UK Doctors’ Declaration

15th October 2022

We, the undersigned UK doctors, publicly declare our grave concern about the violation of medical ethics that has become apparent in both clinical practice and scientific research, with the potential to result in serious harm to patients.

We declare that:

  1. We stand for honouring our commitment to always obtain fully informed consent prior to undertaking any medical intervention, as required by the NHS Constitution, the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) and the law.
  2. We stand for medical practice that respects each patient’s right to reach autonomous and free decisions about their treatment and care, instead of following generic protocols and guidelines without thorough deliberation of their applicability to an individual and their preferences.
  3. We must be at liberty to gather and freely discuss evidence and information, according to our professional skills in appraising the scientific literature, without fear of being reprimanded for debating a prevailing narrative.
  4. We must be at liberty to ask critical questions and discuss safety concerns with patients.
  5. We stand for the sanctity of the patient-doctor relationship, where clinical conduct is bound by the ethical principles of Good Medical Practice and doctors’ professional judgement, rather than protocols designed by governing bodies with vested political and economic interests.
  6. We stand for transparency, honesty and integrity of all those who apply and inform medical practice, including researchers, advisory and regulatory bodies.
  7. We are aware of and concerned about the clear potential for compromised integrity within the advisory and regulatory bodies, which we rely on for guidance and support to protect our patients from harm.
  8. We are aware and concerned that several of the principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) have not been upheld with regards to recent clinical research and scientific publications.
  9. We are aware and concerned that the process of making an investigational medicinal product available for immediate mass administration, has been highly irregular and inconsistent with established scientific practice.
  10. We are aware and concerned that the process of publicising research findings has also become highly irregular and inconsistent with transparent and ethically conducted research.

We request that our concerns are acknowledged and that every necessary step is taken for them to be addressed and rectified as a matter of the highest priority.

With this declaration we are fulfilling our duty, as outlined by the GMC, to take action when we see that patient safety is being compromised, as our concerns relate to potential serious harm to patients.

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UK Doctors’ Declaration