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World Council for Health (WCH) recognizes thatJapan’s Ministry of Health has publicly rejected mandatory Covid-19 injections. WCH encourages world leaders to look to Japan as an example during a time in which many are promoting an authoritarian response to the Omicron variant and to the larger Covid-19 pandemic.

Japan’s government has spoken out against mandatory vaccination and discrimination against those choosing to not participate in the injections. While the government continues to encourage the citizens of Japan to take the Covid-19 injections, it has also acknowledged the risk of myocarditis and has stressed the importance of informed consent.

Japan’s Ministry of Health website reads:

“Although we encourage all citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, it is not compulsory or mandatory. Vaccination will be given only with the consent of the person to be vaccinated after the information provided.

Please get vaccinated by your own decision, understanding both the effectiveness in preventing infectious diseases and the risk of side effects. No vaccination will be given without consent.

Please do not force anyone in your workplace or those who around you to be vaccinated, and do not discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated.”

While the World Council for Health stands in opposition to the continued use of the experimental injections and has called for the immediate end of their use, Japan’s acknowledgment of side effects and the need for informed consent along with their opposition to mandatory injections and discrimination based on injection status is notable and significant and should be recognized as such.

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