a physician that is the let’s say the swiss knife you know you can do everything we like amazing well it is totally fascinating so I’m just going to say electro molecular medicine it’s the first time I’ve said that and it sounds good and it sounds innovative so thank you very much for bringing it to our attention Now, how do you make this up? How do you make chlorine dioxide solution up? And is it hard to make? And is it risky? Because I know I’ve seen the little bottles, you have to mix the two together. Is it easy to overdose? Okay. It’s very easy to do. We have even old ladies from 70 years and come here to measure their chlorine dioxide. If you know, to make a marmalade, you know, you have more than enough knowledge to make a chlorine dioxide. How does it work? Well, you have, let’s say you have a jar with water. You mix a little bit of the two components in another little cup, put it in the jar, you know, and, and close the tap. then the next day the water colors yellow because it’s a gas it’s like I have here this is my bottle it’s like this kind of yellow it’s darker in this case and you it’s on my website you have videos for that you can download everything for free and so next day you have it you take out the glass this is what people called in in us mms for example this is a mix you know the classic chlorine dioxide is not the same so they take out the rest of this and only the water with the gas that’s yellow is what is what we call green dioxide and the natural saturation whatever you put if you put 5 6 10 or 15 will not over go 3000 ppm It means 0.3% or 3000 parts per million. So it’s basically impossible to over go or to or to get intoxicated because many professionals as well as toxin as it’s a toxic. Yes, everything is. But how toxic is it? Well, the toxicity, to be exact, is 292 milligram per kilo. This is basically very similar to coffee. You know, you can You can try to, to coffee. No, it’s this, this coffee is the same. You can try to kill yourself with this coffee or with chlorine dioxide, but you need 20 liter to drink it. So it’s technically impossible. I, for example, told personally 20 liter, maybe other people, 10, but we cannot even break 10 liters of water a day. So technically it’s not possible with this substance to get intoxicated. And that’s a fact. do we have clinical trials yes we have a lot actually so in the corona times it was the most efficient one actually the work with from dr aparicio who had three different ones with over thousands patients so um it’s it has an effect effect effectiveness oh sorry my english uh effectivity of about 99.3 percent and 1132 patients Were people just taking chlorine dioxide or were they taking other things for COVID as well in that study? There were different ones. You had the standard one that takes 29 days. You have the mixed ones, you know, I said they put purine in a way they put everything. That was around 17 to 19 days and you have only chlorine dioxide and this statistic says four days. so do we have side effects everything has side effects do we have adverse effects no it doesn’t so and how big are the side effects from these over thousand people only six percent they had some dry mouths they had some headache but they had corona so you don’t know where the side effect to do it’s not just called we call it herxheimer yarish herxheimer that’s a healing crisis so-called so after four or five days the side effects are completely gone because you just eat the toxins are out of the body in the moment you are killing a bacteria it converts itself into a toxin tool and it has to be flushed out so yes but it’s only six percent this is clinical data um so would you suggest that people use chlorine dioxide preventatively as well as as treatment Well, I cannot suggest anything because it’s not legalized as a substance. I can tell you what people have done that used it because in these clinical trials, there was another clinical trial with over a thousand people, two of the people that were together with the corona patients. They had ill people in the house. And they took it preventively, and the efficiency was over 98% too. And we had no side effects at all. And what does it mean? Yes, definitely it works, because you have increased oxygen, you have a protection against any kind of bacteria, virus, fungus. Because the fantastic thing is chlorine dioxide is known to be water-disaffected, as you say, with the tablets. for over 100 years we use it for over 100 years but we have never used it for the body because it has not been understood till now because I can go if we have academic meeting for example I can tell you a lot of things that people apart from what I told in the beginning that it can oxidize and it can be an antioxidant at the same time many, many other subjects too that are amazing. So what we see, for example, is I have a doctor here that he was very against it. He’s a professor in the university. He was very against it until his nurse got very ill and needed to be intubated on the ventilator. So a colleague said, please take that stuff. And he, okay, I give it. And two days later, she was fine. And he was amazed. And he treated over 1,000 people alone with a doctor here in Guadalajara, Mexico. And well, and that’s it. But the strange thing is that the people that took it over three, four months later came back and said, oh, my high blood pressure. Doctor, can you check it? No, you don’t have high blood pressure anymore. You don’t need statins. Oh, OK. And my diabetes. I always had around 400. No, you have 100. It’s normal now. And other people came and said, do you remember, doctor, I had a cancer? Yes. Can we check it? Oh, there’s no cancer. Can it be related? No, no, no, it can’t be related. No way. So another one came and another one came. After five patients, he said, wait a moment, something is here going on. And yes, it’s something. And he is now, we recovered here last year over 16 end-stage cancer patients with pancreas cancer, with uh breast cancer with glioblastoma by the way the girl I remember from last year she was either six double bioblastoma she’s now working here in the foundation so it’s a new normal for us uh yes really this is it is definitely the biggest discovery in medicine of the last hundred years and we are going deeper and deeper and we are going deeper and deeper in treatments that and surgery that has been impossible and now are possible. And so we have a group of doctors, the Komusaf group, this is over 5,000 doctors here in the Komusaf organization, and they’re using it basically on a daily basis. Well, that’s what I wanted to ask you. Are you treating patients at the Andres Kalka Foundation in Mexico? No, we have doctors here in the foundation. We usually do here more stuff. People know me about the chlorine dioxide, but my specialty is frequencies. So once we have enough energy for the cell, how can we recover? Because cancer, when you observe cancer cells under the microscope, typical HeLa cells, they multiply like kind of popcorn, you know, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. while as a classic mitosis is every every cell is one boom the its multiplication is synchronized so the next thing we need to do to get rid of cancer is to create the right synchronicity cellular synchronicity that’s not the correct word it’s it’s cellular coherence to be correct you know so we create cellular coherence applying the correct frequency patterns it’s not one frequency it’s a it’s a different it’s a complex pattern of frequencies with a cold plasma it’s called plasma tron and this was it’s it’s a second step we need to be a hundred percent or 80 successful actually yes we around have a success rate of 75 78 percent right now So Dr. Kalka, just to end off, then round up, what would you say to medical doctors who are skeptical? That’s correct. Be skeptical. Be as skeptical as you can, but learn. For example, what does it mean? Imagine you are in the Middle Ages, and you are the constructor of the boat of Christopher Columbus. Do you know that metal can fly? Metal can’t fly. Metal can’t even swim. Yes, we have airplanes. We have ships nowadays. Well, there’s no wind that can push a ship fast enough to go to America. Yes, in six hours I’m in New York from Europe. So what’s going on here? We have to change our understanding. And there are two types. You can or you can reject it, get vexed and die. Or you can learn and maybe change the world because our world needs to change. And all these change, it is free. I don’t want money, but I don’t sell substances. You will not see me selling chlorine dioxide at all. No, it’s really about the knowledge because we know the world is ruled by a few. And these few have all the money that you want. What is the only thing that is stronger than money? gratis you know free so if you give knowledge for free the people can research the knowledge and they will find out themselves just check it and what would you say to the public who have have lost trust in allopathic medicine and their doctors and would like to try chlorine dioxide exactly the same we have online courses you know there are in in English and French and Spanish and German. And for the big master course, for example, it’s over nine months and then you can learn everything because even if you’re a doctor, you don’t know nothing about chlorine dioxide. And it’s not arrogant for my part. No, it’s the truth because chlorine dioxide is not even listed in the pharmacopoeia. That means pharmaceutical it’s not known so even if in chemistry it’s very well known it’s used but in pharmaceutical aspects it’s not known at all so you have to start from zero and this was very nice from the director of the commusaf dr aparicio he’s absolutely he’s a spine surgeon very high level and he said andreas um I had to unlearn to learn i had to throw away all these years of knowledge to start from scratch and they’re happy they’re very happy and this is basically you have to it’s a different point of view it’s not smarter or less no it’s just but the standard medicine is in a in a road without without and it’s also it’s a blocked road in it so you have to go from a different perspective like the electro molecular perspective to say wait a moment I can do that or we can do that or what is the body doing with that it’s a totally different approach and the people are interested are invited the people that are not well it’s up to everybody I don’t um want to push no one to do nothing but knowledge is basically what is the value of a doctor and the people that are now with a huge deception they realized that these doctor house you know from this are not so house as they seem you know because it’s a truth you know it’s it’s it has been a total uh scam to themselves because we have statistics here from Guatemala and it’s enormous the amount of doctors that are dying after the vaccine by myocarditis pericarditis and this is this is a scientific research that has been done and you can see vex the same day died the same day next the same day died the same week and so on you know so there is more than enough evidence to say that all these vaccine industry is well the biggest scam in the world it’s the same for now the kobe vaccines and all for the children that are ending up with autism this is another fact you know everybody is free to do what he wants with his life So if you want to survive and want to have a knowledge and have a positive life, what can you do? Well, learn. Thank you so much, Dr. Kolke. I have to say I empathize with Dr. Aparicio so much because I also just had to throw out everything that I ever knew and say I’m a student again and I’m learning every day. And I thank my blessings for having these wonderful conversations with people like you. I’m learning such a lot. Thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you, Tess. You’re so nice. Well, thank you very much, Tess and Dr. Kolker, for this important interview, and we hope that it will spark interest in making the topic of CDL, this widely debated substance that we were warned of in the media and by our health regulatory bodies, that, well, maybe there’s not a lot of money to be made of it, but maybe it can have a very good effect on our health. And just last week, because it’s always being said, what Dr. Kolbka said isn’t true, that there hasn’t been any research done on the on the substance. Well, last weekend, there was another Japanese study showing that CDL is blocking the attachment to the ACE2 receptor of spike proteins. So there is evidence that it does work. And it was very interesting to hear of Dr. Kalka saying that illness is a lack of energy and acidity in the diseased metabolism. posing the question of Tehran being an important factor in disease again. So a substance that disintegrates into salt and oxygen and releases thus oxygen that could restore vitality certainly deserves more space and more discussion. So thank you very much for the opportunity. I see it as an introduction even here at the World Council for Health to talk more about the topic. And yeah, well, there was one question from the newsroom, as Emma posted to me, could it be used in chronic fatigue syndrome? Well, I wouldn’t be the specialist to make any recommendation on that. But as there is enough evidence, Dr. Kalka was talking about the fatigue of the mitochondria, which definitely is one of the pathomechanisms of chronic fatigue. And we also have numerous studies pointing at the fact that persistent viruses can be a big part of it. I would consider with everything that I know by now worth considering a specialist to know something about it. So that’s about it. If there are no more questions, Emma, I would hand it back over to you. And let’s see. Nothing else that I’m seeing. So thank you very much for that summary. And thank you to Tess and Dr. Kelker for joining us today. And thank you to everybody that has watched us online, whether you’re watching on our website somewhere, on Twitter, on Rumble, on Getter. on Facebook, all the places that we’re streaming to. Thank you to all of you for joining us there. And please, if you haven’t already, share this episode. You’ll also be able to find this video later at the WCH video library. 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If you missed the previous videos that she’s shared with us to close out our shows two weeks ago, she had a great one about a green detox juice. Last week, there was a little bread recipe. So you can find those also on our website. And today she has a great video about stress release. of stress relief using breathing techniques. So that’s a little over a minute long. We’re going to watch that now, and then we’ll see you next week. Same time, same place. Thank you again, everybody. And thank you, Christophe. Thank you, Emma. See you next week. Bye. Bye. Bye. Let’s pray. Thank you for watching this episode of Better Way today. If you found value in it, please consider making a value exchange with us. The World Council for Health is a grassroots people’s organization and we rely on funding from people just like you. Your contributions from as little as $5 or £5 or 100 Rand help to power our work. The World Council for Health team is on a mission to serve you. 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  1. Thank you, so very fascinating. Those in allopathic medicine who scoff at any other approach, really don’t know what they/re missing.