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CDC PH – Concerned Doctors and Citizens of the Philippines

We are a volunteer group of concerned doctors and citizens of the Philippines and we want to help our government safely lift the lockdown so that more lives are saved and more livelihoods are restored. Our taxpayers money are dried up already, we cannot afford extending this lockdown anymore and spend on non-scientific protocols yielding…


This organization is the alliance of two groups that have been working on early treatment protocols since April 2020


To obtain different experiences and contributions of teams from different countries to access information quickly regarding the use of known medications (combined or not) to inform medical teams around the world of treatment protocols available to help Covid-19 patients.


Contact World Council for Health The World Council for Health is run by a small team of staff and volunteers. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible and would like to say thank you in advance for your patience. We are entirely funded by the public so please…