Rev Dr Wai-Ching Lee

Rev Dr Wai-Ching Lee,  66 earth years, is an intuitive healer from a family lineage, certified holistic health counselor, and bodywork therapist with over 25 years of adult experience in the field of natural, holistic healing, and evolutionary medicine. She founded the meditation and movement format Infinity Quantum Qi Gong and TranscenDance. She is also an Associate Producer of QuantumQi, a documentary with Sharron Rose of Sacred Mysteries. Wai-Ching was awarded Qi Gong Master of 2022, by the 22nd Congress of QiGong/TaiChi/TCM and Natural Healing for her work in translating ancient Qi Gong wisdom into quantum principles .

She is currently Director of Health and Wellness for The Marine Foundation, always having been a peaceful activist of human rights, women, the protection of children, and earth sustainability. She also consults for the Spa, Medical, and Business Sectors as concept consultant, holistic nutritionist, and trainer.

Her certification includes accredited undergraduate programs in Cross-cultural Healing, Creative Writing, and Somatics. Others include Comparative Religions, Language for Healing, Massage Therapy, Vibrational Medicine, Reiki Mastery and Magnified Healing, Research and Consulting, and Transformational Learning. Her passion is in discovering synergies and correspondences in the human condition and psyche, metaphysics and science that converge to the understanding of universal intelligence and unification.