When Push Comes To shove

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-Offer Birth Keeper / Doula support all over the UK and are expanding world wide with a large directory of birth workers on our books.

-For those who cannot afford 1-1 care, I have an access fund which I am still trying to grow everyday. Any Birth workers on my directory donate 10% of their fee to the access fund so we can serve low income families.

-Train midwives and birth keepers in NATURAL childbirth. NHS midwives are leaving in their droves to train with us so they can provide woman centred care instead of being tied to systemic practice.

-We have made a downloadable antenatal course for parents to be. They can do this in their own time and if they have any questions afterwards can join our free q&a Sessions which I run on a regular basis. This course is about birth physiology and human rights.

-We strongly focus on the Human Rights aspect of birth as people must be armed with knowledge about the law . I receive frequent emails about medical coercion and nonsense about being refused care due to declining PCR tests etc.

-We help people to understand their rights as I work closely with a human rights expert. Our message is INFORMED CONSENT. Women should birth however they choose, but as long as they have evidence based information to make an informed decision.

-Birth education for children. If people are educated about birth early, they will not grow up to fear their bodies. If we can get birth right and people understand birth is not inherently dangerous, this will be a catalyst for people to take on their own sovereignty.

-We give talks about birth around the country

– We are working on helping independent midwives as they lost their insurance last year. I am working on providing them with insurance myself or not needing it at all! I will be collaborating with several legal experts regarding this.

-Working with My Medical Choice so if women do need a blood transfusion there is a safe database of unvaccinated blood.