Death is a completely normal part of life yet many of us struggle with it. We struggle with the loss of loved ones and we don’t plan for our own deaths, often out of a resistance to acknowledge the inevitable. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a better way.

Antje Grosch, a death doula in topics such as communication, dealing with fears, dying and mourning phenomena, rituals, disease patterns, insights into pain therapy, and more, has produced PUZZLESTÜCK: The Caring Way, a new tool to help normalize planning for death earlier in life.

Through PUZZLESTÜCK, we can make plans and arrangements for our own death and funeral. Much like new parents prepare for the birth of a child, we can prepare for loss. Much like new parents prepare birth plans as they await the arrival of a new life, we can prepare a plan for our own eventual deaths.

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The inspiration for PUZZLESTÜCK came from the death of Antje’s longtime friend, Luna, and her funeral that followed. Before her death, Luna planned her funeral to be a beautiful celebration, in part to help her young son cope with the process despite the immense grief. Like a director for her own movie, Luna wrote the script and directed her own farewell.

PUZZLESTÜCK is a 220+ page workbook that helps you navigate all of the necessary details from important information that will be useful to your friends and family to your desires for your funeral. You’ll find pages for banking and financial details, your digital legacy and subscriptions, your family tree, pet care, what to do in the event of terminal disease, your obituary, and so much more.

Download PUZZLESTÜCK here. Learn more about the project here.

For more information about how PUZZLESTÜCK was born, watch Antje’s presentation at World Council for Health General Assembly Meeting #74.

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